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  1. Hold Alt F4

    Mom! I Caught All Those 99 Fish You Asked For!

    lol nice title, congratz
  2. Hold Alt F4

    The Hardest 99

    Hehe your title drew me in, Anyway congratz
  3. Hold Alt F4

    Free-to-play Quest Changes

    Hmm, Pretty cool updates although the thought of removing them from the quest list is kind of confusing to some players, If they did the quest would they get quest points? Or just the items ect.
  4. Hold Alt F4

    Should The Above Poster Change His Signature?

    Bit small, But good No need to change.
  5. Hold Alt F4

    Congratulations Goes 2...

    Congratz! :) Both deserve this
  6. Hold Alt F4

    Castle Wars

    Very nice!
  7. Hold Alt F4

    99 Dungeoneering!

    Congratz on 99 everything
  8. Hold Alt F4

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Wow, I remember looking at your log when it first started, Great improvement, Goodluck on Dungeoneering you going for 120?
  9. Hold Alt F4

    Best Screen Recorder?

    Yeah i also use Camtasia, It's good and you can get a trail run for it, although after that you need to buy it. `Proxy
  10. Hold Alt F4

    Free Player Friends List Expanded

    Good update , At-least now when i go back into f2p i'll have my friends list open for space.
  11. Hold Alt F4

    What God Do You Go With

    Armadyl, But if you talking about the main gods of Runescape, Saradomin.
  12. Hold Alt F4

    60 Mining!

    Nice! :) Thanks too
  13. Hold Alt F4

    60 Mining!

  14. Hold Alt F4

    Mod Timbo Confirms Bosses For F2p

    Oh wow, Can't wait for this

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