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  1. Fangy

    It's Been A While!

    Yo guys, what's up? It's been years (probably) since I've posted here. Is anyone who I knew still around?
  2. Fangy

    How Sexy Is The Above Poster?

    Bump. so sexy/10
  3. Fangy

    Hi Guys, It's Been A While

    Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone! I can see Dani is as funny as ever :P
  4. Fangy

    Hi Guys, It's Been A While

    I added the y so that my username here would match my RSN, even though I haven't played RS in ages.
  5. Fangy

    Hi Guys, It's Been A While

    Jesus Guitarguy, do you have to start this already? :( And thank you, Leo.
  6. Anybody here who I remember? I'll try to start posting here again more. I remember all of the fun times I had with Sal's, back in the day. Anywho, what's up guys? How's life?
  7. Fangy

    I'm Back!

    Yeah I don't know what to say. I'm back? I missed you guys! :D Oh and I've been making sigs for an xbox community. Here are some of them. Are they good? In case you were wondering, my gamertag is Im Fallen Chaos.
  8. Fangy

    Tool Is New Favorite Band

    After discovering this holy crap o_O
  9. Fangy

    Girl Halp... I Has Need Some :<

    I was hoping for walk the dinosaur, honestly. I like it more than bel-air.
  10. Fangy

    Girl Halp... I Has Need Some :<

    10/10 would rate again.
  11. Fangy

    Man Killed By Train, Then Sued

    You want bacteria to rule the earth? You know there are more things on earth than just humans and bacteria, right? On a sort of related note, dumbo octopus for next dominant species!
  12. Fangy

    Name Announcement

    And I'm not Fang!
  13. Fangy

    Best Pvp Game

    Halo :( :D :P :D Only problem is matchmaking is a bit unfair.
  14. Fangy


    You probably didn't notice a key on the floor or you didn't notice a door in one of the rooms. I've done both.
  15. Fangy


    Can someone explain what he was doing in the last one? Also, this is hilarious xD

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