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  1. Monte Kyle


    Watchin' the game, havin' a Bud. True, true... Kids yet? :D Nice of you to say hi!
  2. Monte Kyle


    Thanks for saying hi. It must be my strange memory, but I remember many of you who didn't remember me! So what's up? Anything fun or exciting happen to anyone lately? I logged into RS for a few minutes yesterday and found out they booted me from P-modship. :( I'll probably go another six months before logging back on.
  3. Monte Kyle

    Metal Thread

    I've been listening to some of my albums too much lately so I'm looking for something new. I really enjoy power and symphonic metal, and some of my favorite artists include Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Freedom Call, Brother Firetribe, etc. Are there any new musicians or albums popping up that someone with my taste would be interested in hearing?
  4. Monte Kyle


    Fatalysm: Running the newspaper was a collective effort, but I maintained the editor role for a few issues. I actually went back to read some of it for nostalgia. It's hard to believe I decided to help maintain an online newspaper while majoring in biology. Sofee: It's good to see another familiar face! I hope all is well with you. Convicious: It's nice to meet you. I'm happy you've come to enjoy life here!
  5. Monte Kyle


    I have no idea how this will go over. You may remember me if you've been here for a few years. When real life called and I had to answer, I eventually forgot to return. While I've found a couple websites that help occupy my spare time, I recently began to rethink how I've never been so close with an online community as I was here. I actually feel like I had some good friends on these forums, so thanks for all the good times. Basically, I'm just here to shoot the breeze. How's life, everyone?
  6. Monte Kyle

    Mass Effect 3 Trailer

  7. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    There are definitely some good improvements in the second game, but I do share many of your sentiments. At this point, I'm officially a bigger fan of the first game. I hope ME3 finds this fantastic way to blend all of the most awesome elements from the first two games while simultaneously improving and building on entirely new ideas of its own. That is idealistic thinking.
  8. Monte Kyle

    Xbox 360 Game Recomendations

    I can't think of many M rated titles that I'd consider worth playing. The 360 isn't a very good home to those kinds of games. However, although you said you don't want to try racing games, the only game I actually can recommend is Blur. Just keep in mind that I don't particularly enjoy real street racing simulators that tend to be the norm nowadays, yet I recommend this game. It doesn't really suffer from the lameness that the other ones do. It also has a very well balanced item system and supports four player split screen, which make for some actual excitement. Also, out of curiosity, how is it that you are sporting a Master Chief avatar if you don't play M rated games?
  9. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    They're all very good in my opinion, anyway. Each one adds something different. I haven't bought them though. I've never bought a map pack, so I'm hesitant to do so. Although I do have 400 MS points that I got for free. Anyway, there are always three maps in map packs.
  10. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    I really enjoy the new maps. Now I hope they branch out and make later DLC maps with completely new visuals, architecture and such. I think their top priority should be Club Errera.
  11. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Well, I actually haven't been playing for a while. It's crazy, but I guess the whole fps thing has been growing a little old on me. I've spent enough time playing Halo over the past decade that this was to be expected. It's weird that I don't strongly feel like playing this series as much anymore, and I'd probably attribute that to the fact that I don't enjoy playing games like this alone nearly as much as with others.
  12. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Have you played Assassins Creed 1? At times its a total uphill battle with that. I haven't. It's a series I've been meaning to get into. Anyway, I just finished ME2. It was marvelous. My only complaints are minor at this point, and admittedly due to being a perfectionist.
  13. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    The most important part of any game is quality gameplay. I wouldn't play anything with a great story if it didn't have that. ME2 really is good, but some changes have been made for the worse. And I'm actually really looking forward to DA2 because of it's changes. I'm a console gamer.
  14. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I started ME2. While playing this game for the first few times, I was reminded of a quote I read in a SMG2 review: "simultaneously more and less than its predecessor." It's a pretty spectacular game so far, but some features were obliterated instead of being fine tuned. Regardless, I'm very much looking forward to beating it multiple times.
  15. Monte Kyle

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Funny thing is, the most difficult part of the last level for me was probably after you have that big standoff with a bunch of enemies (Holdout firefight map) when you have to go back through the building to get to the big gun. The Elites in there were the most unforgiving enemies in the entire game. I wouldn't focus too much on trying to give Bungie ideas. They'll listen to majority feedback, but even a popular thread on their forums may not be very likely to end up in the game. Otherwise, I'd be trying to convince them to use my (awesome) ideas all the time.

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