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  1. nick larking

    Pk Zwambo Was My Target :)

    Hes nr1 rogue? just shows you dont need to be good to get ranked at bh. hes pretty easy to kill and i already downed him like 3 times atleast. Normaly they tag me orso but since he was my target now they couldnt
  2. nick larking

    Now That The Update Has Oficially Ruined Runescape...

    hasnt ruined skilling completely but did "ruin" a large part of it. -RC pure ess went from 75 to 100 nats went from 290/300 to 250/260 now -graveyard greens are removed wich were the fastest greens to kill -Potions plumited, prayer pots/super restores dropped with like 4k each, super att and str dropped -who needs chinchompas now for fast training. Nobody is making a pure and wants fast range lvls. (=demand dropped alot wich means price will lower, wich means less money per chinchompa) I didnt mention all but i think those are the largest wich are "ruined" The rest of the skills are pretty much the same WC went up as money maker cause logs are worth more now.
  3. nick larking

    The Bunny Kit

    I love the space marine Maybe il add something later when im bored
  4. nick larking

    Bandit Camp Training

    okj to start. Most people use guthan + whip and a god cape probably. Always wear ring of life when you afk to much you get safed by it instead of dying, never forget ring of life. Also a good way to do it is with whip rune/torags and use bones to peaches instead of guthan to heal. (ofcourse bring around 100 bones to peaches spells (or more) 2 ways to heal while your at bandits.
  5. link is fixed for those who didnt noticed ----->> my skill capes vid <<-----
  6. they cost 99k each wich is kind of an rip but dont care that much. small vd of ranged magic defence and hp skill capes and emotes XD *nick larking quickly trains to 99cook fletch fm and wc.. ----->> my skill capes vid <<----- link fixed try again plz
  7. nick larking


    after im done training def wich will be like 5days, first bow im gonna make it blurite i think blurite stuff ownz (H)
  8. nick larking


    i give it 5days till it dropped to 20-50k :o
  9. nick larking

    Lunar Diplomacy

    No way! The requirements look perfect! My skill levels are paying off indeed! I love new teles! they should make it craft 50 orso and then raise herblore to 30
  10. nick larking

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    you were in aor, for like, 2 weeks :P other than that, you didn't post much on sal's thats because im only active in like general discusion and pk part =p not scape lounge and sjit i better spend my time on other things =p and a 1 for master
  11. nick larking

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    z0mg hwo cant you remember me. i even was in sals clan =p (forgot name) :closedeyes: AN 8 dont see you often latly but i saw you in the past alot
  12. nick larking

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    2-3 almost never saw you =0
  13. nick larking

    Random Levels

    check this for alot of lvls random and non random http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...showtopic=52508
  14. nick larking

    Player Owned Houses!

    maybe for you. but i bet there are alot of rich player who can get everything (not talking about my self im just medium XD) im 35 con atm still rising :)
  15. nick larking

    Player Owned Houses!

    there jsut scammers. you can go north east of varrock just below wild chop logs and then convvert them at some guy into planks. you can also buy nails(if they have stock now) or saws

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