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    The Basic Guide To Role Playing

    The Basic Guide To Role Playing By Co-Z, Haru, Sryen, Silavor, Old Ben, and Gingerdog. What Is Role Playing? By Co-Z Role playing is much like story writing. The main difference is that multiple people write the story together. Each person controls a character, and combined they make one really good story. Unlike regular story writing, this is entertaining because you can see how other people change the plot, and the story can go on. As an added bonus, you'll probably gain more readers. If story writing bores you to death, role playing is definitely the thing for you. How Do I Role Play? By Co-Z It's pretty simple. All you have to do is continue the story that the poster above wrote. Try to make it about a paragraph, because you don't want to get too carried away writing nor make a one page conversation. :s An Example Of Role Playing By Co-Z Poster One: (Controls Tendelius) Tendelius dismounted his horse. He arrived at the mansion, ready to aim for his target. (The post will go on, and probably be about a paragraph in length)....... Tendelius found the Vampire, and pulled out his large blade. "You've only been a pest of a man, terrorizing this magnificent town. Begone!" said Tendelius. Poster Two: (Controls Count Dulnen) "Ah, so my meal has arrived." threatened Count Dulnen. He showed his sharp teeth to Tendelius. "I'm not doing bad, I'm just... hungry!" (The post will go one) An Example of Good And Bad Role Playing By Co-Z, special thanks to Sryen and Haru. Good Role playing By Haru in Kingdom Of Element RPG Good points about it: +Not too short nor too long, but at a length other players can easily continue to. +Follows role play rules +Good grammer and spelling +Sticks to the storyline Bad Roleplaying Not in any RP, just a sample. Bad points about it: -Terrible grammar and spelling -No quotatations or italics -Killed another role-player How Do I Join a Role Play? By Co-Z First, you'll need a role play to join. If the role play says something along the lines of "No more characters", don't bother to join, because they probably already have enough people. If applications are open, however, you're eligible to join in on the fun. The first thing to do is read the background story and plot to the role play. After that, you'll know whether or not you're going to like it. Now read the rules the topic starter has created. Finally, copy and paste the application form into a reply, fill it out, and you'll now be able to post! If the role play is too active, you'll need to find a way to make your character fit in with the situation. A Typical Application Sheet By Sryen, editted by Co-Z Name: Put your characters name Age: Characters Age Looks/Appearance: Very general, some people will divide this up into different sections Personality: The personality of your character. No one likes a flawless character, remember to give them some faults as well. Weapons: If the type of roleplay has weapons, this may be added Armor: The typical defensive wear of the character, often merged with looks. Spells/abilities: This too depends on the type of roleplay but often shows up. Race: Human, elf, orc, etc. History: Your characters backround, family, and how they are where they are today. Other information: Anything that doesn't fit in elsewhere. This is just a typical form, but it can be editted to fit the role play. Remember, you want to make your characters interesting. First off, look at some of the other characters, there's a chance someone else has a character a lot like what you want. If this is true, you should probably think of something different. Be as creative and different as possible. It's good to create a few characters in advance so you can use one depending on the roleplay, but obviously this isn't required. A Typical Filled Application By Sryen, editted by Co-Z Name: Bob Age: 33 Looks/Appearance: completely bald, old worn jeans and a white t-shirt. Missing his front tooth. He has no shoes but has tough soles that protect his feet well. Personality: Strong but too brave for his own good and has recieved many injuries because of his actions. Cares deeply for his friends but doens't trust new people much, takes awhile to get on his good side. Weapons: None, he lost his only weapon, a small dagger, during his last battle, which he lostt but somehow lived to tell the tale. Armor: None other than his clothing. Spells/abilities: None yet, but will develop the ability to fly later on in life. Race: Human History: Both parents were killed in a car accident. He joined the arm because he had nothing esle to do with his life. When all his teammates were killed during a mission he gave up on military life. Is now being hunted by the same people who killed his men, they want to finish the job. Other information: Is skilled at healing small wounds with limited materials. The Basic Rules Of Role Playing By Silavor, extended by Co-Z Don't control other characters. You can, however, make them do something minor, as long as it follows the character's personality. Never do anything major, leave those decisions to the character's writer. In some role plays, you won't be able to have even minor control, however. Don't kill off other players, just like rule one. You can fight another role player, but you cannot cause them a serious wound or death. This may apply to NPC's, so the topic starter will have to point that out in their first post. No invincibility. Your character must occasionally fail or get hurt. "When your character is speaking, put quotation marks around the talking, like this". When your character thinks, put the thought in italics, like this. To italicize text, highlight it and click the I above the reply box. Refrain from foul languages, and be kind to other role players. They're people too, and it's not logical to feud with someone over some literature. GRAMMAR IS YOUR FRIEND! Avoid using internet shortcuts, mispellings, and grammatical errors. It's much easier to understand the story when it's easy to read. Even if you're a slow typer, use good grammar. You'll quickly become a speed typer if you apply grammar to all of your posts. When you want to quit, don't leave other hanging! Either have your character die or have your character leave the player. Add a note to that post saying you're quitting the RP. Have fun! Abreviations By Gingerdog and Silavor In your rp post, be sure to use these terms: OoC: It means out of character, which is when you type something outside of the story. IC: It means in character, which is when you type something in the story. If your post only consists of IC actions, you won't need these tags. RP: This is the standard abbreviation for roleplay. NPC: A non-player character, meaning it is not controlled by an RPer. Dungeon Masters By Haru A dungeon master is the creator of the Roleplay. He/she controlls the storyline, and basically just keeps the roleplay together. As a player, you should NEVER controll the storyline! Only the Dungeon Master can. As a dungeon master, you should always have a clear objective for your players. Thats means, not to log off for the night, and leave your characters unable to continue through the storyline, just because you didn't give them an objective to do! As a dungeon master, you should always be fair to your players. That means even YOU cannot kill your own players without permission! Sometimes, an RP will not use a dungeon master. It's good to state whether or not this system will work if you're the topic starter. I Want To Start My Own Role Play! By Co-Z This is a great thing to do when all the role plays are either accepting no more characters or too in depth to join, because it gives other people a chance to play. Before you start your own, be active in other RP's. It's great to have experience before you start. After you become an active RPer, you're ready to start your own! It can be about anything, either based on real entertainment, or it can have a completely new plotline! If you want to create your own story, make sure it's original, and not to cliche. Don't make an RP too similar to one that already exists either. If it's based on already existing entertainment, make sure there isn't another RP based on the same thing. However, if the two aredifferent, it's okay. An example of this is creating a Star Wars RP based on episodes 1-3, while the existing one is based on episodes 4-6. In your first post, be sure to include: Background information about the plot Whether or not it follows the dungeon master rule Additional rules that aren't in the basic rule list. An application form Get Playing! Now that you've read the guide to RPing, you're ready to get playing! Be sure to remember basic rules, and make your posts the best that you can! Have fun role playing!
  2. Mr Brownstone

    Brownstone's Last Stand

    I'll likely end up banned soon. So I'm gonna kick some aresnal MOAR!
  3. Mr Brownstone

    Music Gods

    I got this idea from Basswiz, in his blog entry. Yeah, I don't break unofficial copyright :D I consider the five rock Gods- -Chuck Berry -Jimi Hendrix -Ted Nugent -Eddie Van Halen -Keith Richards Metal Gods -Ronnie James Dio -Tony Iommi -Cliff Burton not sure about the other two Not sure about punk and grunge Gods. but da reel godz b bili jo armstrong gerard wai pete wentz trav barkly chad kroeger
  4. Mr Brownstone

    Ted Nugent Facts

    As the world becomes further and further left, and as rock fans turn to emo, pop, rap, extreme metal, and hardcore, Nuge is being forgotten. But in truth, Ted Nugent is the master of animals. Here's Brownstone's very own Ted Nugent facts. In 1970, Jimi Hendrix challenged Ted Nugent to an epic guitar duel. Seven hours later, only one guitarist was left standing. Rolling Stone made an accident when adding the title to their list of the 100 greatest guitarists besides Ted Nugent. Childen in Africa aren't starving because they're poor. They're starving because Ted Nugent killed all of their animals. Ted Nugent didn't shave his beard to change his looks. He shaved his beard because he grew tired of getting meat all over it while consuming live bear flesh. Ted Nugent once acted as a Confederate in a Civil War re-enactment. When it was over, slavery became legalized in the south. Lee Harvey Oswald was laughed at by Ted Nugent for his inferior hunting skills. Oswald tried sniping Ted in Dallas one day, but the president was in the way. Since the beginning of the world, nature has been spread across the Earth, with exotic animals roaming the land. Then Ted Nugent was born. Chuck Norris once challenged Ted Nugent to a fight. Knowing of Chuck's invincibility, Ted killed his favorite dog. When Chuck became distracted, Ted Nugent became the only man to fight Chuck Norris and live to tell the tale. Guns don't kill animals. Ted Nugent hunts with a bow. The USSR never thought any popular musicians were against them, because they assumed they were are liberal. In 1991 they learned that Ted Nugent was a republican. The democratic party doesn't exist to be the liberal party of America. The democratic party exists so Ted Nugent won't kill every animal in the country. Animals evolve very rapidly, but the only one to see the new specimens is Ted Nugent. If you can make moar nuge facts, I'll add 'em.
  5. Mr Brownstone

    The Jena Six

    Recently in Jena, Louisiana, a black kid asked if he could hang out under a tree where some white kids hang out. When he did, the next day the white kids hung nooses from the tree, as a small joke. The white kids received three days of suspension instead of expulsion, and riots broke out. Six black kids beat up a white kid who claimed to not do anything racist to them. The white kid was severely injured, so they put the "Jena 6" in jail. Now a lot of people say it's racism against blacks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jena_6 My opinions: -These days, racism isn't a one sided thing from white people. It's just that, a lot of black kids feel different and they all hang out together, away from the white kids. At my school, around the end of the hall where my locker is, I see 30 black kids hanging out together in the hall every morning. Among people at my school, I don't see ANY racism from white people. Reverse discrimination has led to reverse segregation. -I belive the Jena 6 got what they deserved. This is NOT racism. The white kids threatened a person, the Jena 6 severely injured a person. What's worse? -I can't wait 'til Kanye West whines about this.
  6. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    1) I'd like to say Assassin is now the 2nd coolest guy here after Oken got pwnt 2) Yeah, I might get banned for this, but that means you should ban everyone with blacklists as well So here goes, people I don't like Mrcsupertrain- I really wish you could be more humorous and not so stiff :) Kindness is appreciated when used right Yuanrang- You seem sort of like an elitist jerk :) [Co-Z] Hey ying-yang! [Yuan] Don't you dare call me that! [Co-Z] Yet you let Fraff say it? [Yuan] Fraff is awesomer than you'll ever be -Ryan-- It's obvious Nicole P- Take a chill pill and burn your Black Parade CD. Life sucks, deal with it. Kanye West- You're a whiney baby Hilary Clinton- You suck too Patou- Too stiff, plain and boring. You were aight back then, but naw mo'. Stratocaster- Actually, remove the MCRness and you're cool Salmoneus- Everyone likes him FOR MAKIN DIS SITE. I think I hate him. Damn fishes. Dani- LOL UR SUCH A BARE MAN <333 No hate, seriously, BUR UR A BARE!!1 Kittenblob- Yo, chill. Counter the flirts with your own flirts. BTW, I love you like a sweet child o' mine Pearl Jam- Did you guys like steal STP's Interstate Love Song riff or what? GG Emanick1- RuneScape is totally <<<<< World of Warcraft Everyone who hates me- You all suck <3 So hey guys, there's no need to ban me when I stated my opinions AS NICELY AS POSSIBLE. Ban me, and every blacklister is down.
  7. Mr Brownstone

    Official Wow Thread

    Yeah, why sooner or later I'll be leveling up my char on Daniel's server, which is a soon to be shadow priest. I'm interested in being a 5-man healer but also being able to peeveepee.
  8. Mr Brownstone

    What Are You Dressing As?

    I actually think I'm gonna go as a redneck instead. An IRA terrorist would be the awesomest but I doubt my mom would let me :P
  9. Mr Brownstone

    I've Broken The Law

    Not really. It just gets irritating to see complaining against Christianity every day... I prefer coexistence meself.Oh, and be glad this isn't Saudi Arabia where gayity resuls in the death penalty and you gotta be Islam.
  10. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    ^^^QFT Wimpy'Why I'm gonna be gone from Sal's eventually. I get boreded.
  11. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    Thread even m0ar successful.
  12. Mr Brownstone

    Ok, I Suck

    u want deth not episode2 dola?
  13. Mr Brownstone

    People I Don't Like

    Yuanrang didn't ban me?Yay.Thread mission: Successful.Still Yuan, it's just, there's a time for moderation, and a time for 'kek lawl wat u do thar hana montana?'.
  14. Mr Brownstone

    Lmao Kittenblo

  15. Mr Brownstone

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    1) I don't want to touch heroin. Coincidentally, Mr Brownstone is a song about heroin and one of my favorites, so I rolled with it. 2) If I quit, will you eat my potatoes at a nurinsg home? Skilla 4 Lyfe. Thinks he has TIGHT RUNESCAPE SKILLZ
  16. Mr Brownstone

    Band Talent Show.

    Judas Priest- Living After Midnight
  17. Mr Brownstone

    O Lawdy.

    Diz and Cactus were banned. Who else?
  18. Mr Brownstone

    I Got Cactus Banned

    Daniel is so right. Cactus ftw, RIP.Hey Sled, since Dyer is an alt, please tell JINJO every day that I want to sex him.
  19. Mr Brownstone

    What Are You Dressing As?

    Like a rolling stone, basically.
  20. Mr Brownstone


    ALRITE GUYS GEORG BUSH IS TERORIST HE BOM WTC!!!!!!!!!!! OMG PROOF These threads are getting old, and because I don't want to type a bunch of paragraphs, I present a link.

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