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    y do u care?

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    mine =)
  1. dragon poison

    Count To 100

  2. dragon poison

    Count To 100

  3. anyone know how do if u do please help me im kinda a new at all these things..lol
  4. dragon poison

    Clan: Big Tooty

    this isnt really my clan but im advertising for it..anyone whos a member can join when u join talk to big tooty (who owns the clan) ill post more requirements etc. later (cause i have to ask big first) ill post more stuff abaut it l8tr ill problably update everything by sunday
  5. dragon poison

    Count To 100

    48!!!!!.....omg i just read all of the 280 pages and i just wanna say omfg wow this went like really really really far.
  6. dragon poison

    The Snooze Button...

    yeah thats what i meant the type u use when u wake up =)
  7. dragon poison

    Clue Scroll

    here this will help u have to go to this site and it shows everything abaut clue scrools it tels u what all clue scrools say here the website just copy this and paste it =) http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=treasure_trails.htm
  8. dragon poison

    Best Monsters To Train On

    oh were do u get lke the clue scrools that lead u to like the 3rd age stuff? or partyhats somethings like that because i wanna b >.< cause i just lost 1 mil cause i got skulled
  9. dragon poison

    Best Monsters To Train On

    were d u find the exiperements? and what combat lvl r they?
  10. dragon poison

    The Snooze Button...

    who here likes the snooze button cause i sure like it i click it like 5 times a day =)
  11. dragon poison

    Truth Or Lie- You Choose

    true!!! the next person is gay (or lesbian)
  12. dragon poison


    wheni asked a girl out to dance at this party it was so freaking funny when i thinkk of it now...when we started dancing (it was a slow dance) i lost track of time..someone comes up to us and says "the slow dance is over u know" and im thinking "fudge of im having fun here" so she left then lie a week later she dumped me >.< lol i dont really take rejection hard but im still mad at that guy for me breaking up is harder but they r both hard...cause if u tell someone u wana break up they problably wont talk 2 u also what shorty said "you're (indirectly) stating you're not interested in them. "
  13. dragon poison

    ♦♦lll---> Vincent's Log Of Ownage™ <---lll♦♦

    lol nice stats compared to me im a noob <(^.^)>
  14. dragon poison

    Best Monsters To Train On

    i ussuelly train at green dragons but now i past hose they r to weak im gonna start training at either the whatever it is thats under the plater safety place (forgot name) or red dragons

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