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    America Saved The World.

    I just read some of the first page, and will respond to it. Tons of British soldiers were killed on the mainland. They simply would not have had enough soldiers to defend against an invasion, especially since then, Germany would have had all of Europe under their control. This is stupid....Dumb, can't put it any clearer. Let's match up your country VS the USA, who would win? We were in fear of getting invaded? It would have been amost impossible to invade someone from across the ocean at that time. We only did it because of many months of preperation and planning. If you know anything about the invasion of Normandy, you would know how much time and effort we put into preparing for the invasion. However, I do agree with you, if we were not attacked, we would never have entered the war.
  2. Headshot212

    Female Circumcision

    I think this has already been adressed.
  3. Headshot212

    Female Circumcision

    Yes, but the chances of that happening, in comparison to unlicensed doctors in incomparable. Same as above Okay, then outlaw doctors doing it who aren't licensed. Don't outlaw the practice all together.
  4. Headshot212

    Female Circumcision

    Adding onto that, the licensed doctor doing the procedure should be fully qualified so that no one dies because of it. People die in the hospital where we have licensed doctors with 8 years of schooling doing procedures. Just because you're licensed dosen't mean that you're going to be perfect. Male circumcision isn't detrimental to health. (In fact, it's beneficial in a few ways.) When a female-circumcised woman has sex for the first time, all the scar tissue that developed is ripped apart. And that's far more painful than a simple hymen-tearing. Not to mention the severe possibility of fatal infection accompanying female circumcision. There's a chance of fatal infection in any surgery. Women? These are 7-13 year old girls. That's precisely why this has become controversial: circumcision is rarely about an adult making an informed, personal choice, but rather the family imposing its religious/cultural tradition upon a child. I think the practice is atrocious and am appalled whenever I read stories like this. Frankly, I don't support male circumcision either. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that it's not medically necessary. Furthermore, the medical benefits are pretty insignificant. And as I mentioned before, many infants are circumcised not because their parents have given serious thought to the matter, weighing the pros and cons, but rather because it represents "tradition." -Common Sense Yes, and your parents teaching you their religion is also tradition. I can almost guarantee you that if your parents did not force you to go to church, that you would never have thought of going in the first place. Of course you will say you would have because that's how you were raised, but in reality, you more than likely would not have given a sceond thought to not going to church. If it's their tradition, then I support it. As somebody or the article said, 96% of women in Egypt are circumcised. This is 1 report on one person dieing because of it. I think that people in the media make too big of a deal over such a small thing. Although the death of the young lady is tragic, it's one in a whole lot of chance that it happens.
  5. Headshot212

    Lumberjack Log-currently 93

    GL on 99 woodcutting :P. You'll be very happy when you make it.
  6. Headshot212

    Debunk Atheism

    These predictions are not predictions. You probably saw that history channel special about the predictions in the bible where they had all sorts of random patterns that had names of people who are currently in the news. It's completley ridiculus to think that the book is true when it is that thick and has only a few of the names of people who are making headlines. It's just coincidence. Even if that's not what you saw there are any number of explanations that could happen. I know of one that says "two mountains of fire will precede the end of the world" and people think the mountains are the twin towers but that could mean anything. The predictions aren't coming true and if you can show a list please do.
  7. Headshot212

    Debunk Atheism

    You can't prove something dosen't exist when you can't prove that it does. Lets say that we all believe that dragons are real, however we've never seen one. Another person disbelieves in dragons. We are all telling him they are real even though we have never seen one and even if we had seen one we can't take him to see it. How is the nonbeliever supposed to disprove that dragons are real when we have given him no evidence that dragons are real. So until god actually speaks or answers a prayer then I'm not going to believe in him. And don't say that he has answered your prayer and that is evidence because I guarantee you that there are tons more prayers of yours that he hasent answered. Really all religions are a scam - they need you to BELIEVE and have FAITH however they can't prove that their god is real.
  8. Headshot212

    Clan Board Changes.

    This is quite dumb really. Out of 3 options none are really effective, and the worst one was probably picked. It's been stated by numerous people before me but nobody has listened. When you ban one member from viewing the forum, that whole clan is going to be pissed and will either not respect the moderator that did it, or infact abuse the rules on purpose just to show that they don't care. I think that everybody just needs to chill down on the warnings given in that area of the forum - the problem isen't being fixed by giving people warns so why do it? We need to step back and let some of the lesser stuff go unpunished. Posting pornogrophy and such is of course against the rules - but some flames are quite funny and shoulden't even be given a second thought to as if they go punished or not. It's not hurting everybody, everybody does it and most of the people that use that forum expect it and dont care that it happens. So I think this update is quite unnecessary.
  9. Headshot212

    Make Alcohol Illegal?

    Smoking causes cancer is it illegal?
  10. Headshot212

    Death Penalty

    I disagree, I feel criminals get what they have coming to them. They shoulden't have rights, when they killed someone those rights should be forfit. It dosen't make any sense to keep them alive when they haven't done anything to deserve being alive, and have taken someone elses "right" to live. Say what?
  11. Headshot212

    Death Penalty

    I don't know exactly where you got the information that the government is supposed to protect everybodys rights and saying that criminals shoulden't have rights is nothing like saying disabled people shoulden't. Disabled people diden't do anything wrong the criminals did and should therefore pay accordingly.
  12. Headshot212

    Death Penalty

    The electric chair is currently used in 5 states, and the executioned picks that or injection... Lethal injection has only failed once and that's because the person inserting the needle missed the vein and hit the flesh - that's the operators fault and the only one that I find where it has actually "failed." And during lethal injection you are induced into a coma that uses more dosage than when doctors put a patient into a medical coma. That will knock you out fast and for a long time, they won't feel any pain.
  13. Headshot212

    Death Penalty

    1. The death penatly is humane in the sense of how it's done, the worse the executioned feels is the pinprick of the needle. 2. Does somebody who hasen't treated someone in a humane way deserve to be treated humanley in the first place? No, especially if you kill somebody they diden't show any compassion to the person they killed why should we show them any?
  14. Headshot212

    The Law Of Attraction.

    Can I fly? I think its a load of bull, just because you want something the universe isen't going to give it to you.
  15. Headshot212

    Ban Text Messaging While Driving?

    Dosen't work the same way here - usually we got one guy in the car and thats it. Sometimes there are two though. The more people that the information has to communicate through the more likely that there will be a mess up somewhere along the line slowing them down even further.
  16. Headshot212

    Death Penalty

    Because those people dident do anything wrong. I don't mind helping people that can't help themselves. It's not designed to prevent crime! Listen to what you are saying. So we are saying to criminals then "we dont care that you do crimes, but know that justice will be served." I don't think so, I'd feel a lot safer if they said "we care that you do crimes, and if you do do them know the punishment will fit the crime." And if you were a criminal would that more than likely stop you from stealing something?
  17. Headshot212

    Steroids In Sports

    Not necessarily. Muscles if they are too big get in the way. Imagine trying to catch a football with biceps that were as big around as your head!
  18. Headshot212

    Death Penalty

    I've only read this last page and from what I can tell so far is that nobody has posted this yet. I support the death penatly. I don't want to pay taxes so that somebody who killed somebody else, possibly someone I knew or loved, can live in realative safety with free health care, food and a roof over their head. I really think the "eye for an eye" method of doing things would work very well. Could you imagine how fast the crime rate would drop if when you stole something you got your hand cut off? It certainly would make me think twice about doing something like that.
  19. Headshot212

    Steroids In Sports

    Just because you have "big" muscles dosen't mean you are skilled - although it might help with hitting the longball or in some positions in football. I think they should be banned just because of how harmfull they are to the person taking them not because they give any real big advantage.
  20. Headshot212

    Ban Text Messaging While Driving?

    +1 A lot of people are wreckless these days. Especially teenagers because they have very little experience and they text message one another constantly. As TBW said it really comes down to common sense. so your calling people who text while driving stupid? :lol: they might only while at a stop sign, they probably will only send a message with a few words meaning minimal distraction for maybe a few seconds. and most teens i know end up driving a lot so they arent really inexperienced My friend does it when I'm in the car with him and it's really annoying. It distracts him a whole lot and I infact do call him stupid for doing it. All it takes is a few seconds of minimal distraction for you to rear end someone or hit a tree. banning cb's is not likely to since law enforcement and semi's use them all the time. Which I disagree with, why should the use of radio communications be allowed when mobile phones are not (atleast in the UK). They both are as dangerous as each other. Ok no more CB or cell phones. But now how do police and truck drivers talk to dispatch? I dont think that smoke signals would be practical They would have to stop, or get someone else in the vehicle to speak. My point was that they are just as dangerous. So now the cops (as slow as they are already) now have to stop to find out that someone is being robbed - that makes a whole lot of sense.
  21. Headshot212

    Required Army Registry At The Age Of 18

    Not everybody - just men.
  22. Headshot212


    I disagree with the whole idea of feminism. For one simply calling feminism is putting down men, not very equal in my eyes. And women will never (generalization) be able to equal most men in strength so that excludes most women from a whole bunch of jobs that require physical fitness. Also the womans traditional role in society is to take care of the children and keep house (please dont kill me over this), I see them much better at doing this then say working a 9-5 so in that aspect I don't see how men and women can ever be equal.
  23. Headshot212

    Border Patrol Agents

    Except they aren't paying taxes. Personally, I say shoot them on sight. What do we do with them if we dont - send em to jail until we can ship them back across where they will try crossing right again. I don't know about you but I certainly dont like paying for somebodys food and healthcare when they are here illegaly.
  24. Headshot212

    New Orleans

    What? They diden't get what they deserved, nobody deserves that...What are we going to debate about, that's horrible!!! WTF
  25. Headshot212

    If You Had A Billion Big Ones....

    Thats what I would do but we are talking about 1 Bil and most banks would give you like 3-7% interest. But 3% of a billion is 30M i think. Before that though I would buy a huge house, well a couple of huge houses, an NFL team, a couple nice cars (30 or so), I would staff my house with the best cooks and maids and butlers, give 10M or so to each of my good friends, then put the rest in bank.

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