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  1. Bob-sama

    Poor mans PC Build

    BTW: Your big issue is actually with your graphics card and RAM. Out of curiosity, I did a little search... http://anandtech.com...duct/109?vs=676 You'd be best off salvaging that CPU & motherboard, adding more RAM, a faster graphics card, a more powerful PSU, and perhaps a nice SSD too. You'd end up with a pretty decent computer. When CPU tech (at the pricepoint) does advance, then you'll be able to upgrade just those parts. Otherwise, you're looking at going from a $200 pricepoint to a <$100 pricepoint (and coming out at roughly the same spot). http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2viNR That's my new recommendation. You can find USB 3.0 front panels and upgrade kits around too. Use that if you really want USB 3.0 upfront.
  2. Bob-sama

    Poor mans PC Build

    You can still steal the RAM and perhaps add more (especially if you can find matching RAM for dual-channel mode). Your CPU is still pretty decent. You'll basically double your performance. The i5-750 is hardly the shizzletiest of the Core i5's--there were dual-core versions for that generation too. The CPU I'm currently running in my main--a Core i7-950--still holds its own pretty well. I'm going to play with a Core i7-4770K upgrade but I'm not sure if I'll stick with it.
  3. Bob-sama

    Building a PC

    Few things... you say you want it to last as long as possible, and then you drop RAM. Yes, you can find it cheaper in the more distant future. DDR4 is coming soon, so it won't be long until DDR3 does drop in price but then prices will rise as DDR4 takes over. Grab the RAM now. I'd say a 2x8GB kit would be plenty for today and adequate in, say, 3 years. Or just go for 8GB and upgrade--I don't really care. Second, you have no need for a £200 motherboard. Least of all with a non-overclocking Core i5. You'd be much better off grabbing an H87 motherboard and a Core i7-4771 instead. Likewise, as you already heard, no need for upgraded cooling when you're not OCing. Here's my suggestion: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/2vd1O
  4. Bob-sama

    Poor mans PC Build

    Focus on the features of the hardware, not on the name slapped on it. Here's what I'd build in that price bracket. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2vcoN +Much more powerful graphics card. +More hard drive storage space +Better quality chassis +Modern motherboard -Power supply is not quite the same level of quality (but quite sufficient for this build and a few upgrades too) -No Blu-Ray drive--which really is unnecessary UNLESS you plan to be watching Blu-Rays (and paying for the software to do it). Honestly, I'd much rather see someone buy an off-the-shelf BluRay player, rather than trying to do it via PC. Much easier & less expensive. http://www.amazon.co...=blu-ray player If you need an optical drive, just grab a cheap Samsung or Lite-On DVD burner. £15. On a side-note, care to run a CPU-Z dump for me? http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html I'd like to see what hardware you have. You might want to consider salvaging parts or just upgrading the current system. Even first-gen Core i5's are pretty capable little chips. You'd be surprised.
  5. Bob-sama

    Headphones loosening?

    Or Bose headphones might not be the best made headphones in the world. Typically, headphones should have enough pressure to form an equal seal around your head (when they're around-ear headphones) or enough to keep them in place when moving your head around at normal speeds. They shouldn't be falling off easily (unless you have them adjusted incorrectly). So my view is that they're defective.
  6. Bob-sama

    Mikhail Kalashnikov Dead

    Well, to be fair, it was also used by plenty of groups seeking to defend their freedom. Let's be even more fair and say that the distinction between "terrorists, mercenaries, genocidal maniacs, warlords", and "groups seeking to defend their freedom" is extremely blurry. :P Mostly determined by the power and perceived (not actual) "purity" of their opposition. Eugene Stoner has had a much worst time at it--his rifle's revision has been arming the most aggressive military since the 1960s. Purity is perceived as being high, but it's being misused on a massive scale. The original user of the AK-47 and variations (the Russian military) was surprisingly defensive; other users in the earlier years of the Cold War typically received SKS's. Later, after the Soviet Union relaxed restrictions on their allies and satellites, the basic rifle came to be officially produced in 30 countries (in addition to Russia/USSR). Some are terrorists; some are mercenaries; some are lead by genocidal maniacs; some are warlords; most just want to defend themselves with extremely reliable and inexpensive rifles. And yes, it was developed in response to the wholesale slaughter of Soviet soldiers by better-armed (primarily German) opponents. The USSR was primarily arming their troops with the Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle. This against superior bolt-action Mausers and submachineguns. Germany fell and the USA, for example, was arming it soldiers primarily with the M1 Garand. The SKS was a late competitor that could be produced relatively inexpensively. It had a very short service life (at least with the USSR)--as it was soon replaced by AK-47 variants. The AKM (which we primarily think of as the AK-47) competed with the M14 and M16. The AK-74 (and variants) competed with the M16 and M4. Kalashnikov is dead, but his rifle will live on.
  7. I dislike the Metro interface and the way most Windows Phones have things setup. It's not an interface I find intuitive or particularly flexible. Personally, I'm on an LG Nexus 5 and my old phone was a Galaxy S2.
  8. Personally, I'd skip Windows Phone because (IMO) it's fudgeing annoying. You can get half-decent Android phones in the pricerange--just look for less common models and bid on eBay or look at Craigslist. Low-end phones from 1 year ago will probably be in that price range. 2 year old high-end phones are more easy to get. Your carrier may have some refurbs in decent condition. Otherwise, you can get a Galaxy S2 or the like--depending on your carrier. Decent phone, decent hardware. Battery life sucks, but you can't have it all.
  9. Bob-sama

    One strap/Two strap backpacks

    Both, kinda. I had a one-strap backpack I received as a freebie from my uni, so I used that for a year in high school and then for 1-2 years in college. I switched over to a two-strap model that I still use (now 4 or 5 years later). Any future backpacks will be two-strap for me.
  10. How'd you brick it? BTW: Nexus 5 is great, except for the camera. The camera still sucks. I'd know: I have one. I'd also recommend you look at buying it outright at Google's Play Store--so that you have the choice of Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or others. Grab the 32GB version too--there's no external storage available.
  11. Bob-sama

    Infinite "Startup Loop"

    Three very real possibilities.... 1) Not all computers like starting when cold. Batteries and capacitors don't perform equally at all temperatures. Let it warm up a bit and then give it a restart. I had an Abit P35 board that was like this. If it was at 60F or below, it didn't want to start up. Once running, it would be rock solid stable. It just didn't like booting when cold. 2) You should reset your BIOS. Pull the battery, set the jumper to Reset, unplug, and push the power button a couple times. Let is be for 30 seconds (or just get yourself a drink or breakfast) and then undo it all--set the jumper back to normal, put in the battery, & plug it in. 3) Something could have checked out. It's really any number of things. Often, though, it's the motherboard itself. Let it warm up and then find out if it's still causing issues.
  12. Bob-sama

    PC Build for a friend

    What are they charging? It might or it might not be worthwhile.
  13. Bob-sama

    PC Build for a friend

    The CPU I'll be ordering is OEM, so it doesn't come with a cooler. Will pass your build on to the friend, it looks good from what I can tell. At this point it's mostly in his hands, just waiting for him to decide. Why OEM? Also, I did update it a touch. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/291iB Changed the CPU & motherboard to a 4670K & an Asrock Z87 Extreme3.
  14. Bob-sama

    PC Build for a friend

    Ok here's a few points... 1: If you're set on that CPU, skip the CPU cooler. 2: Skip the overpriced RAM: a 2x8GB kit will be cheaper and give upgrade options in the future (without throwing away RAM) 3: Why no SSD? (Personal preference, at least for me.) 4: Considering the PSU, the graphics card is anemic. 5: You're spending money on nothing for the chassis. The Antec 1100 is cool, but its pricetag does nothing to improve performance. Go more basic. Keeping the same basic goals (16GB RAM, mid-range gaming, $1100-1200), this is what I came up with: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/291iB I'd still skip the CPU cooler, at least for now. It's a K-edition CPU, so it CAN be overclocked. I'd consider as a future option, installing a lower-end watercooling solution (like a Corsair Hydro H50) so to overclock a bit. The other thought would be to change graphics cards to (instead of your GTX 660 or my GTX 760) AMD's R9-290 (for $400). Depending on what's being planned, I'd personally skip the 3TB hard drive so to fund the upgrade.
  15. Bob-sama

    Replacing my car's stereo.

    Thanks :) Now just hoping everything goes smoothly. I'm assuming that Ford doesn't make Aftermarket casings? Why would they? Especially for a 13-year-old car. No; you're better off using an aftermarket one. You're lucky though--yours has manual heat/AC. Mine (an 01 Sable LS Premium) has a thermostat so it's not easily compatible. But then again, I do have the factory upgrade stereo, so it goes from shizzle to meh.

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