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  1. KaBob

    Best Ice Cream Flavor

    Dreyer's/Edy's had this amazing butterfinger ice cream a while back. Other than that, plain old strawberry (especially blue bells) and cookies and cream are both great. If I could invent my own flavor though, butterfinger and oreo go together amazing in ice cream.
  2. KaBob

    RuneScape Let's Plays

    Hey guys, major bump here but I'm still making these videos! Currently mostly focused on RS3 but I fully intend to keep doing OsRs and even RS Classic in the nearish future. Over the past few years I split off my RS videos to a new RS focused channel which you can find here. I've not really advertised the new channel though so it's not getting many views right now, oh well =p The old channel is still alive and well with all the pre-split RS3/OsRs videos on it so those playlist links in the main topic post are still relevant, it also contains all my current non-RS videos if you are interested in that.
  3. KaBob

    Kind of a bummer...

    I check back here maybe once a year and it always makes me sad, this was the only guide site I used for so many years.
  4. It would be nice if they just kept a "creative mode" server active at all times for stuff like this but I doubt that practice mode is taking much dev time so it doesn't seem like that huge of a deal
  5. KaBob

    Cant play 07scape

    You have to use your email address unless your Jagex account is from before they switched to email addresses
  6. Episode 102 of RS3:

  7. Episode 101 of RS3:

  8. Episode 100 of RS3!

  9. Episode 99 of RS3:

  10. Episode 9 of OSRS:

  11. Episode 98 of RS3:

  12. Even if the LED was separate, the keyboard wouldn't have the see through bits for the light to come through.
  13. Episode 97 of RS3:

  14. Episode 8 of 2007scape:

  15. Episode 96 of RS3:

    1. Lily Haaron

      Lily Haaron

      Ban. This status isn't about Emma Watson.


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