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  1. x wards

    I still have 21 more levels? What the f-

    congrats :)
  2. x wards

    Enough gold for when I'm old

    Congrats :)
  3. x wards

    Triple Digit Lev :d

    Very nice.
  4. x wards

    99 Magic Question

    try Stunning
  5. x wards

    I R Still F2p Narb

    Grats and nice acc for f2p.
  6. x wards

    Rate My Bank And Stats

    Nice bank and stats. 7/10
  7. Not bad and good luck
  8. x wards

    99 Range

    hello all finaly got 99 range and my 11th skill cape
  9. x wards

    Ranodm Pics Of Me =]

    nice outs
  10. x wards

    99 Range

    tnx, hehe maybe someday ill have them all
  11. x wards

    99 Range

    tnx all, yes fishing, slayer and summ slowly
  12. x wards

    99 Magic

    hello my friends. after clicking and clicking i get 99 mage, this is my 10th skill cape some pics stay tuned
  13. x wards

    99 Magic

    thanks all most of time i alch yew and mage longs, i made nats so i didnt lose any cash, it took me about 1 month.
  14. x wards

    Rate/hate The F2p.

    not bad for f2p
  15. x wards

    99 Def & 125 Cb

    today i got 99 def and 125 cb, im happy emote
  16. x wards


    gratz for 123cb and 80 pray
  17. x wards

    No Capitals In Chat Box?

    this is normal you have set on ALL ^^
  18. x wards

    Time For Some Crazy Range Trainging

    lots of arrows, good luck with range
  19. x wards

    I'm Feeling Accurate Too

    gratz for 80 range
  20. x wards

    99 Att

    now i have 99 att tnx to my friends for coming to party
  21. x wards

    99 Att

    tnx my next goal in 126 :P
  22. x wards

    Please Close, Making A New Log.

    nice log gl
  23. x wards

    Gherkin's Log!

    good luck man
  24. x wards

    60 Wc!~!~!~!~!~!~yay!~!~!~!~

    grats now you can make some money with yews gl

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