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    KINGDOM HEARTS!. i really like fanfic's of kairi and sora ^_^. and i love a lot of different mangas/ animes.<br />Some people think i play to much on runescape, yet they are always on seeing that i play...... o.O'. I choose to play runescape for almost all night because of my sleeping disorder causing me to have trouble to fall asleep. The one thing that i hate most in life is how people dislike how i choose to live my life (being les and all). I mean, what point is there to pointing fingers at me..... you just make yourself seem worse.

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    goddes aqua
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    baby horos
  1. GodessKairi

    Several Months After Elites

    My friend got 3rd age mage bottom from a clue that he had in his bank since update this week . So he got more lucky.
  2. GodessKairi

    Glitchy Topic

    I was at stealing creation and made a barrier and whilst i was doing so, this guy from the red team went into the area and started gathering and it kept him inside.
  3. My real life best friend quit playing this game :'(. Now she gets grounded all the time and it makes it hard for us to hang out.
  4. GodessKairi

    Runescape Disconnects

    Happened to me 17 times at Zammy GWD a week or so ago .-. thank god for a lot of helpful people in my clan also being there.
  5. GodessKairi

    Tzhaar Fight Caves Slayer Assignment

    Just to give everyone an update on it: DEAD. Game lagged on like wave 40 and killed me . Heck.... jagex must hate me as i wasn't even able to get tokkul as i hadn't dropped vials and the tokkul went on floor and "Time for a game!" Odd Old Man and his dagum maze >_>
  6. GodessKairi

    Tzhaar Fight Caves Slayer Assignment

    Ok, I have replaced the Zammy book with a D. Sq. and am using diamond bolts (e) and instead of broads. And should i replaced the range potions and just have one with more super restores?
  7. I got the special assignment of Tzhaar creatures where you can do the Tzhaar Fight Caves to complete it. So, I decided to finally try for my fire cape. This is my equipment: I am buying the potions etc. right now so i don't have the inventory photo but it is 3 Ranging potions. 13 Super Restore Potions. and 10 Sara Brews. My Range Level is 75. My Defence Level is 81. My Prayer Level is 62. Should i be able to do just fine with all that with my skills?
  8. GodessKairi


    For some of us, we just accept they are there and around. In fact, we can have some personal fun because of them. By doing things that make them null and void. Whether putting a box trap in the path of a firemaking bot, mineing the ore of a mineing bot, or closing the door at aubrey's to prevent runecrafting bots from getting their essence like what that person did on here not to long ago. Woodcutting ones are hilarious for me at ivy. As it looks like they are doing the tango when we pile their piece of ivy
  9. GodessKairi

    What Skills To Do In What Order

    Best advice i can give: To do: Enjoy game taking your time and enjoying playing it Not to do: -grind grind grind grind grind grind grind- WTF?! What happened to my fingers?! -o.O'
  10. GodessKairi

    Runefest Pics And Stuffs

    Poppy is hot
  11. GodessKairi

    Twitter Hint Discussion

    Just watch...... the next one gives us 200 pest points >.>
  12. GodessKairi

    Tears Of Guthix

    When it pasts another skill it will go to the skill with a lower total exp. If you got farming and say for example dungeoneering. Farming becomes level 45 and Dungeoneering is level 44. The next week's tears will go towards dungeoneering as it is the lowest. But, once that week is over you have level 46 dungeoneering. Then it will go towards farming.
  13. >.> you mean 30-60?

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