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  1. happypappy

    Grandpa Has A Cartoon Fetish

    I don't think women that wear big headed costumes for a living could be attractive. But I can understand wanting to grab that mushroom wench.
  2. happypappy

    Dream Job/dream?

    i'm going to start off with a animal cleaning a grooming business and then i'm going to open little roadside motels and then after years i will open a huge hotel.
  3. happypappy

    Home Remedies Thread

    cure for everything:grape juice,icecream,pickle juice,lemon juice
  4. happypappy

    Obama Signs Tobacco Bill

    Cigs tried to create a balance in the world and obama just killed that balance.
  5. I was watching a tv show about some kid that is from the future and he uses something he called "the thing that killed the thing that killed the internet" soo aliens will kill obama when he shuts down the internet and create a new better form of the internet. =P
  6. happypappy

    Pet Peeeeeeeeeeves

    I hate people that blow there nose when I'm eating,people that curse in public and people that make out in public.
  7. happypappy

    All Sex Offenders Are Evil And Should Be Shot

    That girl is a (insert word that mean mushroom wench here) and that boy is evil.I think both of them need to be punished. Edit:You guys are forgetting that they did this in a classroom!
  8. happypappy

    Worst Punishment

    My mom normal beats me with the nearest thing she can grab when i'm bad.
  9. happypappy

    Ever Wanted To See A Dog Play Rs? Look No More...

    I can get my dog to run on the keyboard.
  10. happypappy


    Name:(I don't want people I know to bug me) Where I live:kentuky Occupation:guy that yells at the news and commercials Where can I be found:Home What I look like:i'm about 6ft,blond hair,apparently i'm attractive,my eyes change with the weather Favorite color:green,white.blue,black,purple Music:rock and metal
  11. happypappy

    What Would You Change Your Name To?

    if i could i would change my name to . . . .
  12. happypappy

    Your Favorite And Least Favorite Smells

    Favorite:dirty carpet least favorite:cheap shampoo and my sister's farts
  13. happypappy

    Who Is Your Celeb Crush

    daron malakian (my avatar) and dez fafara
  14. happypappy

    What Song Do You Like Better

    Feel free to say something random or something about my question.
  15. happypappy

    80 Strength Goal Or 84 Mage Goal!

    i think you should get a good mage level.lunar spells are usefull. ;)

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