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  1. Rene

    The last person to post here wins

    Every place needs its lawless zone.
  2. Rene

    The last person to post here wins

    Everyone once in a while I come onto these forums to remember the good old days. Also to cringe a bit, but hey we were all young once.
  3. Thanks a lot for the advice so far :) Alright, considering the price drops of bandos it seems to be within price range for me. Is it pretty stable at the current prices or how should I look at it? As for range is shortbow the way to go? Are crossbows no longer good or desired? Do you suggest getting different type of weapons? Right now I already have dual wield Dscims from last time I played on this account. Should I also get stab and crush weapons? if so what do you suggest. As for Whips are they still favourable for now? Also is god staff in general the best for now? Should I not bother with adjusting to the magical weakness of mosnters (earth, fire, water, air)? Are prayer potions worth the effort/money nowadays considering the nerf to protect from prayers?
  4. Hey guys, back again with more questions. So got myself a membership and I'm gonna start playing again. First question to start off with: These are my stats and completed quests, whats the most optimal gear I should look into getting for now and also coming levels? Is barrows armor still worth considering? I currently have roughly 4 mill to spend and some old gear banked to use as well. Who's the best slayer master for me to use for now? What's the optimal herb route for me? As you can see when I spend some time a while back levelling up this character I spent a lot of time doing that as well to train my herblore and farming (did fruit trees and regular trees as well, so if you have more info on that as well it'd be nice) Any quests I should look into doing ASAP?
  5. Rene

    A mild ... interest?

    Thanks a lot for the answers so far :) Same to you, was pleasantly surprised to see your name still pop up on here. Alright, this is somewhat ideal for what I intend to play the game for. Was honestly just wondering, since I want to play in a more casual fashion and they used to always have some entertainement value back in the day. So it's still the good ol slayer or bust time? :P While I appreciate the thought of you willing to do as much I don't feel comfortable for that, as I intend to play in a very casual manner (far from how I used to play) also I no longer have control over my old account sadly and the account I still has left has no real relevant stats. Besides that other account (which was also the one I played on a little bit) has some funds and it should be enough for what I would need at its levels. That seems decently reasonable once you get to a certain point in the game, although obviously not an option right now. While at first I was entranced by the concept, the truth is I no longer have the free time or energy to put towards a game like that and as such I'd prefer a more casual experience.
  6. Rene

    A mild ... interest?

    Hello guys, So not sure if there's still people hanging around who know me, but that's mostly irrelevant. So I used to be a long time player, but I retired indefinitely just shy of 3 years ago. I'm interested now in making a slight return, looking for a game to fool around in while I'm not too busy and to fill the gaps in time. Problem is, a lot has changed. even compared to 3 years ago and while I'm sure it wouldn't all be too difficult. I still have no idea of where to start. One of the main problems is that my original character has been completely lost to me and I see no way to get him back as saddening as it is. I have another character (with nowhere near the achievements my old account had, but still better than starting off from scratch) that I could use to continue off with. (there was a short intermediate period in which i played for a month or 2 on this other account because my old one was hacked, but I don't remember too much details from how the game was and when this was. I believe not too long after the squeel of fortune was released?) Some basic questions: - What's the grind like now? - What has the effect of inflation been and how hard is the moneymaking process from scratch? - Is there still a population for a lot of the activities? - Where do you suggest I start if I were to start? - I've heard about purchasing membership with ingame currency, what is this like? Is it easy to upkeep or not and what's the price like?
  7. So they finally pick up someone for the clan community and they mess it up? This isn't necessarily true. In the end the true determinator of whether or not you make it is who the people choose to watch and not always what company X supports. Although company X supporting you can make your marketing easier, if you don't act genuine and aren't producing content you want to produce it'll show and people won't enjoy your content as much (in general, the exception confirms the rule.) Yes and no. Honestly a lot of youtubers and streamers get good actual experience in handling the audience they'll have to deal with in customer support roles. Even in video editing youtubers have come a long way from the windows movie maker days of old. Sure they might not be as experienced or good as seasoned veterans in that world, but generally the advantage they have then is they're more in touch with their audiance and they have more knowledge about their subject material.
  8. It's about as close as you can get. Honestly back in the day it was just like 5 guys chatting between eachother. :P
  9. Rene

    Yuan and Dani have some explaining to do

    Remember guys, when a park ranger warns you about the bears it ain't because he wants to keep the bear hugs all to himself.
  10. Oh my god, you ... you guys actually kept this alive? I am amazed and slightly flattered.
  11. Damnit, since when has this word been a thing. Am I really that far behind? :( AFAIK Questionable Content certified it as a thing back in 2005 or so In my defense, I was twelve. Being twelve doesn't fall in the "girls are icky" stage that lies between "oh wow free milk" and "bone everything that breathes", sir It was more like the 'The fudge is this, the fudge is that' stage.
  12. Rene

    Rest in Peace Michael Clark Duncan

    Heard about it this morning, ruined my day pretty much. :(
  13. Damnit, since when has this word been a thing. Am I really that far behind? :( AFAIK Questionable Content certified it as a thing back in 2005 or so In my defense, I was twelve.
  14. Damnit, since when has this word been a thing. Am I really that far behind? :(

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