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    Leveling My Ranged In The Cow Pen
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    Not Being Hacked.....

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  1. Arc Angel

    Before I Go.

    Hahha, I am about to be banned. And go down in history as a nobody. Yes, green part edited by Yuanrang, the rest were cencored out.
  2. Arc Angel


    So what, is this F2P and P2P or both? :lol: I am confused. Seems alot like the WoW system. Will JaGeX do something original soon?
  3. Arc Angel

    Your Favorite Song?

    Anything from the Vietnam Era. Classic stuff :lol:
  4. Arc Angel

    Halloween Dance

    dey say halloween is when ppl kill babiez, and put dem in ur lolly bagz!!!! one one eone eon1 1111
  5. Arc Angel

    The Head That Wears The Crown...

    Firstly "cariad" do you actually know this is Fastkirby? I came in like every day when I was playing.
  6. Arc Angel

    Mirc... Whudafxup?

    Try connecting to a different port. If not make sure your server code is right, and if that doesn't work.Whudafxup?
  7. Arc Angel

    The Head That Wears The Crown...

    Pwn.I didn't get even put on the nominations list, and I've known you before your blog or channel was even as huge as it is!
  8. Arc Angel

    That Zach Can Really Cook!

    clearly this entry is about me, and my alcohol issues. so all reported 4 spamz.
  9. Arc Angel

    Me Stealing Wireless! :yay:

    Thats lame. You stand in a roof to use the internet, and your going to pay for it LOL
  10. Arc Angel

    Is Life Pointless?

    Life is monoform. We live we die. End story. Everything else in between is chance.
  11. Arc Angel

    Uh Ok People. My Mom Took My Cds.......

    You are clearly the god of this forum :(
  12. Arc Angel

    I'm In Love

    report 4 liking urself.
  13. Arc Angel

    Me Stealing Wireless! :yay:

    Lol, lifes to short to waste. Steal everything, don't get caught and you succeed.
  14. Arc Angel

    Wut Is Goin On?!?!

    whats every liek been doing?!!?1 one one one?!!? :(
  15. Arc Angel

    A Small Marker For A Friend

    No offence to you nor your friends parents, but why get so upset over something they knew was going to eventually happen?Hate me all you want. Whinge all you like, speak my name in vain.But this is something everyone knows will happen to them and their families, regardless of the circumstances, so don't make a big deal out of it and move on.

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