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    "Stupidity Killed The Cat ; Curiosity Leads To New Discoveries"
    >Play all sports *kinda*
    >gud at handling with computers
    >eager to learn how to hacK?
    >don't like dogs, cats or any carnivorous animal
    >everyone is my friend;don't bother he/she likes me
    >reject the saying 'curiosity killed the cat'
    >get kinda mad when irritated(i do KUng-FU)

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  1. Minerex

    Finally got to see Wreck-It Ralph

    I know right!
  2. Minerex

    demonoid is back

    Are they the real owners of demonoid?
  3. Minerex

    Bananas are metal

    You mean Retribution?
  4. Minerex

    Hey Guys

    "Your jaw has weight, forcing you to manually hold it closed" - isn't the muscles that holds the jaw similar to how springs work. To open it, the spring stretches, then it springs back shut. right?
  5. Minerex

    Super Duper Fun Sal's Realm Statistics v2.0

    And why isn't this featured? EDIT: Now do combat levels. ;)
  6. Minerex

    Dear Sals Community,

    Tell me bout it! I hate long distance commuting to get to work.
  7. Minerex

    Parallel Parking

    Best shizzle ever! Laughed all the way!
  8. Minerex

    Lonely irl pic

    Sal. ;)
  9. Minerex


    Robben's goal was superb and Muller was great in the air as well. All German final, me like. Barca lack the fire power, and where is their tiki-taka football?
  10. Oh yeah! Un-muted :D I would have rage quit if they didn't.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. King Mic

      King Mic

      lol badass way to get unmuted

    3. Guitarguy


      And here's me, stressing to fit my appeal within 1000 characters, and with no response from Jagex after 5 days. :closedeyes:

    4. Minerex


      Maybe I just when straight to the point? You should.

  11. Took some afford this. Hard to get that raccoon to sit still. and I kinda loved the warmth the fireplace gave. Let the best man win. EDIT: It blends to brown that matches the flower patch on the far right. #823211 :D This one is the one that blends to white... still prefer the one above.
  12. I have been permanently muted after the recent server update.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Minerex


      Apparently I advertised websites.

    3. Aabid


      Did you actually? :O Maybe you said a website by mistake?

    4. Minerex


      Impossibru! Straight perm mute for a mistake?


  13. Minerex

    Merch made me a birthday card!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! and Happy Birthday :D P.S Those birthday song lines made it even funnier.

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