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  1. Ptolemy

    Ent's Big Badass Texan Store

    I'm trying to find a good Sephiroth stock Aliath. I need a hq one that's not a cartoon, that comes with some depth (the more modern ones) and with hair flying away (so I can devise a flow). So, just... hold your horses there.
  2. Ptolemy

    Top Hat Would Like A Signature

    That's a really lq stock.
  3. Ptolemy

    Sotw 80 Voting

    3 points Fatalysm - Would be better in color, but nevertheless good effects, smudging, and I really like the style. The simplicity of it is great. 2 points Crash - Bad stock to begin with, but you wrapped it up quite nicely. Your piece has good depth. I'm distracted by the non-grayscale effect to the bottom right of the focal. And it's too busy for my liking. Hard choice.
  4. Ptolemy

    Some Pips

    All I see is text and a render slapped on a badly resized stock.
  5. Ptolemy

    Ent's Big Badass Texan Store

    I'm starting on Fake II's now. Didn't I request before him? Yeah, but I'm not feeling too inspired with yours.
  6. Ptolemy

    Ent's Big Badass Texan Store

    I'm starting on Fake II's now.
  7. Ptolemy


    Nice clipping mask for the text, great placement of c4d's, the depth is... okay, the lighting is pretty well done, though it could use some more work, good smudging on the bg stock. Nice piece.
  8. Ptolemy


    It's overcontrasting. Use a black and white gradient map set on multiply with the opacity lowered, and use a brightess/contrast adjustment layer to help with this. The depth is not very good, sharpen the whole thing and erase spots that look oversharpened, blur the whole image erase spots, and set it on overlay, etc. Shading, textures, colors, and a lot more enhance depth. It is very messy and busy. Colors don't match. Text is horrible. That would be horrible.
  9. Ptolemy

    List Of Programs You Can Use In Faking

    I use Photoshop CS3 (soon to get CS4). Employee discount rules. I have it because of graphics (LP's, SP's, logos, etc., etc.), but for faking I'd recommend The GIMP. There is no need for Photoshop for fakers (unless you have it). Photoshop is very easy and I use it, MS Paint, is way too simple, GIMP doesn't match my style, and freezes every ten seconds, PDN is way too simple, etc. You should mention that there are trials for every version of Photoshop (only CS4 is available on the Adobe website though), and there is a trial for PSE 7 (Elements, not Extended), PaintShop Pro, Aviary (image editor is completely different and sucks in my opinion, but the vector editor is no where near Adobe Illustrator, but it's great for free), SplashUp, etc.
  10. Ptolemy

    My Fakes.

    First fake - I'll skip this (I'm just focusing on the second ) Second fake - - 2: Horribly resized, aspect ratio doesn't match. - 1: You really should add more detail to the minimap. - 2: Old game screen (looking at the comments above me, correct me if I am wrong). - 3: The items need more depth, you should achieve that by shading. They also need outlines (gun does). Plus, they don't look very like RuneScape. Thus, the rating is a 2/10.
  11. Ptolemy

    1st Fake! :)

    I don't think Jagex's CSS Template is under the GNU Public license (It probably is). The way you used it may be against their rules. As for the fake, you really haven't done anything graphically, so a rating and constructive criticism wouldn't be any helpful here. You should think of enhancing it with custom made buttons, etc.
  12. Ptolemy

    My First Signature

    Giving constructive criticism for abstract tags isn't very easy for me, but I'll try. And about the name, it really doesn't fit. I'd suggest using a clipping mask, or layer blending effects (fx). There also needs to be depth in your piece. Right now, it's flat. Depth is enhanced by lighting, shading, textures, etc. Right now, all I see is an abuse (wrong word choice) of the liquify filter. You also need to improve the lighting. And for this, go find a color wheel tutorial and add color, that also enhances depth. I can go on and on, but for now, stick with at least that with your next piece.
  13. Ptolemy

    Ent's Big Badass Texan Store

    Nice stock, but can I use a different font? I might use the one you specified, but still...
  14. Ptolemy

    Ent's Big Badass Texan Store

    I've finished one request:
  15. Ptolemy

    Vera's Sigs - Closed!

    Your signatures are amazing. They have epic depth, lighting, and you use an amazing choice of colors. Plus your signatures aren't overcontrasted! This is so epic that I'm going to request here. A signature on how sexy I am plz.

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