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  1. Masamune39

    Clans Are Dead?

    The clanning world on SAL'S is DEAD. The rest of the clans moved on to Zybez, or other forums. It is agreeable that the clanning world is much smaller since the closing of the old powerhouse clans, such as Damage Inc., and Eternal Honour. Many people that were only attached to RuneScape because of clans have finally quit the game and moved on with life. Of course, it could also be said that the clanning world has grown quieter since the Clan Wars Arena was opened. Before it was released, many of those powerhouse clans would duke it out for 14 hours straight in the wilderness. That's where those clans would post on every forum that they had the money and the organization and the numbers to outlast their opponents. When other poeple had read the topic through, and noticed the time the clans had started fighting, till the very last second when it ended; hype built around that clan, and the forums were buzzing and everyone had the 2 cents to put in. Now, since the release of the Clan Wars Arena; clans can fight for however long is allowed/agreed. When the fight is over with, and the post is made, everyone remembers that the only money that is spent goes to more food/binds/arrows/potions -- not rune sets. Another typical fight fought on another typical day inside a safe warring environment. Nothing crazy about that, nothing to get everyone hyped about it, and certainly not enough to build a strong enough buzz around any particular clan (just my opinion). As far as Sal's clans go, the community is DEAD; but not entirely. People can still post here, or make a clan, or join a clan. If people just follow through, the community will be back up to full effeciency/potential.
  2. Masamune39

    New Merchanting Skill!

    9/10 Looks good, keep 'em coming.
  3. Masamune39

    My First Fake

    7/10 Simple enough to do, but looks pretty good. I would fix the map if I were you.
  4. Masamune39

    Jure's Drop Log

    Wow Jure, this is very,very impressive, Zezima better watch out, your catching up quick :/
  5. Masamune39

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    I'll give you a 7 because of your post number, I'm just now returning to the forums, and from retirement from RS so I haven't seen you before.
  6. Masamune39

    Party Times Help

    It's a done deal my friend, But I won't post yet, I'm too lazy to edit my event topics :)
  7. Masamune39

    Party Times Help

    Can I use this guide for my clan forums? I'll give you full credit for it.

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