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  1. Congrats!!!! It's a nice looking 120 cape :D
  2. Luftey

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Omg I remembered my password! Dang, you're log has so many drops on it, way to rock the PVM life! We need to do more yaka trips, get me achtoooo :D
  3. Luftey

    Sal's Vorago

    Congrats guys!!! Looking at the pictures reminds me of a throwback to the Sals GWD masses back in the day. Hopefully next time ya'll go you'll get a wand :)
  4. Luftey

    It started out as a joke.

    Good job Haley!!!! Very impressive and a totes beautiful cape!
  5. Luftey

    200M Dg

    Special thanks to my usual crew of W77'rs that I did most of my 120-200M with: Sensual Kanto Jared Sensei Awakenbake Leggs 200M floor (1 dc'd mid floor)
  6. Luftey

    200M Dg

    I didn't do sinks for 200M, I really enjoyed floors with friends, so this was more of a by product of having fun as opposed to trying to knock out 200m :D Thanks bro!!
  7. Luftey

    120 Dungeoneering

    Congrats Kes!!!!!!! Had fun doing those few floors with yah!
  8. Luftey

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Grats on the recent levels! Awesome to see yah still going strong on RSC, pretty impressive dedication
  9. Luftey

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Thanks Luftey you should go pvm more too :D I really should, actually, I'm tempted now to buy a Nox bow and go try and get keys/DIY an ascension after seeing your screenshots. It'd be a nice break from working on 200M dg... Anyway, keep it up!! Looks like you had another succesful week
  10. Luftey

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Gratz Haley! Looks like you've been keeping busy/still rockin the PvM drops! Keep it up
  11. Luftey

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Really cool seeing a RS Classic log! Kinda makes me want to log onto mine :P Must be hard seeing the worlds are pretty much deserted in terms of buying supplies off other players etc. Really cool to see Classic screenshots, goodluck man!
  12. Good job bro!!! Cool to see your're still rocking the pro-PvM lifestyle! Best of luck making bank there
  13. Luftey

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Great job Angel!!!!! 120 dung is nice, best skill ever! Legit PvM drops, way to keep the boss hunting real hear on Sals! We should duo Nex or something sometime. Looks like you're all set for a pretty solid maxed account soon, keep it up!
  14. Luftey

    Board activity and new memberships

    I rarely come on here anymore :P Overall, most of the forums on RS fansites don't seem as active as they were back when I first joined Sals/other sites. As for quest guides, i used to use Sals all the time. Now I use Wiki just because it tends to be the first site to have a guide up/first result on Google/Yahoo (that said, guide for the new quest here is pretty good) I personally don't really post on fansite forums a lot anymore just because none of the topics are that intriguing or they're something that has been discussed so many times before. I really used to enjoy all the PvM type logs on forums, but those have really died off since EOC came out :(
  15. Luftey

    Tents - Help friends and you!

    Could just make it a garden option in one's POH. Likewise, could add those items to cupboards in one's POH etc. While the idea isn't bad, and it's social, I don't really see a use for it. Regenerate, most times folks just grab some junk food from their bank if they need a quick heal. And for just chilling in a private area with friends, why not just go to a POH/secluded area.
  16. Luftey

    The End Of A Journey

    Congratz!!!!!! It;s an awesome cape! The fact that I only have like 3 days more playing time than you makes me feel really inefficient about still being ~100 lvls off all 99's/120 haha
  17. Luftey

    What's going on in your life?

    Just bought one of these this week: http://www.armslist.com/posts/1726120/wichita-kansas-shotguns-for-sale--catamount-fury-shotgun--12-ga- Ummm find out who my roomies for next semester at uni will be at midnight tonight...other than that just my summer internship/a lot of Ultimate frisbee games and doing some repairs on my dads '56 truck
  18. Luftey

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    :o didn't know their was a FC change =[ Went into Sk8's and nobody was there so I just afk fished away instead ;p Maybe I will make the next event. DKS would be awesome, D hatchets are like 3.5M now, ring prices are good, more profit than ever to be had ;P
  19. Luftey

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    i may be there....I think
  20. Luftey

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    My flight gets back in from out West at 1pm Sunday...I may come by for the last bit of the trip, we will see. Been soooo many months since I've been on a sals mass.... Random split from a sals mass 3+ years ago...random pic for nostalgia sake.
  21. Luftey

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    So like the Sals weekly boss masses are back??? I may pop along on the next one like ol' times....
  22. Luftey

    Post Your Drops Here!

    First PvM trip in awhile...:P
  23. Luftey

    I miss Runescape.

    Yeah I'm one of those who never talks, the other night, I was afk cookin at the cooking range guild the other person there kept saying "hi whatsup" I just said hi and then didn't reply to anything else :P I used to be quite social, but now, I'm either busy watching a movie/doing something at my desk irl and just to busy to talk. Even when I'm not doing anything else, I have my clannies/good friends on my list who I have known for years who I socialize with. I"d rather PM my one friend who I've had added/still plays 5+ years later that I'm close with than a random chap that I"ll never see again. Honestly, there is nothing to say to randoms. Sure there is the "my level is blah, ugh ugh this skill stinks/expensive/etc" but, there isn't really any common ground :P
  24. Luftey

    Schools and internet

    No to both. A schools job is to teach, go to class, pay attention, do homework. Don't really need wifi, just an added cost to a school budget that already has issues. In the D.C. area where I live, all the schools are always complaining about being broke, no need to add an extra cost. As for censor, there should be one. Keeps malware/unwated crap off the school computers. Don't need adolescent 15 year olds looking up porn and getting virsus which in turn mean the staff has to come and fix it. Yes, filters are annoying but for basic high school paper research etc, it shouldn't affect their ability to get assignments done
  25. kinda forgot about this forum, so many good times here, shame everything but off-topic is dead ;{

    1. Adam?


      you can fix that!!


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