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  1. Mr Brownstone

    Official Wow Thread

    Yeah, why sooner or later I'll be leveling up my char on Daniel's server, which is a soon to be shadow priest. I'm interested in being a 5-man healer but also being able to peeveepee.
  2. Mr Brownstone

    What Are You Dressing As?

    I actually think I'm gonna go as a redneck instead. An IRA terrorist would be the awesomest but I doubt my mom would let me :P
  3. Mr Brownstone

    I've Broken The Law

    Not really. It just gets irritating to see complaining against Christianity every day... I prefer coexistence meself.Oh, and be glad this isn't Saudi Arabia where gayity resuls in the death penalty and you gotta be Islam.
  4. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    ^^^QFT Wimpy'Why I'm gonna be gone from Sal's eventually. I get boreded.
  5. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    Thread even m0ar successful.
  6. Mr Brownstone

    Ok, I Suck

    u want deth not episode2 dola?
  7. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    Yuanrang didn't ban me?Yay.Thread mission: Successful.Still Yuan, it's just, there's a time for moderation, and a time for 'kek lawl wat u do thar hana montana?'.
  8. Mr Brownstone

    Lmao Kittenblo

  9. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    1) I'd like to say Assassin is now the 2nd coolest guy here after Oken got pwnt 2) Yeah, I might get banned for this, but that means you should ban everyone with blacklists as well So here goes, people I don't like Mrcsupertrain- I really wish you could be more humorous and not so stiff :) Kindness is appreciated when used right Yuanrang- You seem sort of like an elitist jerk :) [Co-Z] Hey ying-yang! [Yuan] Don't you dare call me that! [Co-Z] Yet you let Fraff say it? [Yuan] Fraff is awesomer than you'll ever be -Ryan-- It's obvious Nicole P- Take a chill pill and burn your Black Parade CD. Life sucks, deal with it. Kanye West- You're a whiney baby Hilary Clinton- You suck too Patou- Too stiff, plain and boring. You were aight back then, but naw mo'. Stratocaster- Actually, remove the MCRness and you're cool Salmoneus- Everyone likes him FOR MAKIN DIS SITE. I think I hate him. Damn fishes. Dani- LOL UR SUCH A BARE MAN <333 No hate, seriously, BUR UR A BARE!!1 Kittenblob- Yo, chill. Counter the flirts with your own flirts. BTW, I love you like a sweet child o' mine Pearl Jam- Did you guys like steal STP's Interstate Love Song riff or what? GG Emanick1- RuneScape is totally <<<<< World of Warcraft Everyone who hates me- You all suck <3 So hey guys, there's no need to ban me when I stated my opinions AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE. Ban me, and every blacklister is down.
  10. Mr Brownstone

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    1) I don't want to touch heroin. Coincidentally, Mr Brownstone is a song about heroin and one of my favorites, so I rolled with it. 2) If I quit, will you eat my potatoes at a nurinsg home? Skilla 4 Lyfe. Thinks he has TIGHT RUNESCAPE SKILLZ
  11. Mr Brownstone

    Band Talent Show.

    Judas Priest- Living After Midnight
  12. Mr Brownstone

    O Lawdy.

    Diz and Cactus were banned. Who else?
  13. Mr Brownstone

    I Got Cactus Banned

    Daniel is so right. Cactus ftw, RIP.Hey Sled, since Dyer is an alt, please tell JINJO every day that I want to sex him.

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