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  1. Illusion vs Lethality (Video coming soon) We contacted Lethality earlier today and we manage to agree on a clanwars arena pkri. This would be our first experience within a pkri and we needed to do well so that we can use the experience gained within pvp pkri's in the future. This was a three hour prep and was also our first experience in such a short prep war. We're extremely happy with our performance and thank Lethality for their part in the war. Rules: CWA SAFE PKRI. First to 50 kills wins. Below 15 pull: Classic Above 15 pull: Turrets. Rings allowed. Melee, binds and range only. North spawn attacks. No corrupt items. 8:00 EST start. Review: Illusion starting: 15 (45 options) Lethality starting: 20 (60 options) Illusion was outnumbered from the start by quite a heavy margin in a small opt war such as this but we started extremely well with some great K0's and some superb pile transitions. Our binds were very strong at the start and we were dropping our piles quickly. We build up a heavy lead and sent out our snipers who managed to ensure that our tankers could beast them for as long as possible, at one point we were up by around 15 kills when Lethality sent a strong snipe unit to camp on our binders. Our binders started to lack from their snipe unit and they started to catch us up slightly in the killcount. We decided to concentrate more on sniping and managed to releave our binders from getting sniped within a few minutes. We carried on as before, gaining more and more lead as we went and ended with a great K0 to top off a perfect day for us. We had great binding, great sniping and great tanking today. Thanks to our warlord Sas Troopers and Medtron for leading the fall ins for us today. Screenshots: Illusion ending: 15 (45 options) - 3 returning Lethality ending: 15 (45 options) Who the hell is Illusion: We're a clan that was formed two weeks ago which is why you probably haven't heard much of us so far. We have amazing drive and potential so get used to seeing alot more of us
  2. Illusion Launched: 20th June 2009 (We will be updating this topic with war/pk event pics as soon as we have them) Forums | Runehead Officials List Leaders Scott - Scottien GreatJackal - Thefatal_00 Strike - Strikecobra1 Warlord Sas Troopers PK Leaders To be confirmed Council Lordsilk Duece - Js_Duece2 App Manager Ts Alan Requirements for initiate (Our equivalent to trial member / future app) 105+ F2P Combat 5+ Rune sets with weapons 30+ Clan Capes 500+ Bind Runes 1k+ Food (Swordfish and/or Anchovy Pizzas only) Thank you for taking the time out to read our recruitment topic. We hope that you seriously considering joining the ranks of Illusion.
  3. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Just head over to our forums http://www.rs-bse.com/ and register an account. Then find our application section and fill out the Trial Member application. If you need any help with it feel free to join our IRC channel, #bse, or join our clan chat Clan bse, and someone will help you there. Or PM me if you see me in game, I almost always have my private chat on. Also, Congrats to xwarrior173 for being the March 2009 Member of the Month!! Meeep :( Up we go babes BUMP - Come and join us, we got a Stealing Creation War tomorrow and we've got really well structured clan and forums Come check us out. Scott Up we go I suppose
  4. A rose from BsE <3 @}--,-`-- scott <3
  5. Heya god of war, Firstly go to our website, http://www.rs-bse.com and register an account. Then you need to post an application thread in the "apply for trial membership" section. If you need any more help come into our clan IRC channel #bse and someone in there will be able to assist. Regards, Scott
  6. Thankyou Thankyou Yes I R Spam king :( :o :P

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