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  1. Warp

    Amd Or Intel?

    i'd have to say AMD, atm Intel has the faster CPU's but i prefer the setup/stability etc. of AMD since speed really isn't everything with normal personal use :lol:
  2. Warp


    actually come to think of it, i hardly ever have breakfast :lol:
  3. Warp

    What's Your Internet Presence?

    my real full name is probably somewere on google but alot of other people appear to be more important :lol: however tryping in variation to my name like "rpstolk" (first letter of my name first letter of my second name, and my last name) will get you a page full of me ^^
  4. Warp

    Alien Life

    very true, but thats looking at it from a direct statistical points. Now take the study from our earth and our knowledge of live, there are a few conditions a planet needs to harvest live, like distance to a sun (not too hot or too cold) and size(not too much gravity and not to little) of course different lifeforms can adapt slight to this, but research on the planets in our solar system shows it as good as impossible for life to be at places like Mercury, Jupiter or Pluto. And if we then look at the statistical possibility that another planet like earth is in existence its very likely there is. And i also put some value into the Drake equation, i don't know its exact variable and how it works precisely but it takes all aspects of a civilization (up to the point of likelihood for self destruction) , these variables cant be certain but even at lowest probability there "should" be live out there. But until we actually find life we cant be certain, to me its more a mater of how likely it is and i find it way more likely alien life exist then that we are all alone here.
  5. Warp


    sweeet :lol: yes this is really nice, maybe move the text down a tiny bit, but thats the only real flaw i could find ^^
  6. Warp

    How Fast Do You Type?

    32, but English isn't my home language and i normally don't care much about typo's :P
  7. Warp


    i have no idea, i just used the name of the stock :P
  8. Warp


    first sig in a month i think ill stick with Lp's
  9. Warp


    meh whatever i like it but one thing, the C4D over the top of her head, loose it :P
  10. Warp

    Large Piece Voting Topic

    its ok you dont have to, i didnt like it anyway :P
  11. Warp

    Political Correctness

    I think this has gone way too far and is a ridiculous thing now this (sarcastic)quote pretty much shows why: your thoughts plz? (hmm ok this sounds weird xD)
  12. Warp


    no cereal for me
  13. Warp

    Ancient Pagan Religions

    A religon is a religion so i have no problem with one existing. That includes wicca, tough im not a follower i know some who are, and there just like any other person who has a religion I dont think i would change my religion even if one was proven, since i dont agree on everything with most religions
  14. Warp

    Pure Pwnage

    apperantly, im jeremy
  15. way over contrasted, try not putting most of your brushing on overlay. the brushing is still very random and goes over the render. and on the last three, work on your colours hope that helped a bit http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=164302
  16. Warp

    Large Piece Voting Topic

    and me :(??
  17. Warp

    U Have One Of These?

    nope, its just a matter of what you are used to i think i would hate this first because all the buttons are different, and because its so darn small. i cant play when keys are close together :(
  18. Warp

    Pure Pwnage

    exactly , red vs blue owns this lame stuff :(
  19. Warp

    Debunk Atheism

    and I (yes me) says god is impossible, prove me wrong
  20. Warp

    Sora In Wonderland

    cool colours, could really use some blending tough, and the colour of the text is just not good http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=164302
  21. Warp

    Bluen2 - Web Design

    marry me :) seriously thats nice :D
  22. Warp

    Favorite Civilization

    actually i had a rethink on this, ancient Ireland is the way to go ^^
  23. Warp

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Autumn Tears - Eclipse

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