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  1. Zimmy


    I'm sorry Fang but a candy coated act of misconduct is still misconduct. Think of, for example, punching a border cop to save a Mexican family. Sure you're doing a good deed, but you're still going against the rules society expects you to follow. If you feel strongly enough about it, by all means do it! Just don't expect a positive reaction.
  2. Zimmy

    Do Not Enter If Easily Offended

    Not to get all sadface but...(warning, sad!) This ones not depressing, but kinda funny. Oh, and Venom....
  3. Zimmy

    Do Not Enter If Easily Offended

    Old meme is old?
  4. Zimmy

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Well shortly after hitting 51 on my 10th prestige my 360 broke down, gogo. Gamertag: Zimbeh No 360 for a month, but just in time for Fable 2/Dead Space/Fallout 3
  5. 7/10 8/10 No idea what that anorexic walking bunny is, but it looks funky.
  6. Zimmy

    Virus Infection!

    Action: -1 Condition:6
  7. Has a pretty snazzy signature, nice work! (I don't expect any of you to know me at all, I haven't posted here in ages. )
  8. Zimmy

    Whats Up With "dani?"

    He's large furry and cuddley, if not a bear then what is he?!
  9. Zimmy

    Official Wow Thread

    New guild is 4/5 SSC 1/4 TK moving onto Hyjal April 1st, wish us luck! Posting screenies after the raid.
  10. Zimmy

    Gta Iv

    Yeah I talked to a guy at gamestop while I was pre-ordering DMC 4 about it, he tried to talk me into getting the collectors edition just to get the duffel bag, lmao.
  11. Zimmy

    My Mom's Dog Recently Passed.

    I feel for you man. My chocolate lab is recently turned 13 and I'm getting very worried about her. I'm so sorry for your loss. That's all I can say. :(
  12. Zimmy

    Pimple Popping?

    I can't handle the pain of squeezing/popping. I gouge out blackheads and pick pimples.
  13. Zimmy

    1600k+ Drop Party! World 4! F2p!

    NExt time you plan an event in quick events, please give 30 minutes notice. Thank you. :closedeyes:
  14. Zimmy


  15. Zimmy

    How Geek Are You?

    You are 11% Geek! I fail.

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