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  1. fmichael


    Glad it worked, Good luck on the rest of your assignment :)
  2. fmichael


    mk, just add an onclick="this.value=''" to your textbox, this will reset any text inside to blank whenever you click on it :) as for removing the textbox after enter; just replace the line that blanks the textbox with; text.parentNode.removeChild(text); this will call the textbox's parent element's remove child function which will remove the element from the screen.
  3. fmichael


    all of those things are possible yes, in order to keep the values entered each time you would have start up a little table (SQL) on the backend that php enters the values into and then grabs and sends back to your main page every time it loads. If you implement a session variable than you could start using usernames with this chatbox but I dunno how far you want to get with this little thing :P I assume by destroyed you mean something like; after a user enters a message the box dissapears and could be replaced with a message "Thanks for giving your feedback!" or a more appropriate message. The other option is to find online a free little shoutbox you can just stick in that does this on their servers though I'm not sure if you'd be allowed to do this :) If you really want to; step one would be to find out if you have a database you can use for this project and that your uni allows you to use php for this assignment :)
  4. fmichael


    I made up a quick little shoutbox that just echoes back what you type in. This is done using pure javascript, though can easily be done in jQuery as well and html. This will not be there if you refresh the page since you have no way of saving this data to the site unless you use another language server side like php or ruby. Since you didn't mention these I assume you don't want to use those for this assignment. Feel free to break it up and re-use it as need be and add the script into the header so w3c doesn't complain you have scripts in your body :P . <!-- ADD THIS TO HEADER --> <script type="text/javascript"> function addToDiv() { var text = document.getElementById('textBx'); document.getElementById('logBox').innerHTML += "<br>"+text.value; text.value = ""; } </script> <!-- ADD THIS TO BODY --> <div id="logBox">This is a chat Log...</div> <textarea id='textBx' cols="25" rows="5" onkeydown="if (event.keyCode == 13) { addToDiv(); return false; }">Type in here and press enter</textarea> The onkeydown listener listens to if the "ENTER" key was hit, if so it adds the text and cancels the enter key press (return false) so an enter does not appear in the textbox. You can also replace onkeydown with a button that on click links to the function, it would give the same result :) Good luck in your assignment. If you want to use jQuery there are a lot of cool things you can do style wise to make your site really stand out :) As for style there are a lot of tutorials out there but something that I really like about css3 is the fact you can select elements inside others, for example you could do this; <div id="Bob"> <p>This should be formatted!!!!!</p> </div> STYLE #Bob > p { padding-left: 5px; } the arrow means you are selecting any "p" tags inside any element (should be just 1 officially) that have "Bob" as their id. This format works for any class, id or tags, (#Bob > .leftPadding > p) Select any p elements inside any leftPadding classed elements inside the element with Bob as an Id. Enjoy :)
  5. fmichael

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    This is a message to say that we are currently looking into switching into a pure 07scape clan due to the majority of our members wanting to play that, still open, just switching :)
  6. fmichael

    The World Wakes

    They said in one of their faq's that what you choose now won't stop you from switching sides at any other "steps" along the way, the dialogue and situations will just be changed http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?15,16,710,64444133
  7. fmichael

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    nice to see a couple old members still dropping by to say hi occasionally :)
  8. fmichael

    Looking for a decent clan

    When you get to around 80 (flexible if you're training hard) combat feel free to apply to TPL :) We're a social clan that does a lot of events ranged from bossing to skilling to minigames :) http://www.tpl.rsnation.net Pop by our cc if you just wanna say hi and get to know us, "the phoenix legions".
  9. fmichael

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    join yesterday plz.
  10. fmichael

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Omg, gratz on removing the wisdom from your mouth eg :D
  11. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/email-maintenance perhaps why you havn't received any emails from jagex :)
  12. fmichael

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Why not TPL? If not zoidberg...
  13. fmichael

    Searching for active clan

    You could also feel free to check out the phoenix legions, we do mostly everything :) and prefer to think of ourselves as a community clan where the members pick what events they want. Bossing, minigames, skilling weeks, warring, anything you want to do you can! I would love if you dropped by either our cc (The phoenix legions) or checked us out on our forums @ tpl.rsnation.net. Feel free to talk to me on rs if you have any questions (Bhua Ifreann) :)
  14. fmichael

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Not everyone likes cats tho :/
  15. fmichael

    Song From The Depths Guide

    i would also recommend just some basic food for when you run through the acid in the beast (mab for lower levels?). Just some weird structure. She informs you that "The Raptor" had previously offered to help her, received a potion of restless sleep, then disappeared. She says that you will need to do the same in order to catch up with him. You will find yourself in a dimly lit and very eerie cave. Begin to follow the path and you will be interrupted by a Haunting Voice, who gives you a cryptic message Enter the cave, and you will emerge in a larger cavern where you will once again be greeted with a cryptic message from the Haunting Voice. She sings the following messages: One is in the North West corner, another is in the middle of the Western section of the room and the third is in the middle of the Eastern section. Each time you discover a symbol, she will tell you more of her tale. After finding all three, another door will appear, immediately East of where you entered. Go through it. You will emerge in a new kind of cavern, and will once again be spoken to by the Haunting Voice For this room maybe mention that examining the doorway and plant pot makes it easier to match up the doorways for the less obvious graphics like the spiderwebs or water in the pot. I only managed to finish it with the examines. Didn't know scarily was a word o.O (though it is I guess) :P Horrifyingly enough, you will find yourself surrounded by skeletons and some low level monsters. (sounds better to me) After conversing with her she warns you that the "old woman" will not be happy you have intruded. She will sing the "waking song" and begins to realize that she has been trapped. She then starts to question who is responsible for this horror. When i exited i was left in the white knight camp next to that new dungeon near rimmington, maybe double check this fact. Reduced incoming damage when fighting the Queen Black Dragon I find in general there's a lot more ands then there is needed but I guess that's just your style :P

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