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  1. hello all, some of you may or may not remember me. its been awhile but ive been playing runescape again just out of boredom and such. i wanna get back into barrowing and all but i need death runes and no one is selling them in g.e. so i decided to go here msg me blackblad144 thankkssss :D close this i alreayd got some
  2. -andrew-


    so most of you dont remember me...probably but anywho i decided to play rs a little bit if you dont know me i love monster hunting and i was curious if any of you wanted to show me the new monster hunting stuff if any?? i dont think ive played really since 08/09 so yea
  3. -andrew-

    Best F2p Noob Drops

    hill giants are ALWAYS crowded unless you play like at 2 am
  4. ok hes f2p stats are: 2 df (im debating on wether or not i should make him a tanker) 30 range 11 prayer 32 mage 24 cb where should i train? (do not say hill giants cuz its too crowded there or anywhere in wildy) i would also like there to be safe spots
  5. -andrew-

    Pretty Serious Incident At My School.

    it does seem over exxaderated ussually at smaller schools (like mine) they take smallers things very sereiously.
  6. -andrew-

    Sings Of The Apocalypse?

    well false alarm then hahahaha
  7. -andrew-

    Sings Of The Apocalypse?

    it just seems like theres signs of it i mean the economy is completely collapsing theres nuclear threats over in north korea the king of pop has passed with sightings of his ghost it just seems like something actually might happen in 2012
  8. -andrew-

    Michael Jacksons Ghost

    HOLY SH--! thats creepy he looked like he was moonwalking too
  9. -andrew-

    Crazy Ass Friend Almost Kills Us Today.

    my dads gone 100+ on i-5 but he was being safe about it since we were driving up to oregon and past weed CA til Klamath Falls OR theres hardly any cars. one time he wasnt being safe about it and going around 90 on highway 101 and was almost immediatly pulled over by highway patrol and had to go to traffic school
  10. -andrew-

    Which Pure Should I Go?

    range/mage seems to be the most succesful these days the most famous pkers ever seem to have use those they work perfectly well in members (ice barrage, crystal bow etc)
  11. -andrew-

    Runescape Prepaid Cards?

    alright im going to get one tommarrow then thats when my pay check comes in
  12. -andrew-

    Runescape Prepaid Cards?

    ok thanks can you get them at safeway??? the nearest 7-11 to me is in the straight up ghetto wal-mart and target are pretty far
  13. -andrew-

    Runescape Prepaid Cards?

    my parents are being jerks like they always are and wont pay for my member ship like they did in the past. they told me i would have to pay for it my self and i heard about prepaid cards online and you can get them at 7-11 and all those. does anyone know how much they cost and how long they last for??
  14. -andrew-

    Pics Of Yourself!

    a picture of me and my girlfriend. she does what shes doing in this picture like every 5 seconds though it SUCKS
  15. -andrew-

    Champions Of Strength

    hey well i hope everything goes well. i also LOVE LOVE monster hunting and once i get my members back and all my money add me for kq and dking

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