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    Good ole' Belfast, Northern Ireland!
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    Sports, girls and Xbox LIVE. What did you expect? I am 14 after all...

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  1. Irish of Lad

    Trolling Kids At Zammy

    Your mean but that was funny. :D
  2. Irish of Lad

    If Wild Is Brought Back

    Some will return, some will probably quit (I'm willing to bet most of them will return). Although I don't get why anyone would need to quit. Most of the probelms from 2007 have been corrected, Jagex are moving quests, bosses and minigames to suit everyone. I don't see how this update would ruin the game for anyone really.
  3. I use a fairly decent gaming computer, but I mostly play games like Team fortress and Fallout on it.
  4. Irish of Lad

    Wilderness And Free Trade Vote

    The petition has changed. You have to login, it's a poll now (with a no option), and the vote have been reset. 88% have voted yes so far.
  5. Irish of Lad

    Wilderness And Free Trade Vote

    1.52 million so far. I voted if only to see what the outcome will be.
  6. Irish of Lad

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    No wonder considering how OP'd UMP is. Don't try to argue,i've had it's silver title for over 4 prestiges,i have more than 4k kills on it. With SP it needs 2 bullets anywhere in the body,thats equivalent to the FAL,but with a higher ROF and accuracy. I went 30-4 with it in FFA yesterday. IW should do something but are probably busy swimming in a pool of money...
  7. Irish of Lad

    Oldest Game You Have.

    Duke Nukem 3D (1996 right?) for the PC and Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 (1997)
  8. Irish of Lad

    Make Fun Of Your Country!

    (Ireland) Whats this thread about again? Twas' tew busy beatin' meh girl and drinkin' guiness while fallin' aff tha roof of a patata farm. (Northern Ireland) Whats this thread about? I was busy bein' a crazy ginger IRA gunman.
  9. Irish of Lad

    Twitter Hint Discussion

    "Being a cop, roaming RuneScape and reporting people for doing the smallest wrong things. [ 1 ]" I hope however said that was being sarcastic... Anyways I like te way they're making more quests, they're most of the reason I sometimes still play.
  10. Irish of Lad

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Put in Commando and grenade launcher instead of holographic, and you'll make even more people rage-quit! :) If you remove something remove the FMJ the holo reduces recoil and makes it rape even more. :)
  11. Irish of Lad

    Most Wtf Moments In Gaming

    Oh oh, I have another one!!
  12. Reminds me of when I use cheats in Saints Row 2, but replace the bulldoser with a UFO and the traffic jam with a horrible UFO crash.
  13. Irish of Lad

    Ugh... Hacked

    Where did you get that fact? That would make this whole game utterly pointless. he said 'With the way things are going', That means it looks like something like that is going to happen All right, fair enough. But why does he think that? Because jagex is looking for money basicaly, most people allready know that, they are trying to hide it, they might just let it out so everyone knows for shure they just want money Did you notice, only 2 skills were relesed for F2P sence 2001? ... You do realise that people who provide services are in it for the money? JaGeX give a VERY generious service to f2p, most MMOs just give you a free 1 to 2 week trail, wereas RuneScape f2p gives 5000 HOURS of gameplay... I'd say JaGeX are very kind giving f2p those two skills...
  14. Irish of Lad

    Most Wtf Moments In Gaming

    In modern warfare 2, I shoot a rifle grenade right across the map and got at least four kills to win the game... I laughed so hard...
  15. Irish of Lad

    Welcome To The Salty Spittoon

    Children check under their beds for the bogeyman, The Bogeyman checks under his bed for Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris checks under his bed for me. I played russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver and still won. I listened to Justin Bieber for ten minutes, and didn't turn into one of his preteen girl zombies. THATS how tough I am.

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