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    I love to hang with my friends. I like to play a wide variety of sports which include basketball and baseball. I'm currently a weight lifter and its not my hobby, it's more of a passion. :-P<br /><br />I'm really good technology-wise(codes such as HTML, Java, CSS, etc.) so if you need any help or advice tell me. Many people come to me when they need help building a website(usually for users in runescape who ask me to build them a clan site). It's really fun and even though many people think I'm really good at it, I tell them that I haven't mastered it just yet.<br /><br />I've been playing Runescape(on-and-off) about 3 years now and I'm currently working on getting 99 Woodcutting and if you would like to add me in Runescape my username is Dmms Boy. I enjoy meeting new people and I have lots of space on my friends list. Lately, my friends list has been going at a tremendous rate so hopefully, there will be room for you. <br /><br />You may also contact me via email(listed above) and I do use MSN Live. You also might catch me online quite a few times and if I do not respond, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, it just means I'm away. But hopefully, I can reply to you ASAP.

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    Dmms Boy
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    Woodcutting - Level 90
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  1. Dmms boy

    My 2nd Fake!

    I'd give it a 7/10. It definitely made me laugh but there are some room for improvements. Work on your grammar errors(Capitals & Punctuation)
  2. Dmms boy

    A Quick 1 Mil?

    You can't really get a quick 1M unless your very skilled. Here are some methods I use to make money - Runecrafting(44 Required) - Nature Runes Are Very Easy To Sell In GE(210gp-290gp). *It's suggestive that you mine your own pure ess because you wil make more profit out of it and even earn a little extra mining experience. Defence(65+ Required) - Killing Green + Blue Dragons can be very profitable for any player. Blue dragon drops are about - 5k in total worth each time. Also, you could go into the abyss without any armour and make Law Runes(300gp-450gp each) Woodcutting(60+ Required) - Cutting Yew Tree's can be profitable for any player at a decent rate(70+ Woodcutting). Players may also choose to cut Magic Tree's which are very good profit but very slow experience in woodcutting(75+ Woodcutting). Hunter(53+ Required) - Catching Chinchompas can give a player a lot of wealth. Red Chins are very demanding in the Runescapeā„¢ economy and they give a player a great amount of wealth(sell for about 650-800gp each)
  3. Dmms boy

    Easiest Skill To Get To 99

    99 Cooking is indeed the fastest. When you achieve 99 cooking, you will get a purple cape of achievement with the cooking logo on it(untrimmed if you don't have a 99 already). 99 Fletching isn't as fast at Cooking but is a suggestion if you are looking to save some money and get a fast 99. When you achieve 99 fletching, you will get a blue cape of achievement with the fletching logo on it(untrimmed if you don't have a 99 already) I also suggest you have at least 3M to start off before going after a 99 because the easy 99's require cash. If you are more into money-making, then Hunter is great!
  4. I haven't seen any members complaining of Non-members receiving more updates then them as Non members have not received any major updates at all lately. I don't think its unfair nor it being injustice that Non-members don't receive some benefits because they do not pay. Members actually pay $5-10 a month and since they are paying members, they deserve to receive all the latest updates.
  5. I won't lie. I use to be an addict. When I was at school and/or on the bus all I thought was going home to play Runescape. I use to play every day of the week and I worked really hard to level up my skills and complete my goals in Runescape rather then focus in real life. >.< I can't really call myself addicted anymore because I'm active in different groups and clubs at my school and when I come home, I don't rush to the computer like I normally would. I still play Runescape as an activity to complete when I'm bored but I think I've recovered from the addiction.
  6. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    I tried this also. Didn't work. Oh well, I think it has something to do with my computer's hardware. Or something like that. What do you think? >.<
  7. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    I deleted as much as I could in the folder and it still isn't working. This is very frustrating because it wouldn't let me delete some files and had a message "this is being used by another person or program" and I really thought this time, it'd work. >.<
  8. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    Since I'm Using Windows, Do I Go To "Run" And Put that Code In?
  9. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    I just tried it and sadly, it's still not working. *sigh* Do you think my computer is not compatible with HD? >.<
  10. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    I hope it won't last forever because to me it doesn't seem like it's random. There must be something wrong because this wouldn't just be happening for a couple of weeks without a reason.
  11. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    Sorry, I'm using windows. :D But thanks for trying to help >.<
  12. Dmms boy

    Runescape Hd?

    How Do I Change The Resolution? Sorry for so many questions, I'm just confused. >.<
  13. When runescape HD first released. I had no problems with it. I used it quite often. A couple weeks later, I turn on my computer to play runescape and I try to play in HD and it says "Runescape was unable to enter the chosen display mode". I also play using the program "Swift Kit" sometimes. First of all, let me say that I've: - Tried Restarting My Computer - Re-Downloaded The Internet Browser(FireFox) - Downloaded The Latest Java - Re-Downloaded Java Twice. - Cleaned My Computer's Hard-drive What Could Be The Problem? >.<

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