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  1. gretmatter50

    Shootin' the sh*t

    Thanks man. :) Thanks my dude. Funny story about the name gretmatter, it is supposed to be greatmatter. Problem was that I misspelled it when making an account for something, then didn't know how to change it. I sort of just stuck with it since then.
  2. gretmatter50

    Shootin' the sh*t

    Looking back at my old posts on my profile makes me laugh. Giving advice to mine rune to 99... I bet I didn't even have the level to know mining rune to 99 isn't particularly feasible if you wanted to be efficient.
  3. gretmatter50

    Shootin' the sh*t

    I want to start this thread by appreciating the mods for still having this website up. One of the things I enjoyed every year was getting a personal email telling me happy birthday. I don't get it much, so it always made my eyes light up to get that email. Another thing I'm grateful of is this forum staying up helped me remember the username for my very first runescape account. I just sent in an appeal to hopefully get access. I don't really have a point to this thread besides me being thankful to the mods for keeping it up. I hope to be able to many times more over the years.
  4. gretmatter50

    Woodcutting Problem...

    sweet -.-
  5. gretmatter50

    Most Profitable Skill For 99

    ono sorry but officialy its mining, mining rune to 99 (which no-one does cos its too slow but this is about money) you can get 2 billion+. Would take a few years though =/ Years?!?!!??? Jesus.....see now that's y my mining is ll 55 and not like....70 -.-
  6. gretmatter50

    Woodcutting Problem...

    Ok I was cutting teak on ape toll and all of a sudden I got a "special" teak log....WTF do I do with it? I need some suggestions please -.-.
  7. gretmatter50

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    r u serious its 1000 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!?!?!!!!!? dang that is alot of typing. my fingers would be sore!
  8. gretmatter50

    Cockroach Soldier

    Hey can u get me a rune skimmy? ;D
  9. gretmatter50

    RuneScape Q&A – Further Answers

    I was just wondering if y'all are making a new grahics update for runescape in the future. You can't tell the expression a character is making on the game.
  10. gretmatter50


    why are there always noobs asking me for money. yea i am rich and wearing dragon armor but they wont stop. i do go to members worlds most of the time, but sometimes i go to the free worlds to taunt the noobs. if they would stop asking for 20k every second i would probably give 20k to them
  11. gretmatter50

    How Do U Make Friends Anymore?

    yea most people keep thinking your going to track them down if you even say hi. people just need to be more friendly around the runescape world

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