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  1. Cunning Stunt


    Your looking at the wrong end of the table for sheer entertainment value. I am waiting for Harry to do something amazing with QPR after the Jan transfer window closes.
  2. Cunning Stunt

    The Hobbit

    I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Then again I am a massive lord of the rings fan. So I would have lapped up any old toss Jackson served up, then asked for seconds.
  3. Cunning Stunt

    Buying tattoo 5m

    You want to tattoo something you strongly believe on your chest. If you strongly believe in it, why do you need it tattoo'd? Your not going to forget it are you?
  4. Cunning Stunt

    Kony 2012

    More hope of catching this child catcher.
  5. "Innocent until proven guilty" does not apply to people who are facing court-martial for espionage. The military is not under the jurisdiction of civilian courts. or jurisdiction of common decency clearly.
  6. haha, win. and now you've pointed it out zapy, he does seem pissed.
  7. Cunning Stunt

    Pvt Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Meh, either way i think he did the right thing. Whether he had the right intentions is a different matter. Yes, you right. American lives are worth 100 times more then some towel heads in a desert. [/sarcasm]
  8. Cunning Stunt

    Marijuana and Alcohol

    Alcohol is engrained in society. Weed is not. Therefore it has no place, will never be legalised. Simply as, besides, has any government ever admitted a mistake such as changing a strict policy on drug control? Never.
  9. Cunning Stunt

    Pvt Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    He's risked his life to expose horrfic war crimes, and he deserves a bullet? Wut? The persons responsible for ordering the various crimes deserve the bullet.
  10. Cunning Stunt

    I'm scared.

    <Vaguely amusing joke about dying from contact with air freshener>
  11. Cunning Stunt

    Sluggish forum performance?

    Same, frustratingly slow at loading any forum page.
  12. Cunning Stunt

    "python Christmas"

    I lol'd.
  13. Cunning Stunt


    just been pimping 'n' pimping. you be g. teach me.
  14. Cunning Stunt

    Dear Ghostfoot

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  15. Cunning Stunt

    Experimenting On Animals For Our Own Benefit

    Would you rather we experimented on humans? There isn't really another financially viable option is there. Sucks to be a white rat.

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