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  1. relztik1

    RS3 mobile

    FINALLY got rs3 mobile on my phone. The bad part is everything is so tiny i cannot see shizzle and i need a stylus.
  2. relztik1

    Doraku fletches over 1/3m arrow shafts

    Yes you are absolutley out of your mind
  3. relztik1

    My Runescape Story

    Good work! The same thing happened to me. I had a high level hero that took me years to build. When the RS3 change came, it would not recognise my password, and so i had to abandon it. I tried contacting jagex, but still no help. So I created Doraku. I was foolish enough to put the authenticator on it. It was supposed to send me a code in my e-mail, but i never got it. Doraku is still in the archives, just not accessable. Now I am Danbridge. So much money, so many hours, all wasted......
  4. Danbridge, the frail level 62 warrior, dressed in full rune, entered the lair of the of the Queen black Dragon. He drew his sword and pointed it at the QBD. "Fear me!" he shouted to the behemoth reptilian. This drew the attention of the QBD, and she responded abruptly. "I fear thee not!" She shouted to dwarfed barbarain. The giant dragon then exhaled a fire wave which consumed the entire lair, killing Danbridge in the process.
  5. relztik1

    Cape percentages

    DID YOU KNOW..... That level 45 is only 5% of cape? That level 75 is only 10% of cape? That level 85 is only 25% of cape? That level 87 is only 1/3 of cape? That level 92 is only half of cape?
  6. relztik1

    Making money via headless arrows

    Buying the raw material and fletching headless arrows (assuming there is a profit in doing that). I want both xp and $$$ so i cut the logs, fletch the shafts, buy the feathers and make a profit. And decent XP.
  7. As a total noob, straight off the Taverly dock from Ashdale, you can start making money right away. Get your butt to the GE ASAP and chop the 16 trees located in it. Do this twice to fill your invo. Sell the logs and buy feathers. Continue cutting trees. Now fletch those logs into arrow shaft. 15 shafts per log. Attach the feathers. As of the date of this post, headless arrows are selling for 64 gp each. Your only cost is the feathers, which are cheap. 15,625 headless arrows can be sold for over a million in the GE. That can be done in a day. Not to mention the woodcutting and fletching XP you will be receiving. Have fun!

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