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    cmb lvl and total is for old acc.

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  1. Sith93

    The appointment

    I really enjoy the dialogue of the 2/04 one, and am hoping to see this updated soon (:
  2. Sith93

    Three Cheers For Five Years

    Pretty nice layout. You seem to be adjusting well. Support (:
  3. Sith93

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

  4. Sith93

    Resurrection Vs Pk Masters

    Was a fun war, I wasn't used to switching styles in f2p haha. PKM put up a good fight =)
  5. Sith93

    When I Grow Up...

    I'm going to travel in to a forest of my choosing, and it is there that I will hermatize myself. Living off the land taking what I need; living a free life. Preferably I'll build my shelter near a waterfall of sorts which I can take advantage of during my meditation.
  6. Sith93

    What Are Your Fears?

    My fear is that one day I'll have killed one spider too many, and they will come for me in my sleep. Thousands of tiny spiders will inject me with their venom putting me in a state of paralysis. At that point they will carry me to their queen the spider known at Jorgmondota. It is there where I will be tried for my crimes against arachnids and sentenced to be "beaten" to death by the batting of thousands of tiny death machines(spiders).
  7. Sith93


    Extremely relatable once you read over it a couple times. Haven't read a story of yours in a while but the hidden messages remain. Good work.
  8. Look's good! Sorry to hear about the loss Good luck!
  9. Sith93

    Best Flavor Of 5 Gum

    Zing. Best flavor hands down.
  10. Sith93

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    My gamertag is Sith93
  11. Sith93

    Some Things.

    Reminds me of stephen crane, alot. Very good :]
  12. Sith93

    Close Fail

    Overcome - Overcame? Other than the way it's structured its good :]
  13. Sith93

    Check This Out!

    oh my gosh that was hilarious :) :P :) :s
  14. Sith93


    Honestly, no changes should be made. It's gramatically fine to my knowledge, no spelling errors, and the structure is great.
  15. thanks lol, just wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any problems.

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