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  1. Recently I've gained an interest in playing Runescape again because of the reintroduction of the 07 Servers, but I was also thinking about returning to regular Runescape. I haven't played for about 1-2 years, it really doesn't feel that long but it's been a while and a lot has happened. My only question is what are some things I should know about if I decided to play again? I think the last thing I remember was playing around the summer in August of 2011. Back then I would Slay, Boss, PK, even do some Barrows. Staking was reintroduced shortly before that so I would make some quick cash that way too. I know that if I'm going to play again I'll need to make some money or even do some newer quests that are useful.
  2. amJordan


    Hey Sals, I'm not sure if anyone would remember or recognize me, but I used to play and was pretty active in the clan chat online. I was also a part of the Sals Boss Mass back when that was popular, and when B0b20o0 ran it, however you spell his name. My original account was Lt10095 but I switched my name a few times, one of them being amJordan. Recently I've heard that they were reintroducing a 2007 server, (Old News for most of you), so I decided I might try it out. Any thoughts? Also I'm not sure if this should be in General Runescape Discussion or not, I haven't used these forums in a long time.
  3. amJordan

    Advice for a returning player?

    I'm playing 07 right now, I have some Chaotics and I'm 99 Dungeoneering. I'm going to try and post a working link
  4. I don't think I could play the current Runescape either, but this 07 seems so fun to get back into. Yeah I have some friends who are playing the 07 scape and it seems fun. That's shortly after when I started playing back in 06. I really liked playing back then, now I wouldn't even know what to do if I was playing the current Runescape.
  5. I'm planning to possibly use one of my old accounts and get membership on it in order to play. I don't know if I want to go back to the current Runescape, I have a good account on it but I haven't played in nearly 2 years.
  6. amJordan


    so this is the guy u ar always talking about wlecome back edit: but didnt u bot zmi? When I was about to quit scape, whenever that was, I think it might of been April of 2011, I let one of my friends I know irl take over my account since I had no need for it and his was recently hacked. Idk what he did but I wouldn't doubt if he did bot at one point but that was a while ago. I guess you could say I was account sharing or trading but really I wasn't playing at all at that point so I didn't care about my account so I figured if I'm not using it I'll let someone else. I know that goes against Scape rules and I'm not condoning or encouraging people to break them.
  7. amJordan


    Thanks Gogs, and I'm hoping to become a member on it. I don't have access to my old account right now but I'm working on that at the moment.
  8. amJordan

    Few Things

    damn now I need a CM have fun
  9. amJordan

    The Cities In Turmoil

    grats now you're not such a noob :(
  10. amJordan

    Money Help

    What I can think of is that they got a 99 that makes you cash like Fishing/Mining/Hunter. I mean I didn't have full bandos until like 106. But I got tassets at like level 98. I started Slaying a lot and camping at places as well. And farming as well. Back in the day that's when there were some Masses going on so I attended those and got a few Mil occasionally. You'll find your way eventually. It takes a while to make good cash.
  11. amJordan


    w0w that so lame
  12. amJordan

    Whats Better, Pest Control Or Soul Wars

    Depends what you are training. I personally think for Combat exp, such as melee, Pest Control can be better. But for example if you are Maging/Ranging then Soul Wars is a lot better. That is if you Chin or Barrage in a highly condensed area. If you have questions about the other skills just ask, I am assuming you're talking about Melee/Range/Magic.
  13. amJordan

    93 Slayer

    grats sleepy i love your voice
  14. amJordan


    grat kesthetic :(
  15. amJordan


    max ur such an idiot using dfs to powerslay range! use ddef doh
  16. i remember the days of exploring lands of gielnor now i just teleport cuz it's liek 100x faster but ye we should go on magical journey somtim! i know i went on journey w/ som1 in sal. except it was like from lunar isle to sophanem. wat a journey that was
  17. amJordan

    Zmi Alter

    Yeah it doesn't take too long. You can get like 1,500 essence an hour pretty easily. So I'd say it'd take about 40 minutes. Make sure to use the full bank method, it saves a lot of time. And if you don't know what that is it's when you have and you have about 1 of each rune in your bank besides the ones you're using to pay the fee. It's pretty self explanatory.
  18. I could probably reach 1k pretty fast because I got som gud lvls. I'll have to log in sometime and try it, once I find a clan lol.
  19. amJordan

    Jobs For A Teenager

    Just start filling out applications wherever you can, that's what I did. And i ended up just getting the job I first applied at lol. (Plus it's the closest, within walking distance.) As for the hours, it depends where you work. I work at McDonald's and my hours are usually random. Also, you'll probably get more hours on the weekends anyways. Since they'll know you have school. I'm only 15 right now so I'm only allowed to work less than 20 hours during the school year and only until 7PM till I turn 16 in December. Uhh besides that good luck, once you find your job, which I'm assuming is your first, your boss/manager should be able to explain the rest. And don't be afraid to ask questions.
  20. amJordan


    Well if you're concerned about your teeth just use a straw like I do. That way your teeth aren't fully exposed to the liquids. Idk if it's proven to be better but it makes sense. How can it harm your teeth if it never comes in contact with them?
  21. amJordan

    Soft Or Hard?

    Personally, I probably like hard better :( But soft is fine as well, whenever I go to Taco Bell I get both, so it really doesn't make a difference.
  22. amJordan

    Is My Mom A Milf

    K so I've been having some of my pals over lately, usually I try to avoid my house cuz it's boring. Anyways they all are saying my Mom's a milf, but i don't know what to think cuz I am not attracted to my mom. So I needed sals expert opinion! This is a picture of her, I cropped some people out.
  23. amJordan

    Got Mems Back... What Now?

    Check out some of the recent updates, like Clan Citadels. I'm not sure of the last time you were members but I'm sure this will be new to you, because it just came out haha. I'd maybe get back into things you used to do, for example I do Penguins/Tears of Guthix once a week. And by doing that you might find out a skill you feel you need to train a bit. But if you haven't tried any of those I'd suggest you do because they really are useful. Maybe do some Farming for Cash/Little bit of Exp. Uhh besides that I'm not too sure. Because I don't really know what you enjoy lol.
  24. amJordan

    What Boots?

    I am currently Training Slayer. Never bossed before. Hoping to boss soon. Then I'd change the DFS to a Dragon Defender and aim for a Slayer Helmet. And what Amulet are you using? Also if you have the time you could imbue your ring. Currently Using Amulet of Fury. Working on Slayer Helmet. Have 10 Dragon defenders in bank. I suppose i could have time to imbue it I guess. How long would it take? P.S. All of the expensive gear mentioned above I just got today while dicing. Lucky day. Yeah a Fury works, and getting a Slayer Helmet is no problem. As for the Ring, I'm not sure how long that takes. Also nice job on winning in dice, and make sure to quit while your ahead or you'll lose it all :(
  25. amJordan

    Is Violence The Answer?

    Like you said it depends, I could bring up several different reasons why or why not too. In my personal view, I'd rather avoid violence than start it or participate in it. I mean it's fun to beat the :( out of someone but you'll have a bruise or two as well.

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