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    Potw #7

    The theme of this weeks Pixel of the week is an icon. You may pixel anything which represents the place from which you come, or, perhaps an important historic event. For example, you could choose to pixel a symbolic building/monument, or even a representation of what your country, city or town means to the world e.g. it could be that a world changing invention was created there. Restrictions: Maximum dimensions of 120x120 Maximum 20 colours Animation Permitted *Try and tell as many people as possible about this, so we can boost entry numbers, lets aim for at least 6 entries. As an incentive, I will be making pixel awards for the winners! Good luck to all participants. Entries Joe The Twin Saber Jordo Poke Kingy
  2. Badass

    Potw #7

    For the sake of misquotation. He said anything. Specifically an Icon, so I imagine your Dragon Helm would qualify just as much as a WoW spell icon. indeed "You may pixel anything which represents the place from which you come" .....???? Unless you live in a virtual reality, then it appears you have not followed the guidelines.
  3. Badass

    Potw #7

    Very nice, from where does this hail?
  4. Badass

    Potw #7

    Some nice entries this time, lets try and hit the target of 6 entries, then i'll close this. I've been really busy, so haven't yet got round to making pixel awards. I was thinking that a good idea would be to set the next POTW competition as making pixel awards for future winners.
  5. Badass

    Potw #7

    That is correct
  6. Badass

    Potw #6

    Quick 4 colour doodle to beef up the numbers Does anyone think that it would be a good idea if I made some pixel awards for POTW winners to display in their signatures - if I were to make some decent ones then perhaps it might spark some more interest (and hopefully submissions) in the weekly competition.
  7. Badass

    Potw #5 Voting

    1st - Saber 2nd - Spider 3rd - Poke I might give the next one of these a go if it begins before Tuesday when I will disappear for another week
  8. Badass

    Potw 4 Voting

    I'm thinking the voting should be closed now, so that the next one can be up by tomorrow.
  9. Badass

    The Bunny Kit

    Once the forums are up, it might be a good idea to make a new thread on here, to clean things up a bit. The thread can then be purely for discussion/suggestions and updates as opposed to submissions.
  10. Badass

    Potw 4 Voting

    Of course oh great one!
  11. Badass

    Potw 4 Voting

    Cinimon Stix 3 Kingy 2 Spidermike 1
  12. Badass

    Potw #4

    When is the next competition going to begin?
  13. Badass

    Knight Of Honor

    I think the main issue is how small you've made the chest area - I don't think they even make corsets that small. In the past, I don't think there were many warriors with chronic muscle wastage. Also, you don't have to do lineart before finishing every feature - the eyes can be done in colour and the fact that you have done eye line art consequently means that they are much larger than necessary. On another note, symmetrical pixels are easy to make look good, however, I wouldn't get into a habit of doing these.
  14. Badass

    Landscape Banner

    I haven't pixelled properly for a couple of years and just recently had a look back through my old files and noticed an old WIP I had going. In an effort to regain some ability, I thought i'd try and complete an old pixel. I'm starting off from the above which was last touched on 27 July 2007 If anyone wants to suggest anything which they think would look good then feel free to! Hopefully the pros can give me some advice.
  15. Badass

    Landscape Banner

    Doom - i've made a few changes based on what you said This is much more difficult than I remember
  16. Badass

    The Bunny Kit

    This is brilliant - you guys have made so much progress!!
  17. Badass

    How Should I Make Money?

    Chopping yews is your best bet.
  18. Badass

    Iso Collab

    Is this still happening? - I'm up for doing a tile. Did Andy do the robot? it's pretty dam impressive!
  19. Badass

    Guide Rips

    Concerning my post yesterday about the ranging guide rip, well it turns out that quite a few more of the guides have been ripped from here in case it hasn't been realised.
  20. Badass


    lets compare shall we: I think that the way you have shaded the mountains is rather idealised (I don't know of many mountains/ridges that have so many corries along their sides. Secondly, you have done a wonderful job shading the sides of the mountains, but you seem to have ruined this trend at the peaks which seem very monotonal due to the contrasting shade which you have used. If these are some proper mountains i.e. greater than 1000m prominence, then there would be some clear variation in the flora, i.e. you may begin with coniferous trees near the base, and end with grassland, or possibly even tundra at the peak. Also, a small snow covering near the peak would do nice to finish it off. Obviously, it will be hard to include some of this detail in such a small picture, however, I hope that this advice will help you improve future artwork. edit: also, the bright outline seems a bit unecessary and out of place.
  21. Badass


    Did you really just post. :) :/ :/ Hai again, missed you. Anywho, you know what I told you, appears to be a problem with holding items. Hello so what inspired the name change?
  22. Badass


    It's looking nice except for the dislocated knee.
  23. I have had the blue screen about 3 times in the last week, so am now getting quite worried/annoyed and don't want to lose all my data etc. What happens is the computer is on, i'm doing everyday tasks e.g. work in ms word, surfing the web etc. Then all of a sudden the blue screen comes up. I then press the pc off button it turns of instantly. After turning it back on, I get the "your system has just recovered from a serious error message" I clicked show details and the following code was given: BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : 80526C60 BCP3 : B9317040 BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1 Is anyone able to decode this information and work out what is wrong with my computer. This is just a wild guess, but could it be a problem with the PSU wearing out? Thanks for any help ^_^
  24. Badass

    My Album

    Well I haven't really been on the forums for months, so as a little kind of farewell, I want to give a little back to the community. I am posting a large chunk of my pixel art which will have various puposes. 1. Some pieces I will be granting permission for anyone to use in their signature, as well as edit for practicing purposes. 2. Some pieces will be posted for purely practicing purposes, however, these may not be used in signatures or avatars unless a significant amount of change is made. 3. Some pieces will be posted purely for practice purposes which means that you may edit them for practice, however you may not use them in your own artwork gallery, signature or avatar. You may, however, post any modifications you have done as long as you give credit. You are not permitted to put your name on any of the pieces or claim them as your own original work. Each piece will be labelled with the corresponding number. (1) (1) (2) (2) (3) (3)
  25. Badass

    My Album

    1 year

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