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  1. I had an idea for a "group therapy" video, a satire of AA, but I never got around to it. Finally had time to script and produce this vid, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Enjoy :
  2. Wyodaniel

    Advanced Nex Guide

    I already posted a video of my first Nex kill, and how to get there. However, now that I know more about what methods to use while fighting Nex, I got a more advanced guide up giving much more detail on how a kill is supposed to go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPDSJK0WfGQ
  3. Wyodaniel

    Advanced Nex Guide

    New video posted, with current killing methods.
  4. Wyodaniel

    Dragon Defenders

    Woohoo! Dragon Defs are finally out! They're not shockingly impressive or powerful, but it's nice to have a little more of an advantage. This video should bring you up to speed on the changes to the Warrior's Guild :
  5. Some of you already saw my video showing the boss fight of the Void Stares Back quest and the rewards. However, I was testing out one of the rewards, Korasi's Sword, and found that it is an absolutely epic k0 weapon in rune fights. The special attack is guaranteed damage, and most of the spec hits are 400+, often 500+. Check it out :
  6. The latest Grandmaster quest wasn't particularly impressive, but it had a pretty cool boss fight, and some kind of nice rewards. Check it out :
  7. After the video in which I did two elite clue scrolls at once, I had a couple requests to show the method I use to do my arrow clues quickly. So here's a quick guide showing how I triangulate where I'm going to need to dig :
  8. Wyodaniel

    [closed By User]

  9. Wyodaniel

    [closed By User]

    After a batch of idiot-proofing updates, nightshades can no longer kill you. If you're low enough HP, they'll just hit 0s. Same with rock cakes, unidentified liquid, and zammy brews; they can not kill you by themselves. All they can do is get you to very low HP so the next couple poison hits will kill you. Believe me, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this after the idiot-proofing updates.
  10. I thought it would be pretty funny to do 2 elite clues at once, and my friends kept telling me it couldn't be done. So, just to irritate them, I did it. Enjoy :
  11. Hey, I've seen a lot of people struggling with learning how to do the Celtic Knot puzzle. It can be extremely frustrating if you don't know how, and a lot of the guides I've seen posted are pretty confusing. So I got up a simple, to-the-point video demonstrating how to solve any Celtic Knot puzzle : Hope this helps some of you guys get through your level 4 treasure trails. Good luck!
  12. Hey guys, I finally finished with my latest comedy genre video. The goal was to come up with as many creative, bizarre, and funny ways / places to die as I could. As an end result, I wind up getting burned to death, executed by a firing squad, and much more. Hope you enjoy.
  13. I've been nolifing Frost Dragons on and off since they came out (85 Dungeoneering is a requirement), and I've finally gotten around to demonstrating the fastest, most efficient way to camp them. Enjoy.
  14. Wyodaniel

    Frost Dragon Guide, 160+ Kills / Hr

    Then why is there a random guy's name in his signature. ^^ That video shows full Bandos, overloads, and rapier, not void, range, or cannon.
  15. Wyodaniel

    Frost Dragon Guide, 160+ Kills / Hr

    Ok, so I kill more than you per hour, and I keep that rate up for significantly longer before I bank. I'm not sure why you're butting in. Troll more, your Dungeoneering is unranked. It's not worth it at all, unless you're like 80 str / attack. With my stats, the damage per second is significantly higher with melee than it is with mage (And I have Sol + arc stream).
  16. In my latest video, I explore the old joke of what your Runescape character does when you log off. He might be partying, wasting all your money, or just making you look like a complete fool. Or, in my character's case, all of the above. This video was made for sheer amusement and entertainment, please enjoy :
  17. Yeah, part of a old RS pickup lines gag I was working on. That and "Do you have 99 firemaking? Cause you are smokin' hot!"
  18. Yeah, it was kind of hard to make the whole thing cohesive and understandable.
  19. Hey guys. As some of you may know, my latest project was to break the old record for number of Barrows runs done without banking (It was around 350). I'm happy to say that I've finally succeeded in this extremely hard challenge and gotten exactly 400 Barrows runs without banking. It took me about a week, and in that time, I gained 922k Magic XP and over 38m worth of loot from the chest. The video is located .
  20. Wyodaniel

    Which 99 Should I Get?

    I guess Summoning is out.
  21. Wyodaniel

    Longest Barrows Trip Ever

    Hell no, this put me off Barrows for a while. =P
  22. Wyodaniel

    Longest Barrows Trip Ever

    Foxy is correct. You can loot the chest whenever, but you will only get barrows items from the brothers you've killed. In other words, if you skip killing Dharok before you open the chest, you *cannot* get any Dharok items. So if you left all 6 alive, you simply wouldn't receive any barrows items besides bolt racks.
  23. Wyodaniel

    New Skill

    Hey, just wanted to pop in and say I ran into a page on the Runescape Wiki this past week that I found immensely useful, basically just a list of ALL confirmed future updates (like Dragon crossbow, the new dungeon), with proof. They have a reasonably informative section detailing what we do and don't know about the new skill : http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Future_updates#New_Skill
  24. I've been working on my next yt video for a while now, and I have almost everything I need. However, I have one female role that I need to voice before I can finish producing the video. It's a comedy / satire genre video, and the role that needs to be voiced is Kuradal, the level 75 Slayer master. None of my friends can help me out this time (A friend of mine in Britain: "I don't have a mic, can I still do it?" Me : "Not unless you can yell across the Atlantic Ocean."). Credit will be given in the video, obviously. Let me know if you're interested.
  25. Wyodaniel

    Using Sol Spec To Tank Sara

    Yeah, it makes me less mad about all those trips I've done with 90 KC dry. Still, it's funny that the only reason I was even doing Sara was to test this method, and I wind up getting 1 hilt per trip on each try.

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