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  1. Eval Riz

    The last person to post here wins

    What am I doing here
  2. Eval Riz

    The Shepherd's Way

    I sat here yesterday and was like, oh wow nice banner! Reminds me of my style. I came back today I'm like.... owait. :( Continued support bud, congrats on the thievery!
  3. I was wondering this too, as well as the max exp caps, especially with players getting closer and closer to it. I don't think they will. How could they?
  4. Player numbers went down as tons of bots were eliminated. They need to advertise.
  5. Eval Riz

    Pc Vs. Mac

    I was a PC man much of my life. Even after I got an aliminum macbook, I missed my PC. Now I realize I'll never switch back :(
  6. Eval Riz

    Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

    Yes, they can. You have to define the limitations of friendship. Although both parties may feel attraction, if they dedicate themselves to being friends they can block out that attraction and be just friends. It's not an issue, in my opinion. Obviously you may think sexually, but that doesn't mean you'll act sexually.
  7. Eval Riz

    If Marijuana Is Legalized

    With the current debt and crisis in the U.S., all they'd have have to do is tax marijuana heavily and it would do nothing but benefit the state. Of course, there are consequences to consider with releasing something like this, but what are they really? If anything, there are only a number of benefactors. If they tax it, it will do nothing but benefit the state It will eliminate a huge amount of drug trade, all of which contributes to a huge U.S. population. The drug war not only takes resources and money to fight, but people are losing their lives. With Marijuana, one of the largest illegal drug trades in the nation, eliminating this will do nothing but benefit the country Is it really "bad"? Science shows that Marijuana is not unhealthy. What do they have to lose except "for the sake of the law" Recently, I read of a man that was arrested for exposing himself to women and asking for sex. Of course, he was high on "Spice" (an herbal blend with chemicals to mimic THC). If you simply legalize, this will eliminate need for these legal blends that keep getting worse and worse and are so easily accessible at stores. The "blackouts" caused by these make people go crazy. How can that be better than marijuana? What people also need to realize is that marijuana does not affect your bodily functions like alcohol. You still HAVE CONTROL. If there's an accident when high, then it could happen sober too. If anything, alcohol is a 10 times more dangerous drug. I don't see how it would affect me, but I see no reason why the nation has to be stubborn enough to keep up with this law. If it's not legal in the next 10 years I will be pleasantly surprised. ~Eval Riz :(
  8. Eval Riz

    99 "hitpoints" Constitution

    Congrats bud :( Love that cape, just haven't ever had motivation to do combat :D
  9. Eval Riz

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations to ya bud :(
  10. Eval Riz

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Thanks for showing me around today :( I can't believe how much progress you've made, that's amazing! But congratulations on the many recent levels :D Much support.
  11. Hey Guys :( I may or may not be back. Recently, at school, I've been looking for things to do and I started actually playing WoW again, but I'm not interested in it anymore. I decided to log into RS, and all these new updates have me entirely intrigued. I also never had the chance to experience bossing, clans, etc. I've decided to give RS another whirl - try and make some new friends, and experience new things in the game that I never had instead of focusing on repeatedly doing those things that I'd always done just over and over again. I don't really know anybody anymore :D. It's really sad, but I am considering a name change! Should I? or not? Opinions are highly valued. Either way, add me in game and maybe I'll see you around chat, etc. :D Cya guys, much love. Good to be back and hopefully I'll meet some new people and catch up with some old ones. Hopefully I'll have some interest and motivation in this new RS :P P.S. I did get 99 Farming and I never posted it, but I'll have to meander to my old computer and try and locate that screenshot. It may be entirely possible I can't even find it :P
  12. Eval Riz

    Sentence Game

    Rules of the Game! Copy the Poster Before you's paragraph Add another line to the story Post! The story ends when it's incorporated a Gourd, a pair of doves, a necklace, and a wallet Let's see where this takes us! STARTING OFF WITH: Eric was strolling through the forest one day when he stumbled upon a magic gourd. P.S. This is actually going to help me a lot with a project I have to do...
  13. Eval Riz


    Like I said in the PM, sad to see you go man but you've got to know what's good for you. Best of luck to ya. :D
  14. Eval Riz

    120 Skillcapes+emotes

    I was expecting something unrealistic. That's actually really fantastic... Way to go. I like the idea, but the thought of level 120s frightens me because it makes my 99s feel unworthy :D
  15. Eval Riz

    F My Life

    I think I just wet myself.

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