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  1. Jess


    My last post was 6 years ago so I thought I'd jump on and see who's all on RuneScape and Sal's these days.
  2. Jess

    RuneScape Clan

    I'm interesting in starting a RuneScape clan open to all. I've owned a few restrictive clans but I couldn't get them up any. If anyone is interested in helping out comment. I'm really wanting to get active and a good community for skillers, pkers, f2p and p2p of all kinds.
  3. Jess

    Hello, I'm Croyzz!

    I had thought the same thing but after playing RS3 I'm really getting use to it and it's quite fun.
  4. Jess

    A Like Button

    He didn't say Facebook. He said a Like button. Forums like the one Sal's runs under has a process for like and dislike on posts.
  5. 91. All of my skills is on RuneScape's high scores list. -.-
  6. I started playing Regicide the other day. I noticed some changes that need to be made. First, I noticed a picture that did not match the others. All images but one have a frame around them and it in High Detail. This one was flat, no frame and Low Detail. So, I went to the location on High Detail and took the image and put a frame around it. -> Looking at that now I might have cropped it too much. Sorry if that is the case. I didn't want to have an image that was too big. The next thing I noticed was that all the pictures had soft edges but the edges were all white. A good idea indeed but no transparency makes it look unprofessional. Still a good idea, I like it! So I went through and put transparency on the corner edges. I added a before and after on the Trap so you could tell what I was talking about, ELF: TRAP: -> FIRE: Another thing I have a problem with is the guide itself. This quote, "Pick up as many Barrels as you can hold, and if you have Limestone with you, first use it on the Furnace in the eastern part of the camp, and then grind it with your Pestle to get Quicklime." Later followed by "Quicklime - get some Limestone from the mine northeast of Varrock (on the way to Canifis) or northeast of Tyrannwyn. Use this with any furnace across RuneScape, then grind it up with a Pestle while holding a Pot. If you do not have an empty pot in your inventory, you will take some damage." It shouldn't be telling you to use it with the furnace and not telling you to have a pot up there. People are not going to read the whole guide before doing the quest. Also, I had trouble with this. "...use all your Barrels with the swamp to the south to get some Coal-Tar Barrels, and then take some Sulphur and crush it with your Pestle.". One thing should be added that the Coal-Tar Barrels are extremely heavy! I don't have the exact measurements and I can't get them right now because I have to head off for school in a few minutes and might possibly be busy afterwards. That is all I have found so far, but if I find anymore I will post it. -.- Thanks!
  7. I am looking for a Clan that is restricted to only doing Mini-Games and is Member's Only! Any?! If none I wouldn't mind starting one like that or something. -.-
  8. I noticed that the audio goes to a link of an MP3. Well, instead I think it'd be useful to use this: And not to be picky or anything. But on the homepage and on the forums it states my name as JJhohnston. I'm just glad you got the T but it's actually: JJohnston. It's correct on the guide.
  9. Jess

    Penguin Hide And Seek

    Cake, I don't believe I used anything by you. I figured out on my own about the Penguin Points via the Knowledge Base. Although, I guess there will be an argument. I'll add you. I do appreciate it though.
  10. Name: Surprise Mystery Box Picture: Type of Item (see below): Random Event Item Tradeable?: No Quest Item?: No Members Only?: No Shop Selling Price (how much you buy it for): Untradeable Approximate Street Price: Untradable High Alch: 0 gp Low Alch: 0 gp Item Specific Details (any requirements or other details): When opened you may receieve a Cabbage, 500 gp, 20 Nature Runes, Flier or Diamond. Examine Description: Could there be something valuable in here? Location/How to Obtain: Out of a Random Event Gift. Stats & Effects: N/A Common Names & Keywords: Contributors: JJohnston; Roy; Combat
  11. Jess

    Random Event Gift

    Item Specific Details: Open it and choose a reward from the list: 449 gp; 26 Water Runes; 4 Sweetcorn seeds; 2 Gold Charms; Suprise Mystery Box; Save up for a costume!
  12. Jess

    Frog Token

    Item-Specific Info: Obtainable from the Random Event in which you have to kiss the frog Prince/Princess. Can be traded at the Varrock clothes store for a Frog Mask or a Prince Outfit Item-Specific Info: They were once obtained from the Random Event in which you had to kiss the frog Prince/Princess, but they was were discontinued on February 25, 2009 and has have been replaced with a Random Event Gift. After the update any banked Frog Tokens were converted into Random Event Gifts. Help from Roy and Grandeur. And I wish to be credited as JJohnston.
  13. Jess

    Pvp Worlds

    I would restate someway that you if you don't attack somone you still can keep 3 items or 4 with Prayer.
  14. Jess

    White Tree Fruit

    1) It's not White Tree Fruit it's White tree fruit 2) Where to Obtain: This fruit is picked from the legendary last White Tree during or after the Garden of Tranquility Quest. You cannot pick until after the quest is complete!
  15. After throwing your ring down the well, it doesn't tell you how to retreive it. I even got a picture.

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