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  1. Stobbo

    Best Smartphones On The Market?

    Not sure if it is available in Canada, but I recently got the HTC Desire S and have found it really good. Nice and clean interface (has HTC Sense UI), and in my opinion looks pretty sleek. Runs Android 2.3, and even though it is single core I have not hit any performance issues after 5 weeks of use.
  2. Stobbo

    Sixth Form Requirements?

    Yeh, that's pretty much the general rule. Some subjects will have additional requirements, like in my sixth form college you needed to get a B or above in Maths, to do the Maths course, as if you had a C you'd most likely fail unless you put an extraordinary amount of effort in.
  3. Stobbo

    Do You Brush Your Teeth?

    Same but the other way round. I never forget in the morning, it's part of my routine, and I never get up late so never rush. In the evening, I do occasionally forget, but not often.
  4. Stobbo


    I've had them for 16 months (doesn't feel that long :)), and to be honest, you forget you've got them. You get used to them, and yes, occasionally they hurt, but in the end you have some much better looking teeth. :) You get told only to drink water/milk/tea/coffee, to eat only things which don't have to be bitten into hard, but to be honest, I don't know anybody who has ever followed the rules. :P Just be careful with food which is really hard like pizza crust, and don't bother trying to eat toffees - it's not worth the difficulty. -.- Chewing gum is something else to watch for, I personally stopped chewing because I don't trust myself to not get it all tangled up - but friends have not had a problem. Fizzy drinks like Coca Cola and Fanta are supposedly a big no with braces, but I drink them all the time and i'm fine - just brush your teeth and it should be good. Just think about what your eating a bit more, use common sense and brush your teeth really well.
  5. Stobbo


    Reebok Classic for me. Same, and not just with shoes, but generally in life. I always buy Volvic water, McDonalds fast food, Staedtler pens. I buy them more regularly but only because I have to as they are worn out - if I could I would be like you. :)
  6. Stobbo

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    Totally agree. That Stobbo guy isn't active enough for this. -.- (But yeh, I am definitely not active enough to be included on this list). Do you want me to remove you then? Because from the look of the poll a lot of people want you on there...:P I don't mind. I haven't really got enough time to spend a lot of time on Sal's much anymore - but when I do pop in, I always check Tech Talk. :) I just don't believe that it is necessary - I respect your feeling that it is though. :P
  7. Totally agree. That Stobbo guy isn't active enough for this. -.- (But yeh, I am definitely not active enough to be included on this list). Agreed. The point of a community help forum is everyone helps everyone. If I go onto a forum about car maintenance, for example, I don't want a specialist team of people who are apparently better than the rest to help me. I want to here everyone's opinion - which is what a public help forum is about.
  8. Stobbo

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    Was there a reason for you not often using your moderation powers, e.g. did you just not have the time or were you discouraged from using them? Just out of interest. There was no discouragement to not use them at all; it was more the fact we didn't need to. We couldn't stop people who break the rules anymore than you can, we were not moderators and could not give warnings (and to clarify, I wouldn't want to of warned people). We reported a lot of posts for the most part, and occasionally had to move or close a topic - something moderators are more than capable of. The tech support team would only ever be given limited powers - no ability to edit posts or warn users. To give a team anymore would be silly, as they may as well be moderators (and if someone was promoted to tech support and have them powers, they may as well have them globally and be a moderator). All of that for a relatively small part of Sal's. I'd say that is pretty much overkill. There were quite a few people at any one time who were so obviously dying to be tech support and posted a lot of rubbish because they thought it would help them. I don't think you can ever make that problem stop, no matter how simply you spell out to them what they are doing. You'd think that people would listen and go post in the tech forum, but a large minority of people would reply something along the lines of "But you've replied so you may as well help me here" and just flat-out refuse to post in the tech forum. It's not a real issue though.
  9. Stobbo

    Bring Back Our Tech Support Team!

    Being a former Tech Support member, looking back on when the rank was in play, it didn't really serve much purpose. I seldom actually used my moderation powers - in fact most of the time I was reporting posts to moderators just like anyone can do. Also the Tech Support rank lead to a lot of people making a lot of posts in the tech section which seemed to be just so they could try and get the rank. Basically, it was just a lot of spam. I don't know if that's any different now, I'm too inactive to monitor it, but I would bet that the Tech Support role was the cause of it and now there are no wannabes spamming the place up.
  10. I still use XP and see no reason to change. Is Windows 7 any better at browsing the internet? That's what I mostly use the computer for, and Windows 7 offers me no advantage. When you actually consider what you use your computer for, the answer will be obvious. If you want flashy bells and whistles then maybe Windows 7 is good, but I would suggest that for most people Winodws XP is more the suffice.
  11. Stobbo

    Moving House.

    It's just part of life, and it isn't a big deal in the end. Sure, it'll be strange at first, leaving a place which has so many memories, but you'll be moving to somewhere which you'll soon feel just as at home in. Good luck with the move, it'll be fine.
  12. Stobbo

    3 Hours Sleep?!

    I've read about sleeping to a precise number of 90 minute sleep cycles are hugely beneficial. Apparently, it's better to wake up at the end of a cycle than in the middle during REM. So you should sleep for a multiple of 1.5 hours. I've had precisely 7.5 hours sleep for the past couple of days, and it has made a huge difference to me personally. Even though I'm getting an hour less sleep than I used to, I'm feeling alot more awake and alert through the day. Getting up is easier too, I feel fully awake straight away.
  13. Stobbo

    What Is Your Operating System

    XP primarily. I have Vista on my laptop but seldom use it. Everywhere else I use XP.
  14. Stobbo

    I Hate Math.

    To be honest, I find most Maths pretty easy, but if I had to choose which I prefer, it'd be Algebra. The only bit of Maths I have a slight disliking to is probability, but its not something I do much of.
  15. Stobbo

    Favorite Tv Show/channel

    24 and Heroes, and I don't have a favourite channel. I don't actually watch TV, I just download the programmes of the iPlayer or watch them on DVD.

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