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  1. Henrique651

    Charm Sprite Hunting

    Good to see your still doing well. Cheerio
  2. Henrique651

    Age Of Consent

    That happens alot with adults to though. I'm 20 and i'm extremely reckless and probably the definition of immaturity. On the other hand I've seen 12 year olds who could be the president of the United States and would do a better job of it then anybody who's ever taken office before. Age doesn't matter as much as you think. There are people that are out of the normal bounds, but in general people are reasonably responsible at 18 and are not even close to being as responsible during my previously refered ages. lol
  3. Henrique651

    Age Of Consent

    I disagree. While they should be, most people in their early teens and, in some cases, late teens, show a great degree of recklesness so that it could lead to them making a decision, both sudden and that they would later come to regret. When someone's twelve, they have a high chance of not having enough maturity to make such a kind of decision which would bind them for life (ie. If she got pregnant/ he got someone pregnant). Anyways, as to the general question, it is nigh impossible to quantify someone's ability or inability to make decisions, but I believe that at 18 almost everyone should be level-headed enough to make this decision. Of course, there's no problem jumping the restriction by a year or 2 if one feels like he knows what he's doing. Just always remember the consequences that may come from your acts. Plus, does anyone REALLY pay attention to the age of consent when they are in the heat of the moment? ~Hen
  4. Henrique651


    I believe that "Feminism" in itself is a great idealism since it fights for equality amongst en and women. However, taking it to the point of becoming radical and sexist agains't men makes it, as any other extremist view, ridiculous and should not by any means be endorsed.
  5. Henrique651


    You have got to be kidding me. How may you even possibly suggest such a ridiculous nonsense as geocentrism? 1. Due to Newton's gravitational theory alone and more specifically its invert square law the Earth isn't big enough to make a planet the size of Mars revolve around it, much less a star as big as the Sun. 2. The only movement of the Sun is orbiting around the center of the Milky Way. 3. The planets move in an eliptical motion aroud the Sun, something that neither geocentrism nor heliocentrism supported at first - though heliocentrism later accepted that view when it was formulated by Kepler (whose laws support this very type of movement), while geocentrism didn't.
  6. Henrique651

    Favorite Quotes

    "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has a limit" And a couple of others which I'm just to lazy to bother to copy
  7. Henrique651

    Slight Problem

    Is there anyway for me not to see posts in this fashion: Thanks in advance.
  8. Edit: Forget it already found the answer ^_^ That however is amazing
  9. Henrique651

    Are You Going To Dress Up For Halloween?

    Since I'm going to a Halloween party I am obliged to. I am partly doing it for the chicks, but mostly for the candy. Candy! Candy! Candy! Candy!
  10. Henrique651

    Awesome Tortoise Is Awesome

  11. Henrique651

    Failing Students

    For one to pass one needs to grasp a basic mastery of a subject. Even if they try hard what good is it to pass if they don't control it? Passing a subject symbolizes that one has acquired an average to excelent compreheension of the subject and as such is able to go on to the next level. If one doesn't master it, why should he pass? I know this sounds cold, but it is the truth.
  12. Henrique651

    Well, Obama Or Mccain?

    You sir are an ignorant racist jerk. I mean seriously, if one wanted to see the the prejudices of any americans they wouldn't have to see past you.
  13. Henrique651

    Your First Pash.

    I would of thought "pash" would of meant make out, I don't know ghetto slang Eh, I suppose it could mean make out Who knows, once I kissed a girl and I liked it!!!! Don't go there, you know how I feel about that song How do you feel about it
  14. The current three more played Mmos (and best) are western Mmos. How come Korean's are killing the western ones?
  15. Henrique651


    I disaprove of this idea for a couple of reasons, mainly being that it would be hard to mantain and useless since there are already other services that make up for not having teamspeak/ventrillo

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