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  1. LCD

    (American) Football

    It ended with the Texans missing a 55 yard field goal that would have tied the game. I like Michael Vick, but he just can't stay healthy. Go with Foles. This. Michael Vick is made of glass.
  2. LCD

    The Wonder Years

    Great band. I live in Philly and see them often.
  3. LCD

    Hugo Chavez dies at 58

  4. Last night, I had a dream that Justin Vernon was the punter for the giants. He wore a blue number 8 jersey that had the name "Iver" stitched on the back. I'm not sure what this means.

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    2. Leo


      A vague reference to Allen Iverson?

    3. Sobend


      It means nothing.

    4. Aabid


      Read the book

  5. >only members can vote I'm skeptical of whether or not it'll pass just because of that. I really do miss the great times I had on 2006/7 rs though. Dat music, man selling flax selling flax selling flax selling flax selling flax selling flax selling flax selling flax selling flax
  6. CNN has just announced that he's been found dead. EDIT: Now they're refuting the report, saying that no body has been found. What the hell is going on?!
  7. LCD

    Pope Benny resigns

    No, you don't. Good riddance. Still waiting on a pope who can bring the church into the modern world. The Church is still run by 70-year old men. Do you really expect them to modernize overnight? Really? At what point did I suggest that I expected them to modernize overnight? I sure as hell wish that they would, but I'm confused as to how you got the idea that I believed this was actually within possibility. Small steps make all the difference - steps that leaders of one of the largest religious institutions in the world should be taking, but have staunchly elected not to.
  8. LCD

    Pope Benny resigns

    No, you don't. Good riddance. Still waiting on a pope who can bring the church into the modern world. So we can't respect people who have different views from ours? I'm not saying you should love the guy, but at least respect this selfless move which is probably for the best of his organization. I'm not sure if we should say good riddance because the guy who replaces him is going to have similar views. In my opinion it's going to be a meet the new boss, same as the old boss type of deal. I would like to see a more liberal pope, but I don't think a pope close to our standards can get elected right now. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not catholic. I wouldn't necessarily say his move is "selfless". He's doing it because of his waning health - which is absolutely understandable and justified, but is hardly selfless. Just because the person who replaces him may be the same it doesn't make it unacceptable to be wholly dissatisfied with his actions while holding the position. I am Catholic, and I expect his holiness to be a leader, not a roadblock - Benedict XVI was more of the latter.
  9. LCD

    Pope Benny resigns

    No, you don't. Good riddance. Still waiting on a pope who can bring the church into the modern world.
  10. LCD

    I need music suggestions

    Suggestion for a song that actually goes with Farming: Music for a Found Harmonium by Patrick Street Suggestion for a song that fits your current playlist: Otis by Kanye West and Jay-Z
  11. There is literally no rational reason to disapprove of the legalization of gay marriage other than "muh religion" or "I just don't like it", neither of which have the credibility to stand up in court, let alone deprive an entire population of people of their basic human rights. Let's play around with your sentence a bit: What should we call someone who is against granting human beings the rights promised to them by their government? I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who was adamantly opposed to gay marriage who was not in fact a "right-depriving loon".
  12. It's one of those "I wish I were my cat" kind of days

    1. Bwauder


      So you can run out on the road & play chicken with the semi-trailers?

  13. But...but one does not simply walk into Mordor... http://www.google.com/maps?saddr=The+Shire&daddr=Mordor&hl=en&ll=46.666638,-122.887917&spn=0.136885,0.338173&sll=29.951066,-90.071532&sspn=0.691318,1.352692&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ls&z=12
  14. http://roosterteeth....?id=6314&v=more In the span of six days, these three guys hiked around 130 miles from the filming location of Bag End to that of Mount Doom. This is so incredible, I definitely want to try it at some point in my life. Here's the map of the route they took. They caution that it's insanity to try it in only six days as they did, and that it's important to have some sort of backup support along the way. Warning: Some super gross shots of blister popping in some videos.
  15. LCD

    College and Fire Drills

    I am generally all for trying to prevent people from dropping out of college. An exception to this is for anyone who pulls the fire alarm in a dorm, ever/doesn't know how to microwave popcorn correctly
  16. Step it up, America. Seriously.
  17. LCD

    Super Bowl Prediction

    Coach Harbaugh's team will walk away with the victory.
  18. LCD

    Super Bowl Prediction

    Ppl say "dont be so edgy" but i dont no any other way lol
  19. The only thing more obnoxious than overzealous sports fans are people who think they're somehow morally superior for not watching sports and feel it is necessary to remind you of this fact constantly

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    2. Lily Haaron

      Lily Haaron

      I'm here watching Star Trek.

    3. Sobend


      Know nobody like that to be honest.

    4. Mohorak


      I think I was playing a Tom Clancy game or Civ V.

  20. I think they had to make it back in time for their return flight. Especially considering the rate of travel, six days is almost superhuman - i think in an epilogue they say that you shouldn't do it in less than ten days. But yeah, absolutely! I'm definitely adding this to my bucket list. In fact, I might try to do it when I graduate in the coming years.

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