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  1. .:Star™:.

    Enlightened Journey

    This quest was pretty fun; the 3 screen puzzle was pretty confusing though. Nice job Jagex. Star
  2. .:Star™:.

    Enlightened Journey Quest

    Please add this to the guide: and:
  3. .:Star™:.

    Capes Of Achievement/accomplishment

    One word answer: Yes.
  4. .:Star™:.

    Magic Star94's Magnificant Log!

    :) just got 53 Farming!!!!!
  5. .:Star™:.

    Magic Star94's Magnificant Log!

    Hi! Magic Star94's Log This is my log. I will post all my good drops, level ups, etc. Enjoy! Here are my current stats: I'm currently... >training agility< Last 5 Level Ups: (will add more later)
  6. .:Star™:.


    OMG :D Congratz I once tried for 99 str but it was soo boring!
  7. .:Star™:.

    Woott! :d :d :d :d "woot""""""""""""

    Thanks everyone! I love the quest cape emote :o
  8. ALL QUESTS COMPLETD ..... time to go get meh a quest cape woooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks to owned u noo1)
  9. .:Star™:.

    Tgolser's Quest To 99 Magic!

    Are you F2P?
  10. .:Star™:.

    Post Your Reward Scrolls Here!

    Can you please change the one's with .:Star:. to Magic Star94, thank you.
  11. .:Star™:.

    Kitten-to-kat Care Guide

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/kitten_cat.html They also eat raw karambwanji.
  12. .:Star™:.


    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/hitpoints.html "Level 3-9" When you get off of tutorial island, you automaticly start with 10HP
  13. .:Star™:.

    Close ~

    Ok. I didn't know there was an old sals clan.
  14. .:Star™:.

    Herblore Update

    Thanks for the info, Thomas.

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