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    I wanted to find a cool quote to put here, this was my favorite one, a scene from the Hangover part 2.<br /><br />Alan: “Hey everybody, here’s some fun facts. The population in Thailand if 63 million people. It is twice the size of Wyoming. It’s chief exports are textiles, and rice. Each year, approximately 13,00 people are killed in car accidents in Thailand. The climate in Thailand…”<br />Doug: “Alan, why don’t you skip to the last card?”<br />Alan: “None of you know Stu like I do. Not you. Not you. Not you. Not you. Not nobody knows Stu like I do. No one. I can’t even tell you what we’ve been through because we made a pact, more important than blood. What I can tell you is this. This is not Stu’s first marriage. There was a whore in Las Vegas a couple of years ago…”<br />Phil: [interrupting] “Time’s up.”

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    I ride solo.
  1. Shufflin

    Log To Maxing F2p.

    Thanks. I know, but i'll get it done eventually. Oh, was you o.O there was a lot of noobs on who I sort of tell them things about the game and quite frankly I couldn't be bothered with getting them there for the picture. I've still got you added just probably didn't see you since my eyes were closing on me that early in the morning! :P I'll speak to you next time your on :D Well, I've been updating the first post in my log but it is far off complete. I decided on my summer goals today and these will be them. 90 Woodcut. 90 Firemaking 80 Attack 80 Strength 80 Defence 80 Magic 80 Constitution 80 Fishing 70 Runecraft So those are the goals I will be working on over the summer. I did a few quick solo small dungs today and I might try and set a speed record in the future :D I managed 8 mins today, could defiantly do better. I also go 69 smithing.
  2. Shufflin

    99 Firemaking Complete! New Goals Set!

    Congrats on 94 firemaking. :( I remember getting 99 Firemake on my old main, and it's not as easy as some other people think, it gets boring :D Good luck on the rest of the way to 99!
  3. Shufflin

    Log To Maxing F2p.

    hmm thank Quag :D Thanks! :P Got 99 cooking but didn't have anyone come to say a message because no one was on (I stayed up till like 4am.) and I didn't want to wait. I'm now going to make around 15M gp to fund firemaking and smithing. :D I'll be doing cockroaches for a while to raise my combat.
  4. Shufflin

    Log To Maxing F2p.

    :D Making jewellery and obviously cutting any gems I get from mining/fleshies/random events. I've been a F2Per on multiple accounts and have acheived 86+ mining and various 99's. I know I've got my work cut out for me, but I feel that I can do it. I know my first 99 will be cooking :D next will be smithing and firemaking, then possibly woodcutting. Got 98 cooking! :P haven't been as active over the last few days. 99 tommorow or monday probably.
  5. Shufflin

    Log To Maxing F2p.

    thanks ??? Good luck, but the higher the goal the better! :P P.S. The phrase (Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you land among the stars) isn't scientifically correct. It should be Shoot for the STARS, even if you miss you land on the moon. Actually Im a guy, just changed my character to a woman to signify that cook is a womans skill, since im currently getting that to 99. I have no idea. W61 has best teams and exp/hour. They use 2 combaters and 3 skillers (i think, may be other way around) to avoid the 50 exp penalty. If you're really concerned about being as scientifically correct as possible, it should really be shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you'll land in deep space. Sounds kind of pessimistic though :D. Good luck with maxing freeplay. You got your work cut out for you. :( haha, thanks, I know I'm sure I'll get there eventually. :D over the last few days I've gone from 94-97 cook through some hardcore no lifing :D Haven't done much else really, gonna mine some gold ore at craft guild for the rest of the night 'coz I feel like it and I'll resume cooking in the morning. Nolifing makes me tired :D
  6. Shufflin

    Log To Maxing F2p.

    Important Notice: I use the skin InvisionPro and have designed my log in that skin therefore I apologise to anyone who finds it difficult to read my log in the skin that they use. This log is still under construction. Introduction Age: 15. Real Life Name: Luke. Country: England. Langauges: English with a small understanding of French and German. Hobbies: Football, Tennis, Atheltics, Swimming, Weight Lifting, Running, Fitness exercises, Formula 1. Favourite pet: Dogs. Favourite football leagues: EPL and Liga BBVA. Idols: Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Rafeal Nadal, Andy Murray, Jack Wilshere, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton. Favourite Pass Times: Watching TV, Listening to Ipod, Reading Runescape Forums. Runescape username: Xfighter0111. F2P/P2P: F2P. Favourite skill: Smithing. First 99: Cooking. Last 99: Cooking. Favorite Minigame: Fist of Guthix. Favourite Monsters To Kill: Cockroaches and Revenants. My Runescape Story I was introduced to Runescape by my freinds around August 2007. I had played the game before but I was so young and foolish I had not been able to get off tutorial island. I managed to complete it this time though and quickly added all my real life friends to my friends list. They were all level 40 combat and above. I thought this was amazing! I quickly picked up mining which became my favourite skill. My friends who were around level 40 in mining where all training thier mining at a place they told me was called Al Kharid. I went over to visit my friends and train my mining with the, I was around 10 combat at the time. I was quickly attacked by a scorpion, my friends told me to run, I did so barely escaping with my life. I didn't feel like returning to Al Kharid after that. Around two months later I had level'd my Attack, Strenght, Defence and Hitpoints to level 40 at cows. I collected all the hides from them which made me quite a bit of money. I quickly lost it all through dieing multiple times in the wilderness. After hanging up my combat boots, I decided to go back to my love of mining. I reached level 65 mining, training from 60-65 in the mining guild. I loved it in there. By this time I had made 1.2 million gp. I bought rune trimmed armour. I thought this made me look like a god. I decided to then sell it back in order to use the money to train other skills, but I got scammed. I sold it for what I thought was 1.1 Million but in reality it was 11k. The trader had quickly switched the amount without me noticing. After that I logged off and quit for weeks. I got back in to the game after I saw my brothers playing. Once I got back I met some new friends online (real life friends had all quit the game.) I set myself a goal of 85 mining so that I could mine runite ores. I reached this in around 2009. I then proceeded to get 99 firemaking. I then purchased members behind my parents back after them telling me I was not to do so. My parents found out about three months later and banned me from the game. My account was given away to one of my friends, who then got it hacked. My parents then unbanned me around 9 months later. I returned to the game using an old account which I made with the intentions of being a pure, xfighter0111. I turned it into a main and quickly set my sights upon 99 cooking. I achieved this on Sunday the 10th of July 2011. Now I'm here today with my new log of my progress towards maxing my F2P account. My Level 99 skills. Cooking. When I restarted playing runescape I quickly decided 99 cooking would be my first 99 skill. I had played the game for years and I knew how easy cooking was. I started at about 53 cooking and quickly leveled to 80 cooking within the month. After this I didn't play for a while but came back and got to 93 cooking. Then I took a break from cooking and skilled untill about 1150 total level. I finally decided to finish off 99 cook and I bought 50k salmon and 4k swordfish and finished off 99 cooking. I achieved 99 cooking on July 10th 2011.
  7. Shufflin

    Will Miss It - 99 Slayer As Combat 3

    Grats on 10700 zeals! :D what do you use to record/edit your videos?
  8. Shufflin

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Grats on 41 Woodcut Scrum! :( The answer to your question, there's fishing shops in Lumbridge (near the general store) and one in Port Sarim. Are you going for 50+ all non-combat skills at the moment then? :D
  9. Shufflin

    Petty Arguments

    2 days ago, on runescape, I was offered out for a fight (real life one) by some random guy I've never met. In his words he would "*fudge* me up..."
  10. Shufflin

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Ok don't worry bout it then man :D grats on 35 wc. F2P is hard I've learnt that over the years :P school pretty much owns my life during the week and the social life owns weekends, so I don't get much time to play, levels come slow but it's a lot funner having a life then getting levels on runescape :D your nearing rune hatchets! :(
  11. Shufflin

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Grats Scrum! :D I can give you 1M if you want, consider it a start up loan from an old friend who you wont have to pay back? :(
  12. Shufflin


    Grats on 120. 200m plz. :D
  13. Shufflin


    Yes, card seems like the best and most undetectable method. Too bad it costs THREE WHOLE DOLLARS more per month :D I unfortunately have no access to a Credit card, so I have to use that =( I know of a shop that sells these, I just have to somehow get in there and purchase it unnoticed by anyone I know. :( I have plenty enough money, I just need to find the best way of doing it without getting caught :P
  14. Shufflin


    They'll find out SMS, try phone :( I've done SMS before an the only reason that my parents found out is because my brothers grasses me up. I only had money on that phone though not texts and minutes that's my problem. I'll look into the phone thing anyways :P thank you. Edit: thanks jethraw. I think I'm going to buy a cheap phone which I can use as pay as you go and keep it from my parents So they will never know. :D and I'll always be able to top I up without them knowing to.
  15. Shufflin


    So Erm basically was thinking about getting membership via pay by SMS because my parents will not pay and wouldn't let me but I'm sneaky :D so if I'm on vodafone on a pay as you go sim I receive texts and minutes so would I have to put money on as well to pay for subscription? Sorry if it does not belong in this section.

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