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  1. Styx93

    Favorite Part Of E3?

    Assassin's Creed 2 looks absolutely fantastic. It builds off of a solid game but expands it in every way conceivable and fixes every major complaint. I think it'll be one of the best games this year. I mean come on, he stabbed two people in the face at the same time (not to mention he flew on DaVinci's famous flying machine)! This game can seriously not come soon enough.
  2. Styx93

    The Flash Drive Of Gaming

    if they're in poverty then what are they doing playing video games (if they were poor then they'd still be stuck on cartridges or something)... Downloadable content onto hard drives is definitely the future
  3. Styx93

    Favorite Part Of E3?

    This E3 seems intent on robbing me of all my hard earned money. I have only enough money for a few games, but there are like 8 that I want to get. Well, I can always stop eating.... With Natal, Milo isn't actually part of it, he's a program that Lionhead's been working on for years that they connected with Natal. Natal is just the camera and controls. None the less, it's very impressive.
  4. Styx93

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Forza 3 looks incredible. The graphics are pushing the system even farther forward and, best of all, there's a rewind option! Now even someoneas bad as me can enjoy the game! ODST also looks awesome. There'll be the main city hub that's open-world with stealth gameplay. Then the memories that you enter into full of tons of action. Not to mention firefight mode. Or the 3 new maps. Or the Halo: Reach beta that'll eventually be available. Oh wait, I did mention those. And it'll be cheaper than a normal game (hoping for $30, but I bet it'll be $40).
  5. Styx93

    Favorite Part Of E3?

    I was sure Milo was going to push her in when she looked in the pond. That kid is nothing but trouble.... Both the PS3 and 360 really brought motion controls to the next level. Nintendo might have to actually work to earn its next large fortune from Wii sales.
  6. Styx93

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Frankly, I'm not too pumped. I just got Left 4 Dead a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping they'd stick with that for a while and then make some major changes for a sequel. But they're already shipping a sequel within a year of the first game and it looks too similar to the first. Maybe it would've been better if melee weapons were just a patch for the original and they'd just added a couple more campaigns on.
  7. Styx93

    Favorite Part Of E3?

    E3 is just getting started, but many major games and peripherals have been announced. So, what's your favorite part of the expo so far? Personally, I'd have to say Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach. I'm a big fan of Halo and I really like the idea of a Halo survival mode. There are sooo many more things though too (Forza 3, motion controls on the PS3 and 360, MW2, AC2, MGS: Rising, etc.).
  8. Styx93

    Favorite Game Series?

    Probably Halo. You'll probably tell me that it's really overrated and stupid, but I love it. No series comes close to taking up as much of my time as Halo has.
  9. Well, I'm growing bored of this whole conversation. You have fun playing with last-gen power in black in white. I'll play something with some good graphics (aka, anything that didn't come out for the wii).
  10. Actually... I realize the difference between a 1st and 3rd party publisher. However, Nintendo doesn't get exclusives for free. Good exclusives tkae some work to get. And Nintendo was especially working to get more mature titles. They also made a big deal about having a "mature" game. Also, I was pointing out that games should be looked at from a gameplay point of view. Not how much blood they're able to cram in. You say that Okami, Mohh2, and NMH are good. But the first two are remakes of games that came out for other consoles (not to mention that other consoles have a lot better options). In conclusion, I would give it an even lower score if it was on a 360. Mostly considering that the 360 can take a lot more. I don't need black and white stylized graphics when I can have games with color and photorealistic graphics.
  11. I haven't played it... however, here's my opinion. I've heard it's very short. I also think that the graphics would be annoying and distract you from actual gameplay. It also seems stupid that Nintendo is so desperate for something "mature" that they just got the most violent game they could possibly get. I would rather have games with good gameplay than just freaking out over whether it's "mature" enough. The Wii is simply not a "mature" console and Nintendo needs to realize that. If you want real "mature" games it's much easier to get them on any other console (Cod 4 & WaW, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Halo 3, MGS 4, GTA 4, etc.). Overall, Nintendo knows it could sell any game for the Wii. They just break more sales records when it tries to be different and "mature". It looks like a 7/10 at most.
  12. Styx93

    Rate My Farcry 2 Maps(continued) 2 Maps Added!

    I had high hopes for that game. It just fell short in a few key areas. Namely damage resistance. It takes a full clip of MP5 to kill a guy, but only 1 grenade in my general area. The single player is still great though. The maps are awesome though. Mine were very blank and had really deep valleys and really high mountains.
  13. Styx93

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    It feels like I'm the only one who plays CoD 4. Anyway... I'm discovering how awesome the R700 is. It's one shot most of the time, and I really want ACOG on it so I can own even more.
  14. Styx93


    It looks pretty sweet. I just hope it really does give you the freedom it claims. So many games claim they give you freedom, then just stick you in a big empty map with limited controls. This could be a very good game, or a very disappointing let down.
  15. Styx93

    Essential Xbox 360 Games

    Bioshock should be a **. It's a good game, but doesn't have the same longevity that the other ***'s have. Too Human should have a * in rpg. It's not perfect, but it's a good exclusive rpg for the 360.

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