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  1. Cunning Stunt


    Your looking at the wrong end of the table for sheer entertainment value. I am waiting for Harry to do something amazing with QPR after the Jan transfer window closes.
  2. Cunning Stunt

    The Hobbit

    I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Then again I am a massive lord of the rings fan. So I would have lapped up any old toss Jackson served up, then asked for seconds.
  3. Cunning Stunt

    Buying tattoo 5m

    You want to tattoo something you strongly believe on your chest. If you strongly believe in it, why do you need it tattoo'd? Your not going to forget it are you?
  4. Cunning Stunt

    Kony 2012

    More hope of catching this child catcher.
  5. "Innocent until proven guilty" does not apply to people who are facing court-martial for espionage. The military is not under the jurisdiction of civilian courts. or jurisdiction of common decency clearly.
  6. haha, win. and now you've pointed it out zapy, he does seem pissed.
  7. Do you believe that the USA is a country stable enough to control the power with the ability to end life as we know it on our planet? The USA has been in a near constant state of war since the American revolution, over three hundred years of constant bloodshed. Whether it be for independence, as noble a cause it may be, or for as dubious and unclear reasons as the multiple conflicts some of us have witnessed in our life time. The first and so hope us only use of a nuclear weapons was in WWII by the USA. The sheer scale of destruction, from what is now considered a completely obsolete and relativity small bomb, was horrifying. The destructivity of the weapon was known before it was dropped on civilian targets. Calculated murder of millions of innocence civilians? (Inb4 saved millions more.) In my opinion, having nuclear weapons, although absolutely crazy is needed as a deterrent. You kill me, I kill you. Yet surely there is no need for over 5000 warheads, that can not be considered a deterrent, more of a threat. Which may explain why multiple countries involved in disagreeable terms with the USA (Iran) are attempting to develop nuclear weapons themselves. They need a deterrent. I think we should be more worried then we are, and the danger is not coming from the middle east or North Korea, it is far closer to home. P.S: Yes, i was reading the Iran topic and thought why not reverse the situation. :(
  8. Cunning Stunt

    Pvt Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Meh, either way i think he did the right thing. Whether he had the right intentions is a different matter. Yes, you right. American lives are worth 100 times more then some towel heads in a desert. [/sarcasm]
  9. Cunning Stunt

    Marijuana and Alcohol

    Alcohol is engrained in society. Weed is not. Therefore it has no place, will never be legalised. Simply as, besides, has any government ever admitted a mistake such as changing a strict policy on drug control? Never.
  10. Cunning Stunt

    Pvt Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    He's risked his life to expose horrfic war crimes, and he deserves a bullet? Wut? The persons responsible for ordering the various crimes deserve the bullet.
  11. Cunning Stunt

    I'm scared.

    <Vaguely amusing joke about dying from contact with air freshener>
  12. Cunning Stunt

    Sluggish forum performance?

    Same, frustratingly slow at loading any forum page.
  13. Cunning Stunt

    "python Christmas"

    I lol'd.
  14. Cunning Stunt


    just been pimping 'n' pimping. you be g. teach me.
  15. Cunning Stunt

    Dear Ghostfoot

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  16. Cunning Stunt

    Experimenting On Animals For Our Own Benefit

    Would you rather we experimented on humans? There isn't really another financially viable option is there. Sucks to be a white rat.
  17. Cunning Stunt

    "in A Relationship"

    QFT. It's incredible how much dirt and oil accumulates on your pillow just from sleeping on it. QFTx2. Will sort it out in a matter of days.
  18. I thought nuclear weapons was the reason America hasn't invaded the Soviet Union. Not the other way round.
  19. ^^^^ Completely agree. What has every human conflict been about since the dawn of time? Resources. What has Iran got that we want? The same thing Iraq had, the same as Afghanistan had. Oil. That is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read. A defeated country would aid in the destruction of the world out of spite... Talk about cutting your nose of to spite your face.
  20. Cunning Stunt

    Driving Test

  21. Cunning Stunt

    Debates About Religion.

    Erm guys... Its the same people every time forcing the same arguments. Every time the language of that person gets more sophisticated and fluent, which is the only difference in every single religious debate. As no one gives an inch in any direction, as that is the nature of the debate topic, you either believe or you don't. No actual 'debate' too it. Sick of the 'debates', stop replying and reading the topics. Simples.
  22. Cunning Stunt

    What Should I Get?

    He likes golf hmmm.... Get him the turtle, and if he loses his ball he can always replace it with his turtle. Win win.
  23. Cunning Stunt

    Search Bar

    Not working for me at all, not sure if it's just me or something is broken.
  24. Cunning Stunt

    Hi There :)

    Howdy, ho. Have fun.
  25. Cunning Stunt

    Where Did Your Username Come From?

    My opinion of myself if you swap a couple letters about.

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