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  1. Firestorm

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Around Independence Day, I am going to get Guild Wars Nightfall. I'm choosing to be an Elementist/Mesmer. Is that a good choice?
  2. Firestorm

    The Loch Ness Monster

    It does sound logical about the elephant explanation. Still, elephants aren't the fastest thing, I doubt they could shoot across the lake at an incredible speed. There were some sightings that Nessie shot across the lake at incredible speed, and most of those witnesses saw flippers and a kind of huge tail, just like a plesiosaur.
  3. Firestorm

    The Loch Ness Monster

    Exactly, But the one problem is that Plesiosaurs usually live in Warm tropical waters while the Loch ness Lake is icy cold. But there is a possibility that Nessie has a unique ability to sustain itself in cold waters like Loch ness. After all, there are still unknown creatures in this world that have unique abilities. And Nessie could be one of them. R0ss, Yes it could have existed once if they can't find any trace of Nessie now in Loch ness. Salaman, I'll take a look at that article now then.
  4. Firestorm

    Favorite Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis Game

    Sonic The Hedgehog 3 was my favorite Genesis game. It really bought out the kid in me while playing it on my Mega Collection.
  5. Firestorm

    The Loch Ness Monster

    The Beautiful Loch Ness in Scotland, A very good scenery awaits you there. But... Under the lake...could there be...A...Monster? There has been many sightings of the Monster but alot of them have been proven as a hoax. Such as the Surgeon's Picture of the Loch ness monster which was proven fake many years later. Do you think the Loch Ness Monster Exists? Discuss. My answer would be Yes. It is a possibility that the monster could exist, I mean some people say there isn't enough food in Loch Ness to keep this type of monster alive. While yes that is a possibility, It is not confirmed as what the monster's diet consists of.(If it is, please link to your source). I mean it's diet could consist of fish. Also when it pops up, it could need oxygen every few days so that explains the sightings. And also, there are many species on this planet, and not all of them have been discovered yet, there are still some unknown species in the world that we have never found yet, And the Monster could be one of them....
  6. Firestorm

    The Dragonfire Shield

    Someone told me that I should try killing Blues because he said his friend got a Draconic Visage from a Blue Dragon. I think he's lying but i dont really know since you can only get it from blacks and some metals. Has it been proven you can get it from blues yet?
  7. Firestorm

    The Dragonfire Shield

    Dang, This Dragonfire Shield is beast. This is gonna sell for like alot.
  8. Firestorm

    Global Warming Swindle

    That is right Kitten! <_< Anyway, I believe in Global Warming, The polar ice caps are melting. If they melt completely, the whole world will be flooded. I think they already have reports on polar ice caps melting. Theres my two cents
  9. Firestorm

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    A war between SiD and Jithin lol. Some innapropriate stuff though.
  10. Firestorm

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    Kitten walked right into that one!
  11. Firestorm

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    Haha Kitten, you got owned yesterday. ;)
  12. Firestorm

    Fourth Issue Of The Newspaper!

    Hooray! Jokes Section here I come! Good work Sal's Newspaper team.
  13. Aww man, I have to go to a friend's house. Sorry, I can't come now beret!
  14. Firestorm

    God Vs. Atheism

    We normally take Christians and Jews as our friends. You must have gotten some wrong info.
  15. Can you guys post when it is member's part? Thanks.

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