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  1. hex. great to hear from you. pretty sure you hadn't been married long last time we spoke...so pleased to see it's going so well. yuan, un0, great to see you guys as well. hope all is well.
  2. Meen

    Long Time

    Aw, come on. Something as epic as mistaking the "report" button for the "reply" button shouldn't be forgotten so easily. Oh god yes. And what a reporter he was. The genius of Tom Chen is flooding back to me. Check out: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=106...&ref=search Potentially our man? PS. Your post count is obscene Dani.
  3. Meen

    Long Time

    Wow, great to hear from you all :/ Sorry in advance for the long reply. It's great to know I have a claim to fame! I'd forgotten about that sticky. Nice to meet you too! Well, I certainly remember you, so you must be getting there! :P Cheers! I think it's nice. It reminds me of the old "Global Moderators" group on the old invisionfree forums. So I feel more powerful now. It's been too long since I'm been offered a Slams Ice Cold Joe The Twin! Now that is a name I didn't expect to still see around! I know the name, not the face skull. Thanks :P Hey Adam, good to see you. I respect a fellow man who can hold down just one avatar over many years. Congratulations on your recent promotion mate. Yo! Another old name I remember. This thread has been far more successful for nostalgia than I'd anticipated :P Naota! It's been a really long time. I remember the old Tech Support days, you guys helped me out with many an issue I'm sure, it's great to see you're still around Well if it isn't Mr. Dani R. Ijeka. It has been a freaking long time my friend :P How are you? I miss Tom Chen as I would a brother. What exactly did he do again? Posted some ridiculous thread, to do with Snowwy maybe? :P I need some serious reminding. Interpreting your "WAAAAAASSSSUUUU etc etc" as an actual question, I'll tell you. I am now working and living in Paris (approximately 30% closer to Italy than before!) until around June, I'll continue studying in London next year. Also, PM me the Mod board password pl0x. Andyanajames, nice to see another old face
  4. So I am just another temporarily ressurected old-timer (who suddenly remembered his Sal's password) deciding to begin a boring nostalgia thread. How is everyone? What's new? If anyone remembers me, send me a PM and it would be cool to catch up. If not, it would be great to chat to some new (and by 'new' I mean 'not prehistoric') faces. Hope life has treated you all well in the year(s?) I've been absent. Meen PS. Has anyone seen my friend Bluefire? Last seen wearing my santa hat in about 2006.
  5. Thanks so much guys! Sorry for the slow reply! I had a house party on Firday (:lol:) so didn't get a chance to check the forums ;) :P
  6. Nothing beats the combination of coffee and cigarettes. (Double espresso and Natural American Spirit originals if ya wanna be specific) Having said that, I don't think my brain has much of an addiction center. I smoke cigarettes, sometimes heavily for a while and then not for months. Last Summer I was on 10 or so a day, but now I've had half a pack sitting in my jacket pocket for about 2 weeks and they haven't been touched. Hmm.
  7. Not at all! Girls call each other "stunning" or whatever all the time -- it shouldn't be any different for guys (although they tend to be less vocal about it)
  8. Meen

    Count To 100

    hai guise wus goin on in dis tred
  9. This Is How You Spell HAHAHA, I Destroyed The Hopes And The Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics - Los Campesinos!
  10. It might be a good idea to report the topic again, telling the mod who picks it up not to worry and that your original report was erroneous -- this second report will show up below the first (we wouldn't want them accidentally closing the thread). This is pretty much the only instance in which you'd report a topic twice -- remember the report system isn't a way to chat to the staff!
  11. The reason there were 4 chrome.exe's was because each tab is its own process
  12. More fun for your money? Are you kidding me man? When you are drunk all you do is have to pee 1000 times (at least for me anyways) and do stupid stuff that your are going to regret doing. You want to have a good time with your friends? Be relaxed? Then smoke weed. And about your police upgrading it to a class B drug. That's stupid cause when you get drunk you run the risk: having sex with some dumb chick who in the morning will cry rape because she know she has done a bad thing drinking, you run the risk of getting in your car and driving and end up hitting some couple on their way home from a movie and end up going to jail for life. With weed you run the risks of what? Eating a whole bag of Doritos? Well according to the police and the gov't eating a whole bag of doritos is way worse than killing an old couple. But they don't care they get money of off taxing alcohol so as long as their getting money why should they care? I always hear of teens and other people being stupid and getting drunk at parties all the time. They are so afraid of getting caught with weed that they get drunk all the time because the consquences of being caught with alcohol underaged are less extreme than being caught with weed. If teens weren't so stupid they'd drop those cans of PBR and pick up a joint and have a nice time. You would no longer hear on the news about some "Jennifer Smith" college cheerleader chick who died cause she drank one to many shots..Why? Becuase no one dies from a weed overdose! If you want the crime rate to drop dramatically, legalize weed and get everyone off of the bottle and on the joint(or whatever method of smoking you prefer) Hey, I was speaking from the perspective of my friends and I. We don't run around town or get in cars after downing 14 pints....we keep to small groups in one of our houses or gardens and just listen to music, dance, talk, whatever. And - sure - occasionally we'll wake up next to some girl....but it's not gonna be some random chick if you're in a small group and the whole thing comes to nothing. I know that regular smokers will be able to have 'deep' conversations about stuff that matters while high...but tbh weed just kills conversations with us. The evening ends with us all lolled back on chairs and pretty much wasting an evening. As for smoking tobacco, I have somehow managed to be a 'social smoker' for a couple of years, on average smoking like 2 a month (I'll smoke a few then stop for weeks). I generally roll my own filtered cigarettes with Golden Virginia tobacco, or Marlboro Reds - whatever. Only in Jamaica. Hey, I'd completed my scuba diving course. What the hell else was there to do? :)
  13. Depends on where you live. Around here under an ounce and all that happens is its confiscated. (Who needs to carry around more than an ounce anyway) I guess you're right...I was with a friend of mine and we ran into some Community Support Police Officers. She just smelled of weed and they took her name and address..made her sign a form and lectured us for ages. It came to nothing, but I suspect if we had any weed on us then it would have been more than confiscation. I had a bad experience with weed in Jamaica (smoked a blunt each in about 5 minutes...white outs etc ), so I am off it for a while :)
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