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  1. Kingme

    Abyssal Whip Rumors

    Its a balanced combat triangle, and melee is the main build.. :D range is powerful enough as it is. Jagex has admitted that mage is underpowered. On topic: I don't think whips will go over 4m, and I don't believe the upgrade will be too great either, unless it's degradable. If it isn't degradable, then I really doubt whip's will be better than chaotics
  2. Got these within seconds of each other
  3. Kingme

    Behind The Scenes - June

    They said in a blog post they planned release for tomorrow
  4. Kingme

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    That boss looks awesome. The BTS doesn't mention it though, so we'll see it in March I guess?
  5. Kingme

    World 66 Law Running

    Apparently, there's somewhat of a new trading system. The crafters say #/27, # being the amount of laws they're holding, so you could trade those guys.
  6. Do you guys remember law running before the trade limit was imposed? Well, it's back and loaded with crafters, but there's a shortage of runners. Law running is a great source of cash. What you do is you bring 27 pure essence to w66 Entrana and you trade one of the crafters who have a tiara on, and usually red zammy robes as well. They'll give you all the ess they have, ranging between 28 and I think 40, and you give them the essence. So you profit with gp and they get some nice RC exp. Law running used to be really popular a few years ago, but the trade limit kinda killed it. So, what do you guys think about it? Are you gonna run/craft? Do you remember law running and how great it used to be?
  7. Kingme

    Battle Robes Degrading

    How fast do the battle robes degrade?
  8. Kingme

    Jagex Do Have A Sense Of Humor

    Wow, that is an amazing phat you made there.
  9. A company doing something for money? Unheard of. Tons of people said they'd quit because of the climbing boots update. How many actually quit? Also, you're saying that it's bad that more people will come to play Rs? That means Jagex gets more money -> hire more staff -> more updates and the such. High leveled items won't crash. There will be a slowly growing amount of whips/gs/ect, so you'll see them generally getting cheaper. That is what was happening before pk'ing was removed. Wait what? Didn't you just say item amounts are decreasing? I remember whips' lowest price bring 1.3m, so yes. It'd probably get to that price and eventually become lower. To summarize, you're saying that there will be many more high leveled weps (note: not resources, so don't try saying that everyone including skillers is getting harmed by this). Because there will be a bigger supply, they'll be cheaper, and you're saying that's bad. Congratz! You know some history! The French Revolution was definately caused because of the reintroduction of PK'ing in France. (I'm not too sure, but wasn't the whole revolution against deference and elitism?) Because in the current PK'ing system, a level 40 is just as likely to get a 5m drop as a lvl 138... What you're saying is that low leveled players should be making just as much income as high leveled players. 2) also completely contradicts 1). Because high level'ed weps will be cheaper, pk'ers will be making less money off of them. On top of that, people with less money will be able to buy these weapons, because they are cheaper. I'm gonna have to give you this one, to a certain extent. Didn't Jagex ban thousands of accounts in one day for gp transferring? You're saying that the introduction of PK'ing will make tracking hackers down illegal? Hacking goes on atm, and Jagex deals with it in legal manners. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I kind of support this happening.
  10. Kingme

    Generic Adventure Game!

    Great, the 1st clue, and I can't even find it. I thought the 1st one was always supposed to be easy
  11. Kingme

    Generic Adventure Game!

    I looked for a long time before I came to the conclusion that 1) The clue has not yet been released or 2) I am an idiot. Not sure whether I'm not supposed to talk about it, so mods can feel free to edit this out, but there is a new passworded section in Scape Lounge. Kinda obvious but thought I'd point it out for anyone that didn't know. I've being searching through all the stickies and haven't come up with anything. Hopefully someone will find something... Found something! http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...p?showtopic=178 Well, that's my contribution to the game Raam, I'm not sure, but I think that clue was around last puzzle hunt. Weird
  12. Kingme

    Barrel Puzzle Help - A Void Dance

    Thanks for that pic! It helped me solve the puzzle <3
  13. Kingme

    Close Please

    Yeah, I tried searching the page on Tip.it, but it didn't come up for some reason. It was an old clue though, so I just found the answer on another website. It was Riki the sculptor's model.
  14. Kingme

    Close Please

    Answer found, thanks.
  15. All the graphics updates, the GE, and GWD

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