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  1. stoptht

    Nfl Football

    Oh man Bears Packers Sunday this should be an amazing game!!!!! Can't wait hoping I will be able to go!
  2. stoptht

    Nba Trade

    The Nets wont do the trade if Carmelo wont sign the 3yr extension. So basically they got two hurdles to this trade. Making a trade that all teams involved agree upon and then Carmelo agreeing to sign the extension. I think if the trade does get done Billups will actually wont mind it because he will have Melo still and teamed up again with Hamilton. Plus, Brook Lopez has loads of untapped potential. Plus, the Nets still have a bunch of first round draft picks. Currently, Melo jerseys are 50% off at the Nuggets arena. Meaning something will get done soon and all signs point to the Nets. The Nuggets pretty much have no interest in what the Knicks are offering or any other team at the moment. He will be traded before the deadline. I would be surprised if the Nuggets hold on to him. He will be too much of a distraction since he obviously does not want to be there, and the Nuggets will want something from him in return. If that team is not the Nets then most likely it will be a rental team(possibly Rockets) who has hopes that getting him will help them in the playoffs. Then after the season Melo will run to the Knicks.
  3. stoptht

    Nfl Football

    ..........you've lost your mind. No way man. it's all about Devin Hester!!!!!!! He is soooooooo Ridiculous!
  4. stoptht

    Nfl Football

    Bears! nuff said
  5. stoptht

    Strength Amulet (t)

    The price of a strength amulet (t) is down to 943k. Usually they are well over 1.2 mill what is causing this drop and anyone think it will keep going down?
  6. stoptht

    Duke Nukem

    What do you all think? here is the article link. http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged...-at-pax/1409763
  7. stoptht


    So what would be the best way(if there is one) for an f2per to train to 99 prayer?
  8. stoptht

    F2p Skillcapes

    Once one has gained a 99, one would assume that they've gotten enough for free and that it's time for them to start paying for the game they've spent so many hours on. You cannot assume that. If someone was going to become p2p they would have done it long before so it would be easier to get the 99.
  9. stoptht

    Do Free-to-play Deserve New Updates?

    Jagex, is trying to make the most money they can, and in order to do that they need to make all their players happy. Even the f2p people. If that means they have to give updates to them every so often well then they must honor that why? Well, because it would create a ripple affect throughout the entire game of Runescape. Materials would be scarce, it would also it be like walking around in a ghost town. Then this would upset many p2pers causing them to quite, and if Jagex could not recover from that then say bye bye to Runescape.
  10. stoptht

    F2p Skillcapes

    I sure think f2pers deserve skill capes, and that is just not my biased opinion because I am a pure f2per with a 99 skill. I truly believe it should happen. I worked long time to get my 99 strength. I should be able to show it off I deserve the cape. If anything it was more of an achievement for me to get my 99 stat than any other p2p player. Plus, proving my 99 stat by quick chatting is not my idea of being proud of what I have done. Why should I not be recognized because I have done something great? Simply because I do not pay $5?
  11. stoptht

    A New Grand Exchange Add-on! Plz Read!

    would you get your money back? if not then it would be easy to manipulate the system and make easy money. You just buy the item everyone wants and share it. Also, you can transfer money through accounts that way.
  12. stoptht

    Is Runescape Dying?

    No its not less members playing is not dying thooooooooooooooooooooooough im sure ppl will like it again cuz the pvp thing
  13. stoptht

    Is Your Rs Hobby A...secret?

    idk how many ppl know i play but i dont talk bout it cuz no one cares about a game they dont play so wats the point?
  14. stoptht

    F2p Attitudes Getting Worse

    Oh my gosh why don't you members leave us f2pers alone. It seems that all you do is complain about how we complain.
  15. This is the problem with p2p players, you all think you are the life and support of Runescape, but honestly you guys are dead wrong. In f2p we see ad after ad after ad. Does p2p see them? No! These ads that are on f2p make money for Jagex, and there are way more f2p players than p2p, so do not be saying we do not do anything when in fact w make a lot of money for Jagex, it could easily be said that Runescape would be half of what it is today. The low graphics game would not attract many gamers as people who want to spend money will probably go do it on some other more advanced "better" game. WOW or something like that. You may ask well jagex will update their graphics to rival that of other games. How can they when they do not have any money? So before you members think you are the life support of Runescape think about those ads you do not see. Because they make ALOT of money for Jagex. With out us your precious p2p lands may cease to exist

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