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  1. Tuff Tiga

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    Glad to see you going through with this still :P I remember when you first started. GL! (Again) :D
  2. Tuff Tiga

    Atk, Str And Def To 70

    is armoured zombies members? and it says i'm freeplay but i'm trying to get money to get freeplay for freeplay go to the Giant Spiders in the third level of stronghold when u become member u can go to armourmed zombies but it requires the quest defender of varrock
  3. Tuff Tiga

    A Void Dance

    sleepyboy u have horrible grammer although some u stated are correct when i get the time i will correct them appropriately
  4. Tuff Tiga

    Ilchaisrain's Little Helper Quest Problem

    where's thhis?????????? theres a little cave near where u started the quest enter there
  5. Tuff Tiga

    Black Demon Slayer Task

    edgeville dungeon tho it can be crowded taverly dungeon brimhaven dungeon before the bronze dragons and chaos tunnels (also the resource dungeon in there) ur def is low so u mite need more prayer pots depending on the amount u got keep ur prayer active at all times when u melee cuz u could get hit hard.(considering ur def)
  6. Tuff Tiga

    Rfd/legends Question

    u need the quests listed to even start
  7. Tuff Tiga

    Where To Train Att

    my opinion: Armoured Zombies>SW>PC>Giant Spiders
  8. Tuff Tiga

    91 Mining

    oo gratz must be hard as f2p eh?
  9. Tuff Tiga

    Easy Member Quests

    filter and sort ur quests by difficulty
  10. Tuff Tiga

    Rfd/legends Question

    u dont need them cuz all u need is access to the jungle south of shilo village
  11. Tuff Tiga

    Strength Guide

    I would just write that they have exactly the same stats as dragon but degrade after one hour of combat alright will do later.
  12. Tuff Tiga

    Strength Guide

    Thats unnessercery :L Good guide so far, use the item database for pictures of items alright and just updated more near the bottom of the guide oh and should i add the "corrupt dragon" items under the Bronze to Dragon section or?...
  13. Tuff Tiga

    Strength Guide

    lets see what everyone else says with the idea. if its ok i will add it. I don't like that idea, it seems unnessecery, people are able just to look at the strength bonus and decide wheter that is high enough for them Also needs to be said about spears Under prayers turmoil needs to be added, I don't know how much it gives though yup im still updating stuff i just dont have the time atm next week i can but this week i can do it like every other day.
  14. Tuff Tiga

    Strength Guide

    lets see what everyone else says with the idea. if its ok i will add it.
  15. Tuff Tiga

    Good Magic Level For Barrows?

    lol go train ur attk and str yeah magic works 2

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