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  1. Warp


    http://news.deviantart.com/article/54418/ was never here
  2. Warp

    Who's Your Favorite Sal's Artist?

    so.. i forgot/mixed up pretty much everybody, don't feel bad
  3. Warp

    Who's Your Favorite Sal's Artist?

    Cook Eil (Red) Aeoll(Enigma) Arrogance Arcane Steve Celtic basically, everyone from the good old days :) *hit an run post*
  4. did you like bother everyone on msn with this? :) and i thought i was special
  5. http://warlock-warp.deviantart.com/
  6. Warp

    Signatures Not Tags

    i think its the last one since not only runescape users call them tags but i dont care, LP's FTW
  7. if your getting it from planet renders or something, everything there is copyright free :/ *i was never here :D*
  8. Warp


    http://warlock-warp.deviantart.com/art/Delusion-74390255 :) is a link one word? x3
  9. i PM-ed him the site info
  10. Warp

    Petition - Please Sign!

    1) Ellie2) Definition3) Toungy4) Druin5) Scary Applesauce6) Lilshu7) -Rush-8) Cxkslei9) Dani10) Zacharyb11) Synapsi12) Sk3tch13) Blingking50214) Un_t0uch15) The Original Eman16) t0maz17) Warp
  11. ugh i forgot about this <.< why cant you people let me go inactive in peace :) anyway: >.<
  12. so what do you guys think: right on rules, or a waste of goverments money.
  13. Warp

    Your Eye Color?

    i went with other, since its a strange mix of, green blue and grey, that seems to vary per day
  14. Warp

    Where Do You Get Your C4d's?

    once in a while i download a C4D pack from the planetrenders forum you don't need thousands of them ^^
  15. Open Office but saying i like it is over the top :o, hows the compatibility of Emacs?
  16. Warp

    Metal Doesn't Suck

    of course it doesn't suck anyone who hasn't enjoyed metal, hasn't lived
  17. Warp

    Post Something We Don't Know About You

    i have this freakish interest in other peoples suicide notes , i just like to know what there thinking at the time
  18. Warp

    My Latest Piece Of Work

    i think it looks really cool, if i could see it better can you lighten it up plz? ^^
  19. Warp


    looks pretty good, a few detail issues where it goes from circle to flame, on top there is a thickness change i don't like and on the bottom i think it will look better if it flowed more :D i know what tut u used!
  20. gee, i have no idea...:glasses: wolf^^
  21. eu size 44 fake army boots ^^
  22. its true, im sorry for who's after me, you... got alot of pentooling to do :)
  23. Warp

    Gimp 2.4.0-rc3 On Linux [ubuntu]

    hmm i cant remember of an easy way i think make text larger -> duplicate ->scale down is best. maybe magic wand -> expand selection but magic wand isnt the best selecting tool another way i thought of is select by colour and then expand. bottom line is i don't think there is a photoshop like way to do it, thats one of the main difference with GIMP, you may need to improvise a little more
  24. Warp

    Insert Title

    agreed, 3rd one looks nice, and first one: EGO MUCH??? o_O!! xD

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