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  1. Hunter

    The Bunny Kit

    Reported and hi
  2. Hunter

    A Grand New Fake...

    God, if I could find Wolfie's elite blender fake files... Looked better than runescape now does.
  3. Hunter

    The last person to post here wins

    Gotta keep it going I guess
  4. Hunter

    The last person to post here wins

    Cider, please.
  5. Post your New Interface System layouts here! Feel free to include details on how you use it, and even the hotkeys you use. My layout; I originally had the right side of the screen piled up with windows instead of the bottom edge, but I found that really restricted my view. The action bar resides atop the chat, just as in RS2 - I'm too used to this, and I actually click the buttons often.
  6. Hunter

    Happy New Year!

    How many laps have you now completed around the massive ball of nuclear fusion now? What kinds of things do you hope to see in your next lap? What kinds of things do you hope to achieve?
  7. Hunter

    Happy New Year!

    Great hearing from all of you :P I wish you all the best - I'm sure 2016 will hold plenty interesting for you all! Are you a doctoral candidate? Wild guess, haha. I never knew you all that well, but I've faith you'll do grand.
  8. Hunter

    Star Wars Episode VII

    I've heard amazing reviews by many friends, so I spent my holiday binge-watching the first 6 episodes (only one of which I had seen before)... I'm sufficiently hyped. If it lives up to what I've seen so far, I'll be very pleased.
  9. Hunter

    hi im new here

    how are you all it has been a small amount of time
  10. Hunter

    hi im new here

    I can't remember if we got on really well or really badly but I remember liking you. Hi friend. That may have been from last Christmas. Or the one before. Or something. I am glad you approve. What has RuneScape brought lately that I have missed out on? Considering whether I should start playing again while at uni... I wouldn't have LOADS of time for it, but...
  11. Uhhh whatever week this is, capped just now. It's been a while since I've posted myself soz
  12. Hunter

    hay guise

    I remember you. Greetings.
  13. Hunter

    We have a Zaros Guide

    I was more suggesting that a total re-write might be negligibly more work than adapting the current one (I wasn't suggesting doing too much more than necessary).
  14. Hunter

    We have a Zaros Guide

    We have a LOT of knowledge about his history, now - despite this knowledge coming about from recent events, history should be a separate section. A total re-write probably wouldn't be a bad idea, as our knowledge of him has more than doubled.
  15. Hunter


    Cinnamon. Oddly that follows with Strawberry among others (Peanut Butter was fairly nice). The only one I've really disliked to date was Cookies and Cream... it was just disappointing.
  16. So this is how a college education relates to real life? Sorry, I'm not familiar with the latter term.
  17. My preferred method is Harvard, as it's well established and I've been using it for a while now. Other ways of referencing are just inferior or incomplete. So, specifically one might reference your post as such: Aabid (2014) states that... "I'm being vague" (How do you reference to the people of Sals?, 2014)
  18. Hunter

    What's in a name?

    It's my name.
  19. The style isn't my thing to start with, but that aside... The first song is very slow starting. Too slow. I'm kept expecting a really nice beat to result from it, any second now, but it never does. The songs in general are too static-y, if you get what I'm meaning. It's irritating to listen to. The last song of those 3 just sucks, sorry.
  20. Hunter

    If you were King

    Depends on the circumstance. I'd have to know details, not make a decision based off of "that sort of sounds a bit crap". If I knew details and there were people backing the decision not to sign - significant amounts, even if no where near a majority - I would refuse. If, however, I was alone, I'd sign it.
  21. Hunter

    Finally got a girlfriend

    She's not your world. Do not put her up high on a pedestal. Do not treat her differently to your friends. Oh, and congratulations. It's nice finding someone similar-ish to you :)
  22. If you're liking the L9 but don't have the cash, go for the F3. Sadly I don't have experience with the Optimus line of phones. I have an S3 and used to have an S2, and they're very good phones - it's got a larger screen than you might expect, though. I'd go for that if I'm honest, although since the S4 is out it might feel outdated. Apart from that, I know some people are big fans of HTC's, and the Sensation doesn't look like a bad purchase. Just my 2 cents - go for the S2.
  23. Statius/Vesta's armours are sweet.

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