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  1. Iran has never been a real threat thanks to the idea of mutual nuclear doom. Iran may never be a threat again if the revolt succeeds. Really, the only nuclear threat is the Taliban and al-Qaeda. If they succeed in taking over Islamabad, they'll have access to Pakistan's nukes. If they would commit suicide for Allah, they'd have no problem with us bombing them while they bomb us.
  2. Bennett


    Dreak - why the hell would the government warn everyone about a conspiracy? "Yeah, we're gonna secretly blow up the towers, but let's circulate subtle clues a hundred years before we do!"
  3. Bennett

    Stand Up Comedy

    Most standups are awful. I have little interest in standup comedy.
  4. Bennett

    I Caught My Dad With My Gf!

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this was "only in Norway".
  5. Bennett


    AWESOME BAND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5NBm4ywmhc ...I just randomly felt like blogging about Supertramp.
  6. Bennett


    Sad? Not at all. Breakfast in America is one of the best albums ever. It's easy to asume Supertramp is a stupid novelty or a guilty pleasure, but I see nothing wrong in being a Superramp fan.
  7. Bennett

    Best U.s. President

    The next time I hear 'JFK was the best president ever', I'm going to punch someone in the face. Even calling him a good president is a lie. He was a hella B.A. dude, sure, but all of his attempts to achieve something failed (see: Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam - yes, he set us up for 'Nam). I'll go with: Washington Jefferson Lincoln T. Roosevelt FDR Truman Eisenhower Nixon Richard Nixon wasn't super-duper-fantastic, but he made quite a few grand achievements that are sadly forgotten by the general public. Because of this, I am a proponent of Tricky Dick.
  8. Bennett


    HEY, MORONS. If the government was going to blow up WTC on 9/11, would they really leave behind all these "clues"? And if it's such a conspiracy, wouldn't there be someone from the police force, medics, firefighters, corporations in the WTC, government - somebody to let the cat out of the bag? 9/11 conspiracy is a pack of bull.
  9. Bennett

    Puppy Flushed Down Toilet

    Sounds like Lemiwinks, but in the sewers.
  10. Bennett

    Greatest R.i.p Rapper

    Ol' Dirty love-child. (censored word)
  11. Bennett

    Official Wow Thread

    Bam! Got my dwarfadin to 80 and orc hunter to 77.
  12. Bennett

    Should Youtube Have An Age Limit?

    If a three year old wants to see naughty things on the internet, more power to him. If he shouldn't do that, his parents should be in control.
  13. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Today's youth is exposed to more viewpoints and ideas than any generation before. It's called the internet. Most teenagers in America go on the internet, and whether they attempt to or not, will encounter ideas that are uncommon around them. I started using the internet a lot when I was twelve, and it was (and still is) fairly important to my intellectual development.
  14. Bennett

    Iranian Presidential "election"

    "Retarded gays"? What? Your post is invalid, buddy.
  15. This is a survey of combat manliness in melee.
  16. Bennett

    Favourite Guitarist?

    Gotta agree with you there. Continuum and Try! are great albums with great guitar, but before then he was a boring pop star. FFFFFFFFFF I can't believe I forgot Joe Walsh! His stuff is brilliant.
  17. Bennett

    Coldplay Thanks Their Fans

    Coldplay bores me no matter how much it costs, but I applaud them for joining Radiohead and NIN in this movement. Recorded music can still fetch money (including mine) when put on CD, but it doesn't need to have a price online. I'm in the group that will ignore copyright laws but buy an album if I like it enough. Bands make so much more money doing live shows than they ever will selling records.
  18. Bennett

    Bands That You Love!

    Soundgarden, The Clash, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, and Eric Clapton (including Cream and the Dominos) are probably my top five, but I'm always very indecisive at naming my favorites.
  19. Bennett

    Favourite Guitarist?

    Eric Clapton and David Gilmour easily blow me away with some of the stuff they've made.
  20. Bennett

    The Most Underrated Bands

    Green River's poweful influence seems to be ignored entirely. The reason alternative rock exploded in the 90's and thrives today is because of Nirvana's success, but Nirvana might as well be nonexistent without the influence of Green River. I'm probably among the very few here who have even heard of them. Looking at even older bands, the Kinks. They get their share of acclaim, but their magnificence is overshadowed by the Beatles, 'Stones, and Who.
  21. Bennett

    Iranian Presidential "election"

    I've been seeing this election all over CNN and MSNBC and the like. Not on American networks? Whatcha talkin' about? Also, since DailyKos was brought up: it doesn't matter how open they are to new users. It's still home to a liberal mob mentality.
  22. Bennett

    Your Favorite 80s Song/glam Rock Song

    UGH, glam was terrible. Van Halen's good, but I definitely wouldn't group that with glam rock. My favorite song from the 80's is, I don't know, maybe Mudhoney's You Got It. Yeah, it's a song you've probably never heard, but the 80's had plenty of music that was better than MTV's line-up.
  23. Bennett


    I am a citizen of Oklahoma, which is in America, so I am logically an American citizen. America is in the world, so logically, we are all world citizens.
  24. Bennett

    The N-Word

    If you expect racism to happen, it will - and if you get angry about something just a wee bit racist, it's a walk downhill. When stereotypes are embraced, it's inevitable. I don't believe races are different, and I'm tired of hearing pride for a race. You know why there's not a lot of white jokes and why whites get pointed at as racist all the time? Being the majority group, white Americans do not have one single common stereotype. Instead, you'll hear Italian or English jokes, or even jokes about the upper classmen. A problem a lot of blacks face is that a lot of blacks are under this mentality that "THA WHITE MAN BE PUTTIN US DOWN". Though that's sometimes true, it's something they put on themselves. Since a lot of black people still live the stereotype, people expect it in every black. And when dropping an N-bomb is labelled racist, it only seperates us more. Since the nation began, America was a place where you would assimilate. When the Irish came over, yeah, they were an unorthodox bunch of immigrants. But they had grandchildren, and those grandchildren fitted in well. And here's the best part - thanks to the Irish coming over, their culture has blended in with ours! Black culture is already part of our melting pot, but there's still this mentality of racial pride. This idea that white men can't do this, black men can't do this, and only we can do that, it's all hurting us. Also, fun fact: very, very few white men descend from American slave-owners, and I'd guess that at least half of today's white population lacks ancestors who were in America before 1865.
  25. Bennett

    Your Favorite Fast-food Restaurant

    Whataburger and Taco Cabana, two awesome places only found in southern states.

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